Aldi Winter Cycling Offers 2011

I’ve been posting about these for a few years now and the quality just improves year on year.
This years Winter Cycling Jacket has features found on really high end kit. The first thing that stood out was the thumb loops in the cuffs. No more gap between the glove and the cuff.
Comes with two rear pockets ,one of them zipped. The zipped pocket comes with an anchored lanyard to close the zip.
Water and wind repellant on the front  with Roubaix like inserts on the back and sides.
Gel on the waist seam will stop it riding up on a ride.

My only disappointment  was the lack of bibtights. The tights looked good with a decent pad.

The Winter Gloves don’t seem to have changed from a few years ago, good but there are more specific gloves out there if you are prepared to spend the money.

The Lighting set for £6.49 will get you seen and is better than no lights at all. If your on a roadbike you really need to be looking at something more specific again.

As I was coming out I bumped into a woman who was after shoes for her husband. At £20 they are about half the price of other entry level shoes.
SPD only and no pedals to match this year. It’s all a bit bonkers when you consider Look Keo cleats are £19.99 a set and last about 5 minutes.

22 Sep 2011

Just a bit of a heads up to let you know where I’m at:

  • Garminconnect. Now has a basic route planning function at long last. Nothing specatacular but at least it allows you to plot a Course.More in due course.
  • Spinning. Still doing  the classes, bumped into one of the first instructors who was filling in for one of the regulars. Shocks to the system can do you good.
  • Work. Still trying to get out of the place. Beset with a culture of closure. Dilbert sums it up.
  • Home. Still got a kitchen in the back room a month after delivery. Grand Designs it isn’t but the tiling is nearly done. 600mm tiles just add to the headache. Still waiting for the guttering to be done, if you don’t want the job just let me know just don’t let me down.
  • Aldi. Winter cycling offers on 29 Sep 2011. Separate post coming up, good stuff as usuall but can’t see no bibtights for some reason. Bibtights are what winter cycling is all about.  Don’t expect every store to have all the gear, there is a reccession going on and orders have beeen reduced in the last year or so. In short if you want it in your size be first through the door. Some stuff doesn’t move and gets reduced. Mega in the past but well worth a look in for the new cycle to work cyclist doing their first winter commute. Sizing is for a UK fit not Italian. Try it on in the store if possible, returns policy is generous but if you leave it too long the replacement size won’t be there for you. (hours in some cases).

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