SealSkinz Socks

I’ve been using SealSkinz Socks now for a couple of months now and I can’t recommend the them highly enough.

They feature a porelle membrane with a merino wool inner. The ones I have feature a blue band around the top. I can’t remember having cold or wet feet since I’ve been using them. Coupled with overshoes my feet have been really snug.
I had wanted a pair of the gloves but everywhere I tried didn’t have my size. It’s a tossup between the Ultra Grip Glove and the Technical Mountain Bike Glove.
I’ve been using a pair from Madison and although they say waterproof on the glove I have my doubts.

Back to the socks, part of my problem is that I haven’t fitted the Raceblade front guard to the Trek. The chainset and hence my feet pick up everthing thrown up  from the front wheel. The chain is getting cleaned and lubed every week as the lube is getting washed off from the spray. As the Crane Sport winter tights go over the sock nothing has got in yet.  Highly recommended.