The Seventh Followup Class

Wednesday 24th Jan sees me attending the seventh followup class. The classroom sessions were once a week for 12 weeks and then there is a monthly followup class and weighin. The idea for this site came shortly after finishing the classes.
As you may or may not have gathered I’m still on the scheme, it won’t have finished for me until March.
Very few of the class I attended have made it this far, Andy,s class is fairing better and hopefully the class we saw before Christmas will be better again. I don’t know what people are afraid of, most on the class I attended lost a fair amount of weight and were feeling better for it.

The beauty of the followup classes  is that because of the lower numbers there is more time to sort out individual problems and go into more detail on things that may have not been fully grasped in the weekly classes. For me it’s important that I finish the course and show that I can maintain a steady weight.

The BHF booklet is titled “So you want to loose weight for good”, well thats the plan, it’s worked brilliantly for me and I intend to stick with it.  

Update: A good turn out for the followup classes, just moi from mine, four from Andy,s class and about five from the last class to finish the year. I have to admit I didn’t recognise any of them but that will probably change next month, one or two that I had expected to turn up were no shows.
Plenty to talk about before we were introduced to the new class on their fourth week.

Ron brought us in and introduced us to the class, it started off with a few general questions that the others answered. There was a question about exercise were Andy said this is the chap to ask about exercise(me). This was picked up by the chap at the front nearest me. (If your from the class and reading this bear in mind I’ve been on the course the longest, so this was the tenth month Andy,s seventh etc) I think I must have talked for a good ten minutes or more after that explaining how I’ve done, the site, Google, spinning, exercise, the diet,etc. I think I managed to cover most things. This was an opportunity to give out the cards that provide the only link to the site, all other methods seem to have been closed off by various officials in the NHS.
The cards went down well, about 75% I would say took one, the rest were probably too reserved to ask. I made a mental note of those that went out of their way to ask for one. 

If you were in that class and managed to make it this far leave me a comment or a question. They all get answered, there are going to be very few more opportunities to meet me face to face, two at most and then we will be passing in the corridor.
That’s how I met Andy (my only LifeStyle and weight Management contributor, go on make me wrong!), thanks for that interjection Andy, I didn’t want to barge in on anyone.

Have a good hard look at the site, there is a lot of information on here now that you can relate to. Ten months ago I was in the same situation as yourselves, my life has literally been transformed and a lot of it has happened after the classroom sessions finished. Have a look at the weightloss diary, the weights are the same ones that Ron writes in your Personal Record Booklet.

Tonight was one of the few opportunities I’ve had to make a difference to other peoples future lives, if I’ve just inspired one it’s been worth the effort. Don’t let this category wither and die, drop me a comment, one on the Lifestyle and Weight Management  Course is worth ten others.

First names will do, email address optional,(it doesn’t get published, a bit like mine)not just a blokes site weightloss crosses the divide. Comments complete the circle.

4 thoughts on “The Seventh Followup Class”

  1. Oh well you can lead a horse to water…… It’s still early days.
    I’m no longer able to leave cards in the waiting area either and that has really annoyed me. I was given the OK to leave cards there but it turns out that a NHS Manager there has frowned upon them.
    So they have either been taken by people who are interested in this site or the other possibility is they have been binned.
    It’s beyond a joke now I’m going to have to see someone higher up the foodchain to see what their problem is.
    The cards go down really well elsewhere, women take them because they have a husband or partner that needs to loose weight. Men take them because they’ve known me when I was big.

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