Lidl Body Fat Scales

I bought these as the previous set of scales from EKC bought from Argos were proving to be a bit coarse. They were OK when most of the ones in the Argos catalogue ran out of scale right where I needed them to read. They also overread by 1 kilo, but to put it in context it was less than 1%.

Anyway the Lidl scales branded Balance give you as much information as your ever going to need. If you’ve an obssesive compulsive disorder (which I am sure most dieters have) these are the scales for you.

Weight, Fat% Water% and Muscle% plus Calorie balance all come up after you have put in your details and type of activity level.

I can’t really fault them for the price (£18) the display head is remote and they appear to be accurate. The readings for fat% doesn’t change much but the whole thing relies on you having a bit of discipline as to when you take your measurements. They vary during the day which for muscle mass is clearly a nonsense.

I will post again when I can show a trend but at the moment all the reading go in a little black book.

A word of warning the scales don’t work for people with the following conditions
Women going through the menopause.
People suffering a flu or fever
People with swelling in their legs
People with oesteoporis
Pregnant Women
Dialysis patients
Athletes and kids under 7
A fair number of these conditions are all related to middle aged women and your not going to know about it untill you get them home.
The above information should apply to ALL body fat scales as they will all be using the same method of measurement.

Weekending 01 Oct06

Monday: Spinning session at the Oval (650 cals) crosstrainer for about 15 minutes and a session on the rowing machine. One set of weights.  Total for the 2 hours I was there was 1150 calories. Had a talk to Paul about Google and the site and he gave me some good insight as to where the hits are coming from.
Tuesday: A slow ride around the Wirral (by my new super fast standards LOL) with my new pupil. This was a back to basics outing and involved most of what I’ve published on the site, including the route from Seacombe Ferry (26.5 miles)
Spinning class, spoke to Tina and Chris, decided to add a new category to the site and do some more posts about spinning. Up till about midnight posting, commenting and getting my head around the Google ranking. Things took a significant change today, I’ve even more resolve on Lifestyle and weight management problems I’ve been having after talking to Chris.
Wednesday: CTC midweek run to Tarporley, missed the 10 o’clock early birds as I was still finishing off Frank,s Breakfast so rode out with Roy and Joan (Roy rescued me off Moel Famau when The Toy broke) no photo of the lunch this week, but it was Cajun Chicken  with rice and a diet coke. There was an incident with a squirrel on the ride home that is worthy of a post all of its own. No squirrels were harmed in the writing of this blog. (65 miles)
Thursday: Spining class at the Oval with Steph (I wrote it down) Congratulations on passing your driving test, god knows what we would have been in for if she had failed.
No Heart rate monitor on so no calories burnt value for this class. Made a note of the Machine and weights and reps for future reference. Gave out the site address for the first time too and spoke with reception about a poster. I still can’t reach the ones that the site was formed for.
Friday: Restday, but spoke to Eddie about a routine that could be done without going to the gym. Light weights, inclined press ups, that sort of thing.
Saturday: Rest day.
Sunday: Followed up on Fridays conversation, ended up doing 10 full pressups which is a first. I tried the inclined one on the Saturday and they went OK. It must be all those  spinning classes doing some good. Managed one full pullup on a bar, this was at the second attempt, the first failed. This was another milestone for me, as I was proving to myself that I can lift my own bodyweight.(just)  Coming from a situation where I couldn’t do 1 pullup or pressup  in the past I was well pleased.

The point of this is that you don’t need to be going to a gym  a couple of times a week  to loose weight. It can be done  at home with minimal equipment. You do need  to be shown how to do the routines as there are subtle differences in  what is and is not required.


Aldi Winter Cycling Gear

Aldi are selling winter cyling clothing this Thursday 28th Sep. If your thinking of kitting yourself out with some kit you’d better be early as I need a complete new set of kit.
As I’ve said in a previous post I now buy in multiples if it fits, one can go in the wash while I wear the other one.

