Weight Loss Diary

Thought I would publish the weights and dates that have been entered into the diary.
It took about 15 months I think to loose 10kg when I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure.
I had no plan as such, thought my diet was ok and thought a 30 mile flat cycle ride around the Wirral was more than enough exercise for a week.
At the peak in late 2004 I was 132Kg, hadn’t seen a set of scales in long time.
I started the Lifestyle and Weight Management Course at 122.2 Kg after the consultation in Febuary 2006.

Nov 2004       132.0Kg  BMI 41.9  291lbs
Feb 2006       122.2Kg  The consultation weight
22 Mar2006   120.9Kg   The first classroom weigh in
29 Mar2006   118.3Kg
04 Apr2006   114.0Kg
12 Apr2006   114.9Kg
19 Apr2006   114.0Kg
26 Apr2006   112.2Kg
02 May2006   111.4Kg
24 May2006   108.7Kg
31 May2006   107.4Kg
07 Jun2006    104.7Kg  The last class weigh in
12 Jul2006     100.9Kg  The first followup class
09 Aug2006   97.2 Kg   The second followup class
06 Sep 2006   93.4 Kg  The third followup class
27 Sep 2006  ( 91.7 Kg)
02 Oct 2006  (90.5 Kg)
06 Oct 2006  (90.5 Kg)
09 Oct 2006  (90.0 Kg)
10 Oct 2006  90 Kg Blood Pressure Test at the GP,s Surgery, Medication reduced.
11 Oct 2006  89.2 Kg The fourth followup class BMI 27.5
08 Nov 2006  87.3 Kg The fifth followup class BMI 26.9
06 Dec 2006  86.9 Kg The sixth followup class BMI 26.8
24 Jan  2007  86.9 Kg The seventh followup class BMI 26.8
21 Feb 2007   85.1 Kg The eighth followup class BMI 26.3 (187 lbs)
21 Mar 2007   83.4 Kg The ninth and final followup class BMI 25.7 (183.9 lbs)

I can’t see the weighin being more than plus or minus 1 Kilo of the November figure. The diet or eating plan is running like clockwork, the only variable these days is the amount of exercise I can get in, in a given week. 

Virtually everybody has asked if I feel better in myself, the answer is I have never felt better. The difference is truly staggering. I’ve had more than a few cases now where people had no longer recognised me. The difference is that great.

17 Sep 2006 (92) KG unofficial weight after the Eureka Cafe ride. Probably a bit of fluid loss there but the trend is still down.
09 Oct 2006 (90.0 Kg)  unofficial weight after CTC Dragons Den ride. BMI 27.8
28 Oct 2006 (88.6 Kg)  unofficial weight maintained for 3 straight days BMI 27.3
04 Nov 2006 (87.0 Kg) unofficial weight
24 Nov 2006 (87.2Kg) I’m doing a log of this months Body fat analysis results which I will post in due course. Nothing scary about them other than the body fat is still around the 30% mark.
27 Dec 2006 88.6 Kg Considering it is Christmas and the trouble I’ve had on Christmas eve, I don’t think it’s too bad.

02 Jan 2007 88.0 Kg
16 Jan 2007 87.1 Kg back into the old routine. Now for those just come here to see the weight loss diary I’ve seen 89.6 Kg in the last week, I’ve been a Bad Bad Boy (Nazareth song) not been able to get down the gym. The Colnago Extreme C dream looked like going down the pan.
24 Jan 2007 86.9 Kg
26 Jan 2007 85.9 Kg All the readings I take are first thing in the morning

28 Jan 2007 85.9 Kg  189.4lbs BMI 26.5 I’ve had 3 days with a constant reading, updated my profile. The extra Kg takes me through the 100 pound barrier that is important to those across the pond.

2 Feb 2007 84.5 Kg  Previously had 3 days of 85 kg. Look at the Exercise diary for this week and the previous one.

19 Feb 2007 84.8 Kg Had two days at his reading, I had seen 84 Kg before that but I suspect it’s a freak reading.
21 Feb 2007 84.8 Kg in the morning, 85.1 Kg for the followup class   

If this is your first visit here, I’ve set myself a Maximum Weight Limit of 88 Kg. There is no target now, there never has been one. If I tell people that I’ve lost 7 stone there is a look of amazement on most of their faces as the number sinks in. Now the thing is due to the exercise I’m fit too.

There is no fancy plan or tricks about what I’ve been doing just healthy eating and exercise. If I can do it, you can do it, go on treat yourself to a new life.

