A Mere 150 km(Audax) a tour of the Cheshire Mere,s

What a day this turned out to be, 100 miles of Cheshires finest and this was the short route! It’s been an unbeleivable day with sunshine, headwinds, tailwinds, hills, fantastic scenery, quiet roads and good company along with an excellent route to make this a great way to start the year.

First off, many thanks to Ray for sending me the route for the Garmin Edge 305. This really saved the day, I was up untill 23.15 the night before as Anquet had managed to loose EVERYTHING time was tight enough prepping the bike, changing the rear tyre and getting the seat out of the car without loosing a 100mile route. It was an early start and I didn’t get much sleep too.
The start at Cheadle was easy enough to find with the nearby carpark full of cars and the odd van with bikes being unloaded.

In the hall I met Ray and Craig my riding partners for the day. We had a photo opportunity at the signing in table and then we were off. Ray was my mentor with the Garmin Navigation saying to use the compass. I’d never found the compass usefull before but thats because I was following tracks and not waypoints. Heading out of Cheadle through the suburbs towards the airport the Edge was bleeping out the turns.

We saw another member of the Chester Road Club miss two turns before we had got past the airport, and this guy is quick, if he knew where he was going. Thing were starting to look up, this was turning out to be fun. It’s amazing how quickly we were in the countryside only the flights from Manchester Airport reminding us how close we were to a major city.

A little bit further on The Hare  and the Toitoise comes to roost, there is a long slow rise at Tatton Park, it goes on as far as the eye can see, I set off seeing it as a challenge there is a headwind but as I rise to the challenge I am soon reeled back in by Ray. This is early days and everybody needs to take a turn on the front. I’ve wasted energy that I am going to need later.

Shortly after this Ray and Craig are greeted by a bunch of unknown riders that pass us, “Hello Chester Road club” the greeting is returned. We are riding out of our own turf so don’t know the club colours, there are lots by the look of things. Later it comes about we have been riding around a group not on the Audax but a club run, just as well we relied on the Garmins and not them leading us out.

Ray and I were like a pair of kids with new toys as we rode round. The Edges came up with the turns 10 seconds before they were due and to top it all gave us a 10 second countdown. Ray had done us proud with the navigation. There is some spectacular scenery to see in Cheshire if your off the major roads and by the looks of things we were going to see it all.

There was one descent and one sharp climb of note before the first check point at Delamere. When we got there it was ” CLOSED” due to storm damage.  

Down at the Station Cafe there is a bit of interest in the toy but I’m more interested in showing off the Garmin, It’s been fantastic up to now. Making a long ride a pleasure. No arguments about which way to turn you just ride, no maps to pore over, guessing where you are etc etc.

After Delamere the next stop is Audlem. On the road to Cotebrooke Ray urges me to catch a rider in fronts wheel which was duly done, there was then a group of five of us making better progress than before. The wind was with us or at least not head on and 20mph plus was the order of the day. We rode with them for a fair few miles and then our paths diverged. The Garmins said one path that we duly followed and parted company.

Large stretches of this ride was new to me like Audlem where pictures where pictures are taken.

Ray & Craig.JPG

Audlem Control point.JPG

We take the Audlem Road out towards Hatherton and end up passing Crewe to the south along with another new batch of first time visited villages. We are making our way to the next control point, a one stop shop where we have to buy something to get a receipt. Now I travel light, flapjacks and an energy bar is about it. Chicken and sweetcorn sandwiches, Soreen maltloaf and full sugar Pepsi get purchased. The Pepsi is the first cola with sugar I have bought for years.

It’s around this time that looking at the Garmin proves a bit frustrating. No matter how far we seem to cycle the as the crow flies reading back to the start never seems to budge. There are other groups around us that it turns out are Manchester based clubs that are just out for a ride and not on the Audax. As I was feeling good at the time and the road looked inviting I took off after one, 22 mph came up on the Garmin and I backed off and Ray and Craig caught me up.This was fun.

Mike (the organiser) had the last laugh though. The route twisted and turned but always upward. It never seemed to have a summit, we passed Redes Mere but still the route was up. Not realising what I had let myself in for each new turn was met by a curse from me. You could never see the summit  to pace yourself.