It’s all been good stuff in the past, I’ll be looking at the winter overshoes too as your feet can get really cold if you venture out in winter.
I don’t need any lights as I run a pair of Sigma Lights on the now winter trainer, these are really bright (15 watts) and you can actually see where you are going with these.

28 Sep 06

Just got back from Aldi after being first in the queue, I’ve literally got a bootful of stuff and doubled up on most of it, this kit is going to see me through the winter no problem.
I might even wear one of the yellow tops. It’s an extensive list maybe for another post and  product reveiws.

This blog post came up on the first page if you Google   Aldi and Cycling.
which I thought was pretty amazing, I’m just about coming to terms with how many hits the site gets and whats brings you to the site.

17 Oct 2006
Been out a few times in various items. The bib tights are proving to be excellent with good padding and a thicker layer on the front of the tight. If your going to go out in these with the temperature creeping in to double figures (10 deg C) you may find them a bit too warm. The winter gloves at £2.99 are really good for the price and its easy enough to put a fingerless pair in the back pocket if you think the weather is going to buck up.

09 Nov 2006
Just thought I’d add a comment about the bib tights. They have a zip built into them around the fly so you can have a call of nature without having to strip off completly.  The double layer on the front offers excellent wind protection. Unbeleivable value but like I have mentioned maybe too warm if the temperature is in double figures.


I’ve been doing spinning classes for a couple of months now to improve my cycling.
The turbo trainer has proved to be the worlds most expensive bike stand, it might get used if the snow is so deep that I can’t get to a spinning class.

All I can say is these classes work, I had a fear of hills that meant I would avoid them at all cost. They have allowed me to find out what my limits are and operate near them without a fear of keeling over.

Comments welcome.

Week ending 24 Sep 06

Monday: Spinning class and a session in the gym. No heart rate monitor for the spinning but now I’ve got some data it wont be needed every session. Was busy so didnt get on every machine.
Tuesday: One hour in the gym after work. Cross trainer (375 cals) 1/2HR, rowing machine 10 mins and one set of weights.
Wednesday: Down to the Eureka Cafe for breakfast. There was an ITV film crew in attendance interviewing some old timers for a future programme. It would explain why Anne managed to butter the toast on Franks Breakfast which is butter free on my plan.
No group ride, but rode down the top road with Kevin. (if you read this Kev the email bounced so I still have the pictures of Charlie on the ride before his op) 22 miles.
Spinning class (580 cals) and one set of weights.
Friday: took half day off work, bib tights for winter are looking baggy on me now so had a look for a new pair. Southport firework competition was superb. Had an email from Ray with a photo of his pump repair, I may do a post with it in.
No rides this weekend as work is getting in the way of play.
Saturday: Busy day at work, no cycling yet again.
Sunday: Likewise.

The 77th Eureka Cafe ride

This promises to be a lengthy post, I’ve summoned the courage to post a picture of myself and the toy before start of the ride. The nerves are clearly showing, I just wish I’d  smiled for the camera.

Pre ride nerves.jpg

What I had pictured in my mind as a solo ride  quickly became a CTC ride led by Ray who I’d met the previous week on the Whitchurch ride.

After signing on, five of us set out for the first stop at Holt at 38 miles.The group comprising of Ray, Guy, Janet, Adelle and moi. A left turn instead of a right at a T junction had us rejoin the route about 1/2 a mile further on. It proved to be a stroke of luck as we joined a group of about 10 to 15 riders who were going about the same pace.

Good progress was made and soon we were crossing the A54 at Tarvin Sands and then on to the straight roads to Willington Corner. There was a bit of a wake up call (hill) before Tarporley and then it rolled along towards Beeston Castle. We’d been following a chap in front who looked like he knew where he was going and after crossing the Canal on the hump backed bridge we got talking. Turns out he wasn’t on the ride at all but was local and was just going out for a Sunday ride. Our ways parted at the fork in the road below the Castle.

It rolled along through Tattenhall with a short stop for a snack then it was on to Fardon down the hill over the bridge and up the hill to the lunchstop at Holt village hall, signing in at 12.04 Lots of familiar faces there including old Terry who I rode the second leg back to the Eureka Cafe with last year. Lunch over and with the bottle refilled it was time to get back on the bikes.