The ninth followup class was my final weighin on this NHS scheme I’m really glad to have gone the distance, my life’s been turned around. I feel on top of the world thanks to all those that have helped over the last 12 months.

7 Apr 2007 82.9 Kg for 2 days running. 0.9 Kg off a 50Kg weightloss which is a staggering amount to me. It’s getting close to 110 pounds which is nearly a good old hundredweight (cwt). 50 Kg is two bags of cement or plaster. You push these around on trolley at your local DIY store. I was carrying 2 bags worth of fat around every step I took.

22 Apr 2007 82.1 Kg 100 grammes off 50 Kg, it’s not if but when. I’m on top form too, flying up hills and never felt better.

27 Apr 2007 81.8 Kg. Finally broke through the 50 kg (110 pounds) barrier.

02 Jun 2007 82.1 Kg. Feel great, the weight isn’t  a problem anymore, now it’s just a number (a staggering number to most). Now it seems all about performance, can I beat the old me.

25 Jul 2007 82.7 Kg. Another Lifestyle and Weight Management followup class tonight.

16 Oct 2007 81.9 Kg BMI 25.3 That last point 3 equals 0.9 Kg not sure if I need to loose that last Kg. The obesity debate is in full flow again, all I’ll add is that it has to come from within you can’t shame people into doing something like this. Looks like 30% of the population are go to be turned into pariahs.

24 Oct 2007 had 81.5 Kg in the book for two consecutive days

18 Dec 2007 82.6 Kg  182 pounds after a morning spinning class.

82-9kg and Ive just rode 65 miles.JPG

Now I’ve got a before picture that was taken about two years ago and you’d have trouble recognising me from it. Even the cynical me is starting to come to terms with it.

33 thoughts on “Weight Loss Diary”

  1. What a delightful commentary you are an inspiration happiness is apparent. Therefore I refute that Fat people are happier people. Keep up the good work. Lynda x

  2. Very well done Frank that is a really good response to finding your blood pressure to be too high. When I retired two years ago at the age of 60 my blood pressure was also a problem. I have lost weight and rediscovered the joy of cycling, but solo runs rather than in a club.

    I also ride with a PDA (Ipaq 4700)as my means of navigation and your right about the battery consumption. What I want to do is to see if I can power the PDA from the Schmidt Front hub Dynamo use. I am sure it has spare capacity during daylight hours as I have seen people writing to say the recharge their mobile phone the same way.

    I am going to the cycle show in London on the 6 October so I shall keep my eyes open for something there.

    Good luck

    John M

  3. John,
    thanks for the comment. I was a solo rider up until a few months ago wondering if I could keep up with a group. I\’ve been passed by every club rider on the Wirral and a few more that wern\’t in club colours. The CTC rides tend to be with older riders rather than racers out training.

    The plan now is to log the rides I go on with the CTC on a GPS unit. This is to capture the decades of experience that the run leaders have under their belt. Hopefully they will get put on the site on the map or at least as a GPX file.
    I\’m looking at the Marengo.com software reccomended to me by Ray on one of the rides.

    I\’ve strayed off the subject John, I\’m also looking at powering the PDA/phone from the battery of the Sigma lighting set that I run in the winter. This can run 15 watts of lighting for an hour so is easily up to the job. I won\’t be looking a your dynamo hub option as they are not quite in keeping with bling bike that I now ride.
    One point to consider John is voltage regulation from the dynamo, you don\’t want to fry your PDA going down a hill.
    I\’ll keep the site updated with how I\’m getting on.

  4. Thank you Frank for coming back on these matters, you have voiced some of my thoughts about would I be able to keep up on club runs. I am a member of the CTC but reading many different sites and publications I formed the opinion that such rides were most of the lycra clad sort on road bikes. Neither I or my Thorn Raven tour bike fit into that category.

    There are sites where voltage regulation is discussed and some self build plans are available. If my visit to the cycle show this week fails to produce anything I will look to trying to follow one of these plans and build one myself.

    Thanks again for your help.

    John M

  5. Frank, What was your diet / lifestyle vices before you started exercise. You mention cards, what cards are these?

  6. Baz the diet was a typical english cuisine, curries, pepperoni pizzas, etc. Nothing was off limits. This was washed down with a bottle or two of red wine which were usually taken with a family packet of Minstrels (1500 cals).
    I ate rubbish,had a drink problem and was a chocaholic.
    There was NO exercise in any part life. Instead of going to the doctors to see what was up with me I chose to slow my life down to the stage where it was non existant.

    The cards are business cards I’ve had printed with the site address on them as no one can remember the address. Your not in need of one as youve made it this far OK but there are plenty out there that have little or no computer skills and keep putting WWW. infront of everything.