Somewhere around here was a particulary steep short sharp shock and at the summit I’d stopped with a group of Manchester riders. Ray and Craig sailed past as if they hadn’t seen me. A bit further on they stopped, we then had a comical photo opportunity.
The light is fading, Rays digital camera comes out. I think I get a shot of Ray and Graig that is after the Manchester clubs made a guest appearance.

Ray tries to return the favour but the timer on the flash means Ray is continuallly taking pictures of his foot or the road. It’s taking that long for the camera to focus and work out that it needs the flash that by the time the flash had charged you’d have given up on the shot and were looking at the camera to see what is wrong. Then and only then it decides conditions are right to take the picture.   

Before  passed through Alderley there was another control point and this is definiatly band D council tax territory and it’s litterally all down hill from there. Every other car seems to be a Bentley or a Range Rover Vogue. the light is starting to go  and it’s time for some lights. The traffic is starting to increase as we approach built up areas. Before you know it we are back at the start. 100 miles on the Sigma speedo, a bit less on the Garmin as it didn’t get started until we were away from the start hence the gap in the route.

This route has too many trackpoints to load into motionbased I’m working on reducing them but it may take a few more days. Done 2 Feb, enjoy.

Zoom in on following route it is truly superb a true testament of the Garmin Edge 305. Ridden with no maps just the route sheet to fall back on, which was once and that was just to confirm what the GPS was telling us. What a day, it promises to be another great year. Thanks Ray and Craig  for a memorable day, it won’t be the last. 

Link to Google Map of Ride

Just a couple of stats from the Garmin
99 miles 13.4 mph, 7hrs 10mins, 6280 calories, Pulse 134 BPM, 4007 ft of climbing Average Cadence 63rpm.

CTC Ride to The Swan Kinnerton (2)

This weeks ride was to The Swan in Kinnerton via Chester, a lot of it was for the first time and apart from a headwind most of it would be classed as an easy ride.

It was a fairly quick ride out to the Eureka with “Sandstorm” putting me in a time trial mood, joined up with two others near Thornton Hough but they split off to go to Raby Mere. Once past the “Thatch” it was decision time A540 and ride past the site of Mels accident or turn right for the “Missing Link”. Straight on it was and through Willaston and nervously along the A540.

Breakfast as usual and it was time to select which group I was going to ride with. Merseyside hadn’t made up there mind as where they were going, Chester were going to The Swan at Kinnerton. I’ve had a superb bagguette at The Swan last time so The Swan it was. John, Julian, Ruth,Andy,Roy and moi  set off towards Woodbank. It was straight down to the lights as the A5117 newt bypass is blocked. Onto the cycle path at Sealand heading towards the River Dee cyclepath.

Cyclepath along the Dee.jpg 

I thought we would be turning right at the river but John had other ideas and it was left. This is a great stretch of path especially on a sunny day and runs virtually into the centre of Chester finishing by the race course. this was the first time I had been past the bridge at Saltney and I nearly  followed the North End over it.

A sprint off the front for a picture was wasted as my fingers were too cold to operate the button in time, this happened twice on the ride. Could do with a camera with big buttons.
Andy had left us by now as work phoned him. Once off the path and just after the Viaduct it was sharp right and on to a unique path around Chester racecourse.


It was under the roadbridge past the courts and then across the road at bridge Street and a quick stop by the bandstand. Walked across the bridge and the back on the bikes to go around the perimeter of Handbridge. I commented to John “This is definetley band D council tax”. It was on to Eccleston and it was around here we started to hit a headwind.
Pulford and Lavister came up, then across the A483 and right turn at Burton Green heading towards Kinnerton Green where it was a left turn towards Higher Kinnerton and The Swan.

Because of the headwind we were slightly later than the others which was probably a good thing as most places can’t cope with mass influxes of cyclists. Now this is where thing get a bit surreal. The Swans had a glowing write up by me for the baguette they served me last time. I was looking forward to more of the same but it was not to be.

