Weekending 11 Apr 2010

Not  much to report, a couple of trips to the Gym,  a spinning class or two at West Kirby and a few trips out to the Eureka Cafe which is about 18 to 20 miles if you choose the scenic routes.
Tried Tex’s Spinning class at the Oval which was full with only 1 spare bike.
This proved to be rather tough but enjoyed by most. The back row getting  some attention for being slackers. Shower then work.
I could get used to a routine like this.
At the weekend I’d spoken to Dave  Large about the classes and he mentioned  Janices classes that they had managed to get up to 1 1/2 hours at one stage.
Barry came into the Cafe in Steves Discovery Channel kit and Roz of “The Sunlight ” took a picture of us.
For an Easter Monday it was bloody windy with next to no-0ne going to the cafe, most having been wasted on the Sunday rides. Only 1 bike on the rack when I arrived. That made 3 when the guy I passed on the way out parked his. With tales of mega rides from more than 1 group it really did kick off  at the weekend.

Nothing planned yet , not even the Tour. Paris -Roubaix this weekend and I am off.
Sunday: Rode out to the Eureka late for a breakfast and ended having tea outside with Keith.  The service had been a little on the slow side with Keith wondering where his bacon butty was. Carol arrived and was sent in to enquire as to it’s whereabouts but didn’t see it come past her at that very moment.
Could have been worse, at least they wern’t banned like on of the CTC for not buyng anything.
Talking of which there is no Wild Wales Challenge this year which is a blow.
Another event cancelled due to safety issues.
Northend arrived from a training ride with Lance going off the front and beating them back by a couple of minutes.
Dave also having problems with Garmin 705 grade and elevation. That makes it just about everyone I meet with one. The cafe always has a few Garmin bleeps around it and outside as it pauses and unpauses as they move around.
The ride out on the Toy had been good and it wasn’t until Benty Heath Lane that I had no tools tubes or spares on the bike so was nearly a kilogram lighter.

Tailwind home to watch Cancellara ride off from Boonen again for the second weekend classic, Paris-Roubaix.
Took the Mini out for a spin and ended up going up Hope Mountain which proved to be unbeleivably steep in parts.


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