    Thanks for the comment Baz, its been most welcome.

  7. I have also been losing weight over the past year (about 5 stone to date) and have found this site incredibly useful – moreso than almost all of the ‘professional’ sites on the subject. My main focus has been walking rather than cycling, but it has been both useful and motivating to be able to use this site to ‘compare notes’. I also found out about the BHF diet booklet through this site, which has been invaluable (and I would highly recommend to anyone).

    Many thanks again, and all the best for the new year!


  8. Thanks for the comment Neil, It’s one I will value for a long time.
    I think the problem with the professional sites is that there is always an ulterial motive at the end of it, a profit. I happen to like all the Tesco “Healthy Living” foods now. But all the supermarkets now offer a healthy option along with an online diet to go with it.(for a fee)
    I think the problem with all of the Dieting clubs is that they don’t promote the exercise that the BHF booklet does. Half an hour of walking on a cold March night is not something that most would choose to do. I actually ran for the first time since I left school the other day to save myself £2 on a parking ticket. Two hours one minute would have been £6, one hour fifty nine was £4.
    I can’t stress enough how important the exercise has been to me. As I built up some sort of fitness (from nothing)I found I was able to do more, so I did. It was like a turbo charger kicking into my life.
    The pace I walk at has quickened, picking something off the floor is not a struggle. Infact getting myself off the floor was a struggle but something I now do without a thought.

    How far do you walk Neil? I consider Ive short changed myself If I haven’t done about 40 miles on the bike which is about 3 hours riding.

    Again, thanks for the comment and a happy new year to you.



  9. Hi Frank

    Thanks for your note. I got a pedometre about a year ago (which I highly recommend) and started walking 10,000 steps per day. I increased this, first to around 15,000 steps, and now I walk around 20,000 steps every weekday and 30,000 at weekends. The pace at which I walk has also quickened, though this has not really been a conscious process.

    For me the key thing with walking was that I was easily able to build it into existing routines. Also, it is one of the few forms of exercise that I genuinely enjoy, and I can listen to music or the radio while I am doing it. When I started, a number of friends warned me that it is not possible to seriously lose weight by walking. This is definitely not so!

    Best of luck with everything – I hope you have a speedy recovery from your Christmas Eve injuries!

    All the best


  10. Frank, I am a similar weight to your Nov 04 weight. When you said you had joint pain (Knee’s) Are you finding that’s improved now and did you ever take the Glucosamine supplement to help?

  11. Phil, I don’t have any joint pain anymore. I noticed it had stopped when I got down to around 17 stone ish. Imagine doing squats in the gym with 50kg on the bar and you’ll know what pressure you are putting on your knees every time you climb the stairs. Yes I was taking Glucosamine and cod liver oil tablets but I’ve stopped as I don’t need them. I was at the stage of buying them by the 1000 out of the papers. I spend that money on fruit instead.
    One last thing I’ve regained an inch in height, I’d shrunk an inch over the years but now walk tall as they say.

  12. Frank, Apart from knee pain, what other ailments did you have which pushed you into doing all this? (apart from high blood pressure) Also what weight are you now? (Only asking cos your last weight was on June 2nd)

  13. Bryan, 82.0 Kg this morning. I might put on a kilo but its been around this mark for months now. The important ones are the ones that have gone on my medical record. There where a whole host of reasons for doing this. I’ll list them later.

  14. Frank, You mention joint pain, was this in your hips & knee’s? If so did it hurt during and after exercise? Reason i ask is i have pain there now and i don’t wanna make the pain worse (Thinking i’m doing more damage) or is it just something you’ve gotta live with to end up pain free as you are now.

  15. Ged, it was just doing normal things like getting up off the floor and it was in my knees. I noticed it wasn’t as bad when I’d got to around 17 stone from memory. I’d done very little or no exercise or exerting myself for a long time.
    I’d go the doctor for a profesional oppinion now but never would of in the past. I can still get a niggle but I’d have been working very hard indeed for it to come on.

  16. Hi Frank and welldone mate im 50 and 14st 6lbs and have been a fit and trained all my life even thou i have graffted in a mannual job for 30 years, its now starting to take its tole on me aching shoulders and back and im finding gym work a little hard and a bit boring now, will riding my M/B for 3 hours a week be benifitial to me getting my weight down.and is this the right way to start then build it up to more hours
    Thanks Frank KB

  17. Hi Kev. It depends, I was doing a 30 odd mile ride once a week before I started all this but I was stuck at 19 stone. I was doing 30 minutes a day so I would say it’s better to do six 30 minute sessions than one 3 hour gentle ride.
    You want to go hard for 30 minutes and see how you feel. A cheap Heart Rate Monitor will show you how hard your working and count the calories too. The plan I am on is based on a 500 calorie deficit a day which when combined with the daily exercise will loose you at least 1 lb a week. 3500 calories in a pound of fat divided by 7 equals 500 a day. Not rocket science.
    Look at your diet too as cutting out a couple hundred cal on a high calorie item means your half way there.