The menu has changed. The baguettes now come with chips, I don’t do chips now, what’s worse is that they are those spiral ones that Jamie Oliver has succeeded in having taken off school kids menus. “Can I have a jacket potato instead of chips”, “No they come with chips” I gave up at the third time of asking and was offered a jacket potato with the same filling, Coronation Chicken. This was an absolute farce.
It gets better, Ruth had ordered what I orginally wanted, she had never had twisted fries before and she didn’t like them one bit. I’d explained the above before her meal came. Ruth left a comment in the book, good for you Ruth.

About 20 had made it there this time so we are by no means a small party.

More later

31 Jan I’ve got to finnish this post off before I do anything else, I’ve had a busy week.

Weekending 28 Jan 07

Monday: Gym after work, back into the routine, fracture clinic have discharged me so no excuses now. I’ve reduced the weights by about 25 to 33% on some of the upper body routines depending if there is any pain in my shoulder. 30 minutes on the cross trainer hill climb program. 2 km on the rowing machine with a 500m stint at full tilt bearing in mind I had over a km still to do. Weights as above.
Tina came into the gym, saw me and had a big smile on her face, she’s finally managed to find the site on a Google search. The site went down well which was a relief as I’ve been writing about people for a while now. There is worldwide interest in spinning and the related topics that I post on here, some are one off searches but other keep coming back, thanks, I appreciate it.
Tuesday: Rode out to Mels funeral, -2 deg C on the thermometer and ice across the road down Resthill, another patch outside Barnston. Around 70 cyclists met up at the Basset Hound and led the fureral cortege to Landican Cemetery. Returned home on the same route. Will write it up on Mels post.

Tina,s Spinning class at the Oval. Usual position for me, front row under the Air-Con, I need it. No hiding on the back row out of sight with minimal resistance here.
Patrica came over and asked for the site address, I was fortunate enough to have a couple as I’d just got in from Birkenhead after printing another 50 off to hopefully give out at the followup class.
One of the girls behind me asked about the site address and the diet and also mentioned a weight target and a date, another card was given out. If you get around to reading this drop me a comment ( I don’t know your name, it’s a first name only site)
All I can say is look at the weightloss diary but bare in mind the starting weight I was. There is another post I’ve made about having set a double target (weightloss and date)and feeling failure if you don’t make the target one week. Mine was about a kilo a week and I felt fine. I followed the eating plan (diet) to the letter, it is no longer a diet to me, it’s now what I eat. I’ll be doing this for the rest of my natural born, going back to what I became isn’t an option.
I hope you can meet your target, doing a spinning class shows your well up for the exercise.(30 mins 5 times a week)
Back to Tina,s class, always as hard as you make them which in my case means as much as I can take. Sprinting to start with and then a sign that Tina’s read the site, Sandstorm by “Darude”(link to Youtube video that fires me up), I haven’t span to this for months, thanks Tina it made my day. Later on there is a move that I can’t do to save my life. It’s a dip to a flatback position and then a move of the upper body from right to left returning to an upright position. Like dancing I’m hopeless at this, it must be a bloke thing.
A couple of climbs and it’s over, 700+ calories burnt, max heartrate 174 BPM and gone through a large water bottle. Thirsty work spinning, thanks again Tina.
Wednesday: Ride out to the Eureka probably with Sandstorm in my head, if it is it promises to be fast. Ride to Kinnerton. 55 miles.
Friday: Booked a spinning class at West Kirby. Weight routine upstairs before the class.Barbara,s class had me Burn 730 calories by the time I had cooled down. The watch says max heartrate was 187 BPM. Class was full on a Friday night too. Barbara got one of the cards tonight, If you make it this far Barbara there’s been over 100 visitors to the spinning section alone, here the data I see. There are some really unusual places popping up on the map now.   This is the regional data from Google Analytics , the place data is even better
1. no data                20                                              
2. Peterborough         5
3. California               4
4. London, City of      4
5. Connecticut           4
6. Redbridge              4
7. Wigan                   3
8. Buckinghamshire    3
9. Cheshire                3
10. Georgia                3
More when I can get around to it.


