New Dee Crossing.

The new cycle path between Burton and Deeside is open and word is spreading about it.


Coming out at Zone3 it is best to stick to the signed route.



There is no easy route out of the the Zones other than the signed route. I ended up at Tata Steelworks. I will post a gps link up when I download it.

Dee Cycle Path by frankkinlan at Garmin Connect – Details

Best viewed with the OSM overlay set. Cant post an embedded map as the blog can’t accept <iframe> commands.

There going to be some great routes out to Chester and Wales from now on.
One way or another you need to get over the River Dee if you are venturing into Wales.  Follow the signs for Chester to use the Dee Cycle Path.
If you have a  routable  OSM map in your Garmin you should be able to follow the cycle paths by Route number.

Thanks to DodgyD for the OSM mapping update.

April 2013


Summer is fast approaching although you wouldn’t think so judging by the weather.

On the cycling front I’ve upgraded the 800 Garmin Edge mount. The forward mounting position proving to be better than having to glance down continually. Not cheap for what it is, essentially injection moulded plastic.
Work meant I missed the CTC Spring 50




The above is part of the modifications to the van. The lower bunk has been removed and stored . It creates a large rear garage that will take a bike and the rest of the essential bits that you require to keep a van on the road.

You can just see the “garage” in the corner of the picture.
The new dish has been fitted and cost a proverbial arm and a leg.

20130412_123839[1]I wasn’t a happy bunny when I saw the state of the roof, spent nearly 2 hours cleaning it working off a ladder.
Another  thing I spotted was the solar panel still has the stickers on.


Under seat storage is tidied up with a plastic box from Asda, £5 for two. On the right is the water heater and the bracing for the seat belt anchorage.

20130414_090448[1]Rainbow at Thurstaton.
Finally getting to use the van like it was intended with a late availability at Thurstaton Caravan Club site.
It got a bit breezy after this  with the caravan next to us taking a bit of a battering due to its large awning.


Returned the van to storage and gave it a good clean. Used a trial pack of Dry Wash on it and was amazed how good it was. Really good on acrylic windows.

Cycling wise I’ve been doing the Wirral Coastal Route which is 50 miles if you take the road at the back of Vauxhalls , down Oil Sites Road and then cut through to Cheshire Oaks.

The Dee Crossing is now open and takes you from the bottom of Denhall Lane and brings you out at Zone 3 by Shotton Paper.  I will post a link from Garmin Connect in due course.
Thanks to Dave for showing us it at the Eureka the other Friday.

March 2013

First post for another month with a trip to London for a week to see Paul. We had booked into Crystal Palace Caravan Club site and this just about sums it up.

It was a steady trip down with the fun starting once you get within the M25. Traffic volumes and queues increase and not content with the height worries there was a new one with width restrictions. 7ft 6in into 7ft doesn’t go.

Took the bike down but it saw little use, cycle lanes are OK until they end and there is a massive pinch point with all the traffic.


S3 Phone 2361

First port of call was to buy an Oyster Card for the buses , with a trip to the Science museum on Monday planned. The number 3 bus taking you to Picadilly Circus. Then the number 12 to South Kensington. It’s a scenic sight seeing route on public transport.

After taking a shortcut through the Victoria and Albert Museum  we arrived at the Science Museum to see what the Google Web Lab was all about, only to find it closed for a function. With security and PR people not letting us in.

The next morning watching the news on tv the function was a press conference by of Black Eyed Peas fame.


S3 Phone 2381

When we finally got in you pick up a card which is read by the exhibit and stores a record of your visit to the web.

S3 Phone 2383

This exhibit takes your picture and the robotic arm draws your face in the sand.
There are web enabled exhibits that are for the web based visitors.

After that it was a vist to the Imax cinema to see the Space Hubble in 3D on what was the Space Shuttles last journey along with about 500 school kids. You could probably spend a couple of days here and still miss something.

Tuesday Was visit Paul at the Google office.  One amazing place, even has it’s own sushi chef and a london bus as a meeting room. If that wasn’t enough  just down the road was Buckingham Palace . A japanese honeymoon couple were getting photographed by the gates with a dresser, camera man and video too.
Strolling up Horseguards parade the Queens corgis were getting a walk.

In sharp contrast to Google Weblab  was a trip to Greenwich and the Observatory to see the John Harrison clocks. One took 20 years to make and this was his final one the H4





We had to make two trips to Greenwich as we got lost after leaving the bus at Blackheath and walked down the hill towards the Millenium Dome which is nowhere near where we wanted to go.

The cable car across the river was closed due to high winds.







S3 Phone 2619





S3 Phone 2527

Had to take a day out of sight seeing to get a pump and tyre pressure gauge  as I spotted a soft tyre on the van.



S3 Phone 2641

This was the view from the train when I dropped the motorhome off for its upgrades.

S3 Phone 2704

The newly surfaced Rest Hill


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