  18. Hi Frank,
    First of all many congratulations on loosing the weight and keeping it off. I read your site with interest and would like to thank you to put into cyberspace such useful information.
    I too want to loose a lot of weight and your site is very encouraging. Our weights are similar weights when you started your weight loss regime. I too like cycling and always have been. My problem is that the weight has slowly (over 12 years) crept up the ladder to the extend that I find it hard to do hillwalking. However cycling is still there, only much harder and not so fast anymore, the weight holds me back.
    Anyway, I was wondering whether you had any problems (if that is a problem) with loose skin. I am only asking, because it just goes round in my head. It will not stop me loosing the weight through exercise and healthy eating though, but I was just wondering. Hope you don’t mind me asking and hope you don’t mind answering.
    I wish you all the best for your future biking and keep up the great work on this website.

  19. Chris, I’m a bit flabby in places but that’s why I wear bibshorts.
    It’s the last thing you should be thinking. I’ve had nothing but good comments on how well I look and also a few about how I don’t look like a guy who has lost 8 stone.
    A lot of this has to do with increasing the exercise as I could do that bit more the next time. The other thing is that I was eating healthily and not on a crash diet so I always had enough energy.

    Chris, the important thing is that you’ve made the move to do something about it. The BHF diet really got me off to a great start and I’m still on it now.

  20. Frank,

    An excellent website telling a great story. Congratulations for turning your life round dramatically but gradually and for sharing your story with us, it really is an inspiration and shows the value of NHS services to support weight loss. I have always been a bit overweight but due to a sedantary job, general unhappiness with my body shape and life changes that lead to me giving up cricket I’d piled on the pounds so that I weighed 120kg (18st 10lb). I’m quite tall at 190cm (nearly 6ft 3in) so I was able to ‘carry’ this weight reasonably well although my BMI was nearly 33. After a really difficult period in my life just over a year ago I’ve turned my life and my health around. I eat better, exercise a lot more and have lost 35kg (5st 5lb) so I’m down to 13st 5lb (85kg) which is a BMI of about 23. I’ve still got a bit of a belly on me but I hope that losing another 6kg or 1 stone will do the trick on that front. It’s meant a new wardrobe as I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist and an inch of my neck but it has definitely been worth it. I relish using the stairs rather than the lift, I’ll use a stationary escalator rather than a working one and although I’m 40 and unlikely to be very fit I’m happier with myself now than I’ve been in a long time.

    It’s not easy but it’s not impossible to lose a life changing amount of weight and the key is in doing things gradually. Eat better, move more and live longer as the NHS Change 4 Life programme says – good on you for sharing your story and keep up the good work.

  21. Thanks for the comment Chris, I went through about 6 wardrobes but cheap clothes kept it reasonable. Don’t give up on the fitness at 40, I’m coming up to the big 5 0 soon and could not have contemplated doing what I’m doing now in any shape or form.

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  23. Hello Frank…Great to read about how far you have come, I also have high blood pressure and my partner is over weight so we are doing a lot of exercise and cycling to improve our lifestyle, really is amazing how much work it takes to get your blood pressure down just a little.

  24. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you design this website yourself or did
    you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my
    ownn blog and would like to find out where u
    got this from. thank you

  25. Hi, first of all, thanks for sharing your weight loss diary with us. I had a very bad accident and my knee gets injured, After that, I put up a lot of kilos and trying to lose some of them. Your blog is such a motivational blog that inspired me to do exercising. Please keep sharing these kinds of blogs.

  26. Awesome this article is super helpful! I’ve been working out consistently for a few months and I’m really noticing the changes.

    I can’t wait to put what i’ve learned this to action!! You can also check out this guide that has helped me trim my belly fat: http://tinyurl.com/y88kr4ln

  27. Superb! I really like the tips you have mentioned on your blog. Actually, I am suffering from this problem from very long time. I definitely going to follow your tips. Please keep sharing like this.

  28. Wow, what a great blog. I really like it very much. Weight gain is normal nowadays and I am suffering from weight gain problem from past two months and I am trying to lose the weight. I include your tips in my diet plan. Please keep sharing these kinds of blog with us.

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