Saturday: Work
Sunday: Audax. A Mere 150 from Cheadle. 158 KM promises to be a good day.


The Seventh Followup Class

Wednesday 24th Jan sees me attending the seventh followup class. The classroom sessions were once a week for 12 weeks and then there is a monthly followup class and weighin. The idea for this site came shortly after finishing the classes.
As you may or may not have gathered I’m still on the scheme, it won’t have finished for me until March.
Very few of the class I attended have made it this far, Andy,s class is fairing better and hopefully the class we saw before Christmas will be better again. I don’t know what people are afraid of, most on the class I attended lost a fair amount of weight and were feeling better for it.

The beauty of the followup classes  is that because of the lower numbers there is more time to sort out individual problems and go into more detail on things that may have not been fully grasped in the weekly classes. For me it’s important that I finish the course and show that I can maintain a steady weight.

The BHF booklet is titled “So you want to loose weight for good”, well thats the plan, it’s worked brilliantly for me and I intend to stick with it.  

Update: A good turn out for the followup classes, just moi from mine, four from Andy,s class and about five from the last class to finish the year. I have to admit I didn’t recognise any of them but that will probably change next month, one or two that I had expected to turn up were no shows.
Plenty to talk about before we were introduced to the new class on their fourth week.

Ron brought us in and introduced us to the class, it started off with a few general questions that the others answered. There was a question about exercise were Andy said this is the chap to ask about exercise(me). This was picked up by the chap at the front nearest me. (If your from the class and reading this bear in mind I’ve been on the course the longest, so this was the tenth month Andy,s seventh etc) I think I must have talked for a good ten minutes or more after that explaining how I’ve done, the site, Google, spinning, exercise, the diet,etc. I think I managed to cover most things. This was an opportunity to give out the cards that provide the only link to the site, all other methods seem to have been closed off by various officials in the NHS.
The cards went down well, about 75% I would say took one, the rest were probably too reserved to ask. I made a mental note of those that went out of their way to ask for one. 

If you were in that class and managed to make it this far leave me a comment or a question. They all get answered, there are going to be very few more opportunities to meet me face to face, two at most and then we will be passing in the corridor.
That’s how I met Andy (my only LifeStyle and weight Management contributor, go on make me wrong!), thanks for that interjection Andy, I didn’t want to barge in on anyone.

Have a good hard look at the site, there is a lot of information on here now that you can relate to. Ten months ago I was in the same situation as yourselves, my life has literally been transformed and a lot of it has happened after the classroom sessions finished. Have a look at the weightloss diary, the weights are the same ones that Ron writes in your Personal Record Booklet.

Tonight was one of the few opportunities I’ve had to make a difference to other peoples future lives, if I’ve just inspired one it’s been worth the effort. Don’t let this category wither and die, drop me a comment, one on the Lifestyle and Weight Management  Course is worth ten others.

First names will do, email address optional,(it doesn’t get published, a bit like mine)not just a blokes site weightloss crosses the divide. Comments complete the circle.

Weekending 21 Jan 07

Tuesday: Spinning at the Oval. Had the Aldi (Crane Sports) HRM on. I seems to be overcounting on the calorie counter mainly because it is counting Basal Metabolic Rate. It had me burning 1254 calories which is way too much compared to the old HRM, 775 was the most it registered on the old HRM. Max pulse was 184 BPM and the average for the class was 141 BPM. 
Wednesday: Very subdued down the Eureka. Went to Fracture clinic first so missed the rides. Wirral loop, Puddington , Marsh at Ness, up Denhall lane, stop at Ness Gardens, Neston ,Parkgate, Gayton including the scene of the christmas eve crash. Lower Heswall, School Hill, stopped halfway up for a picture and that cocked up the gradient on the Garmin. It’s still fairly steep though. Pensby road  to Gills Lane through Barnston dip and throught to Levers causeway roundabout and back up RestHill. 25 miles and it was blowing a gale.
Thursday: Oval closed due to high winds, managed to get a cancellation at Barbara,s West Kirby class. Crane Sports HRM has sorted itself out it came up with 750 calories burnt which coupled with the warmup is more realistic. Max Heart 184 BPM I’d turn up the resistance on a climb to as much as I could stand. There were stretchs where I was at 90% plus and obviously dialing in a load of resistance took it up to 99%. Did some weights in the Gym as that is where the water fountain is. About half what I used to put on depending on the machine, slowly does it.
Saturday:Light weights, a couple of pressups to see if the shoulder is OK and a few items out of the Mens Health paperback. Nothing serious, just seeing if I’m up to having a good go at things. 
Sunday: Work, no ride. Starting to gear myself up for next Sundays Audax, possibly a ride on Wednesday or at least work on my route to Delamere. A bit of a mixed week, arm/ shoulder not 100% so I can’t get fully into it in the gym. Spinning classes were good but I need to read up on lactate threshold. Went for a short run, 100 or so yards, now that was hard.  More exercises from the Mens Health Paperback, some aren’t as easy as they appear in the book.

