The Peoples £50 Million

I cast my 1 vote for the Sustrans Connect 2 bid because it was going to improve cycling across the country.
Picking up the Times today there is another anti cycling piece in it.

I received the email from Sustrans via the CTC and it has around 50,000 members. Paul from the Northend was encouraging everyone with a phone to vote last Sunday so it wasn’t just Sustrans email getting everyone to vote but fellow cyclists networking. The quote from David Bellamy and others rings of sour grapes.

There is a distinct anti cyclist ring in some of the Times reporting. I’d don’t know if it’s because they have staff writers like Jeremy Clarkson, Paul Kimmage and David Walsh writing for the paper but you never see anything with a positive outlook in the paper.

Rant over, I’m off to Jacks funeral and boy is it cold out today.

On the positive side we’ve a new bridge over the River Dee to look forward to.
For those that used the gap to cross the A5117 the good news is that we are back in business as the contractors have reopened the gap.

They may have reopened the gap but Lodge lane is still fenced off with a climb over a wire fence needed to get through. This was today Saturday.

3 thoughts on “The Peoples £50 Million”

  1. Re; The Times. Don’t buy the crap, get the Guardian. An altogether much more cyclist friendly newspaper. Jeremy Clarkson is a tosser and a hypocrite, he rides a Raleigh hybrid and would appear to be amongst other things a keen ornithologist. He’s clearly a clever chap and has worked out theres more money in pandering toward an almost chav type audience. David Bellamy-Who are you!?

  2. Sorry i don’t get your opening line; I drive, ride, cycle £14k crap at best, this is nothing to them.

    I sold my car 3 years ago and have been car free ever since. My wife owns a 3 series BMW, bought from new, which replaced a 3 year old 3 series. Hopefully it won’t be replaced with another BMW or indeed another car. I’m looking to only hire a car/van when neccessary. I’ve managed perfectly adequately with no car. (I do have several bikes and a trailer though). Most of the people on the roads nowadadys could easily manage with no permanent car. More often that not it’s seen purely as a status symbol. Funnily enough i do miss my motorcycles and am looking for a new one. I’ll use it for distances over 50 miles only. I too owned an R90S, i also had a R90/6 which i ran for 20 years with no major mechanical problems. In that time i also had several newer BMW’s which couldn’t hold a candle to the build quality and reliability of the mid 70’s machines.

    Hopefully the money awarded to sustrans to expand and improve the network will go some way to getting people to look beyond the car showroom and walk and cycle more.

  3. Anon, I deleted the comment a minute before your reply came in. In the cold light of day it sounded like a rant and the opening line was incomplete and disjointed. There was a marked quality shift in BMW bikes when they brought the /7 series out. I’d put it down to going to powder coating the frames rather than primer and enamel. Other things like no copper plating under the chrome plating of some items crept in too.
    I have a Triumph Trident that hasn’t seen the road for two years now. Partly because I needed to sort myself out but another reason was that North Wales Police were making the place a place to avoid.

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