Mel Vasey



Mel Vasey was tragically killed at the weekend riding to the Eureka Cafe for a Birkenhead NorthEnd club ride. These picture were taken before one of the Christmas runs.


Condolances to his wife and family.

Mel and my paths crossed when I started looking at road bikes. I was about 19 to 20 stone and had a problem with wheels taking my weight. I had this doubt that modern wheels with a spoke count half of what is normal for a decent wheel would be up to it.
Mel said that the modern wheels were bulletproof there was no weightlimit on the Trek stuff and it was tested on  large Americans. It had to be good due the liability issues they have.

I kept going into the shop as my weight came down having mentally decided to treat myself to something good when I got down to 100 Kg. This represented a 33% weightloss to me. At 105 Kg Trek lost their nerve and were the first ones to have a sale.
I was just passing and ended up the proud owner of “The Toy” a Trek Madone 5.2 in Discovery Channel colours.

We would bump into each other at the Eureka Cafe, Mel used to have Wednesday,s off to ride with the North End. I wasn’t quick enough to ride with a club and started going out with the CTC. £2k worth of carbon fibre exotica is a bit much for some of the CTC rides but boy have I had fun.

More later


A Mere 150 (Audax) a tour of the Cheshire Mere,s

I’ve just got my entry back for the Audax event  I’ve entered on the 28th Jan. I’ve wasted a good few hours trying to put the route into Anquet. Ray,s wise words are ringing in my ears “Ordanance Survey maps don’t name the roads.” When the route is presented in an updated ball and chain diagram with road names fancy software is next to useless. Maps aren’t far behind either.

The route looks good but I’m using up waypoints like they are going out of fashion and I’ve only done 50km so far and have used up half the waypoints. A track maybe better method but at the moment that would mean riding or driving the route, not something I want to do.

Looking at what I have entered up to now it looks like a really good route, plenty of quiet lanes, maybe an event for the “Toy” with raceblades on. The weather is the big question mark with me. I’ve not got too much experience if it turns nasty and I travel in what I am wearing.

More to follow.

I’ve bought a pair of Altura overtrousers that pack down to a small enough size that I can carry on the bike without resorting to a rack. Well thats the idea anyway. The rear tyre is getting swapped on “The Toy” for something with a bit more puncture resistance. Hopefully I won’t end up breaking Rays pump again. A new bottle cage has been fitted to the toy after £30,s worth of carbon fibre exotica broke with just a large bottle to contend with. This was a bling accessory for for the toy didn’t hold the bottle properly and weighed 23 gramms which is about £1.30 a gramm, not one of my wisest purchases. With a bit of luck they will swap it out, otherwise it’s going to get one hell of a bad reveiw.

CTC Ride Eureka Cafe to Halkyn

What a day this turned out to be. A tale of bad weather, the steepest climbing I’ve done and sheep. I wasn’t going to bother with a ride today but I’m glad I did.
I needed a lift down the Eureka as I was running late and needed my breakfast before the ride. Chester and North Wales CTC were off to Eastham and the Ferry Hotel for lunch, this was a bit too close to home for me. Plus I am trying to avoid places that pile the plate high. Some years ago I had the 32 ounce steaks they served here. Is it any wonder I went up to 21 stone. So I gave it a miss.

Merseyside CTC were going to Flint led by Alan. So Flint it was along with 8 others. I’ve ridden with most of the others at one stage or the other. Emerging from the Cafe it starts to rain, the forecast was good but that would be later on. It was a stop for rainwear down Woodbank and past RAF Sealand it was particularly bleak with a strong headwind to boot. If anyone had had any sense we’d have turned back. We cross on the Dee on the rail bridge and as we thread through Shotton a chap stops us all and asks if we are interested in some tandems he is selling.

Bob leaves us at the college and we head towards Flint, we pass Paper Mill Lane which I had down as the route up the hill. No such luck Alan had a much tougher route in his devious mind. We take a parallel road further on but end up at a set of traffic lights in Flint that have a cycle lane turning right across the traffic, cars excluded. We take the fork in the road to the hospital. Around here we take a left up Cornist lane. (You can see it on the Google map if you zoom in far enough)

This was the start of the fun, I turned on the gradient function on the Garmin boy did that come in useful. Bear in mind the steepest thing I’ve seen is 17% up till now. The first section is steep enough and I arrive at the crossroads first stopping for more directions from Alan. The others come through and I set off near the back, the instructions are to keep going straight on. I pass some of the others on here I think Ron dismounted and I was in the granny ring. It’s steep about 20% (1in5)  Alpe D’Huez is 10/11% but long. One chap made it to the mid section of this part but stopped (I don’t know his name).

Now it starts to get interesting, REALLY interesting, I’m out front again the road dips and then starts to climb again, I’m at about 9 out of 10 on the perceived effort scale and the climb is just getting steeper.  I’m riding up a river literally, the road (track) is awash with all the recent rainfall. The Garmin is locked at 20% and it looks steeper. I’m looking for a reason to dismount and walk. My wish is granted when a sheep leaps over a hedge and runs down the bank in front of me.

Respite was shortlived 50 yards up the hill I try to get back on the bike. It’s just that the sheep that I used as an excuse to walk has joined up with the rest of the flock. There are about 20 of them at least.  Every move I make pushes them further up the road. The A55 is at the top of the road and you can hear the traffic speeding by. Next thing a chap in a red BMW pulls up. They’re not his and obviously not mine and seem to keep a 50 yard distance between us.

The rest of the group are nowhere to be seen which is probably just as well at this time. The chap with the BM phones the Police to alert them about the hazard. As we move up the lane I end up taking my HiViz jacket off as it is spooking the sheep. The BM guy scales the bank goes up the field to get in front of the sheep. Then the rest of the group arrive. All but one stop. One  doesn’t seem to grasp the situation and keeps on going, potentially driving the sheep onto the road.
Shepherds.jpgThe quality is poor as the light is poor. Ray reckons I should have taken pictures of the whole event. the sheep have just run up the bank out of sight. Try to picture it with 20 to 30 sheep in the road.

The BM chap manages to send the sheep back down the lane, the others manage to send the sheep up the bank and further back down the lane.Another two cars have joined the queue. The drama is over and we cycle to the top of the lane and the Transport Cafe.

Cornist Lane  

This is the shallow bit at the top. I burnt 500 calories before I took this picture.

The Transport Cafe (I’ve forgotten the name) was just that. Basic food, a lot that I no longer eat but a fast service and cheap. Probably not too many of these places left these days.

Transport Cafe.jpg

After we had finished there was more to come, with another two climbs that registered 20% on the Garmin. Ray had a Puncture to repair so thats one for the stats. Turning right from the cafe we then turn left and go under the A55. There is another climb that also touched 20% up to Pentre Halkyn. Chris is starting to struggle a bit on his fixie. Its hard going even on 30/28. Once round the bend it flattens off and I though that was it for the day. No such luck, Alan leads the group up Halkyn and yet another climb where the gradient is 20% in places. Once through Halkyn we take the lane that runs along the top of the hill. Then it is a fast ride down through the lanes eventually ending up in Northop.

Here the battery on the Garmin finally gave up. I should have left it at that but started it up at RestHill again so the route got corrupted on the upload to Motionbased.
The ride back was a lot better than the ride out as the sun was out.

It was another sprint up Woodbank to get this picture  and then another tea and flapjack at the Eureka Cafe. Rode back with Roy and Joan to Willaston continued on Route 56 and finally up RestHill as the light was going.
Had a great day, got beaten by a hill, played at being a shepherd, looked down from the top of Halkyn and wondered ” Have I just ridden up that !”. Great scenery, good people and this is Wednesday in the first week  of January. 

 Link to Google map CTC Ride Eureka Cafe to Halkyn 

Height Ascended 1254 ft
Max Height 844 ft Halkyn
Min Height 21 ft
Calories Burnt 2023

Google Analytics

The intention is to post posts about this site. This will be analysis of data that I get to see about you the users of this site. It may be your server location, or your search criteria “Weight loss” “Cycle SatNav” “Aldi Cycling ” that I look for. I get to see some unique locations highlighted by Google Analytics and realise that this site is one of millions out there. If you can recognise your server location drop me a comment, I welcome them all.

I’ll file this under it’s own category  as I am sure this is of interest to a lot of people.
There is a great interest in weight loss but not so much in the mechanics of how to do it.

As a UK resident I see what most of the other UK residents see on TV and I am not happy. I’ve been through what most of the “stars” of the diet shows have been through and think the format is getting a bit stale. The latest Gillian McKeith programme just goes to prove a point. Yes I was in the same position as they were but give us a break about looking at stool samples; it’s only stating the obvious. These people need help, not to be told their shit stinks. I haven’t finished my course yet but think 2 months to provide us with a bit of entertainment is taking the mickey.

Rant over, the site isn’t just about weight loss. The natural cynic that I am is trying to be positive about things. Cycling is a big part of my life now but the spin offs amaze me. I wrote a post about Aldi Technical Ski gloves which I started to wear as my hands were getting cold. For some reason 55 people read that post over 4 days at the start of the new year. I’m still wearing them, the nylon got scuffed when I had my crash but they saved my hands from damage. Still water resistant too, I wouldn’t class them as waterproof but neither do Aldi and I’m not using them for their intended purpose, skiing.

One of the sources that Google Analytics picked up was forums.mud-club.com the only person I know that was into offroading was Dave at work. It turns out he mentioned me in the forum, thanks for the link Dave. I posted a link to the site on a reply to a question on SatNav on the Cycling plus forum. I’m now seeing visits from people that read that article.

Saturday: Just had another look at Google Analytics this time looking at Spinning. The section has moved up the ranking and the top keywords were “Spinning classes”. Putting this into Google had me 8th out of 1,380,000. All pretty remarkable stuff. All because I wear an Aldi Heartrate monitor in a spinning class.

Friday: Picking up on the Spinning classes searches I noticed I had a hit from Yellowknife in Canada. Refining the search for Spinning classes to Countries had one hit for Canada and further search for Cities had one hit for Yellowknife. All this takes place in the cross segment performance dropdown menu of page titles.


weekending 14 Jan 07

Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. First one of the year and a surprise in store. 775 Calories burnt a new record for me. Probably helped by having a bit more resistance in than level 1. 750ml of water didn’t last the full class but it was a couple of minutes over as we ended up doing two sprints. One was to Jump by Girls Aloud not content with this we ended up doing the second choice as well, this involved a sprint for a minute that was more like three. The heartrate was above 150 BPM for most of the class with 170 BPM for some of the routines. Max was 177 BPM but it could have been higher. I’m breathing heavily at this level and sweating profusley.
I’m still counting calories 5 minutes after the class has finished. Some new faces in there, must be new years resolutions kicking in. Hope they keep it up.
Wednesday: CTC ride to Halkyn, written up elswhere.
Friday: A few light weight, nothing heavy.
Saturday: 100 calories on the turbo trainer. Pulse up to 150 BPM then a fitness test on the new Crane Sports Heartrate monitor. Tried out a few of the Weight Free exercises from the Mens Health magazine. Need to get a routine sorted as I’m not settled at anything at the moment.
Sunday: Work = no ride. Maybe another turbo session


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