 Lunch stop at Holt over

The plan was to take a picture of Paul Burrels (Princess Diana,s butler) flower shop but that didn’t happen for some reason. I did meet the chap I rode the Liverpool-Chester-Liverpool ride with by the memorial, had a quick chat and our ways had to part as he was on the short route.
For the second time I’ve forgotten his name. (I’m hopeless with names as you may have gathered)

Then it was on towards Nant Mill and those climbs I was fearing. Things were going fine untill I picked up a slow puncture at Holt lodge farm.
The tube got changed with no sign of what had caused it and Ray lent me his pump to inflate the tyre. The super duper extra light carbon fibre one that I picked up from Decathlon is little more than an ornament.
It was half inflated when we swapped over pumping the tyre up, the next thing you know I’ve snapped the handle off Rays pump. I owe you a new pump Ray. Janet comes to the rescue with a traditional frame mounted pump which just goes to show the simplest ideas are usually the best.

Panic over it was back on course to Errdig country park and down the lane to the end by the industrial estate where the dog chased Ray and I last week. No problems this week.
We had a slight problem with the route when we crossed the A483 after Farmworld in so much as we doubled back for about half a mile and then had to retrace our steps again as we were going the right way in the firstplace.

Past the Crematorium and under the disused railway bridge and we’re well on our way to tackle  a major climb on the route to Nant Mill, just past the Iron works it hits you.
I have to admit to breaking out in a sweat on this one! but it was over and done with in a couple of minutes. We rolled into Nant Mill for a cup of tea and a toilet stop.
Guy was worried that we may have been last on the road as no one had passed us since Holt but a few minutes later a couple of groups rolled in, one stopped others didn’t.

The climb out of Nant Mill is first gear stuff in a car but hard on a bike even with 30 gears.
At least it was short but still left me out of breath. Then it was on to the bit I was dreading the river crossing and the tree lined climb that followed it.
I chickened out and rode over the footbridge not wanting a dunking in the river/stream.
I can’t remember ever putting as much effort into anything like I put into that climb. The surface wasn’t too good near the bottom and I broke traction a few times as the gradient got steeper. Coming out of the trees the surface improved but just when you think you had it licked  it goes around a bit of a bend and then gets steeper again.

I’m on the limit here, I can see the end I’m breathing heavy (very heavy)  and I’ve got this feeling that the beta blockers are kicking in and limiting my heart rate. I’ve reached the top and spend what seems like a minute getting my breath back. If I had to rate it on the exercise scale it would be somewhere between 8 and 9. I’m slumped over the bars as the others come into view one by one, none of them seem to be in the state I’ve just been in.  Sheldon Browns gear calculator is going to get a good dose of looking at pretty soon.

It’s literally all downhill from this point I saw a new top speed come up on the speedometer of 41.9 mph and I wasn’t going for it!
The mind wanders when your on your own and I start humming Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel with this image of Widnes (corrected by dave from work) railway station  going through my head.( I always thought it was Runcorn Station, which always looked particulary bleak))
Folklore has it that it was written there after they had missed the last train.
Homeward bound.jpg

I took the above picture on the move with Ray, Guy and Janet in the distance. It was about this time that I’d realised I had very few pictures of ride but then again it was never a photo shoot.

As we were riding back to the Eureka cafe we passed the Chester Road Club having a call of nature on an Electricity substation in the middle of nowhere. I’ve got to say that would be the last place on earth I’d want to pee on. Anyway after a bit of a mix up the group split a few miles from the Cafe. We all made it back and I was going to get a group photo but the super duper new phone played up but luckily Anne obliged so one should appear on the Eureka Cafe website.

Ride Total.jpg

A great day out, thanks everyone.

Music to Spin to.

Part of the attraction of the spinning classes is the music. There isn’t much 70,s rock and there is a lot out there that is never going to motivate you during class but this one does it for me.
Just great for a sprint.

Sandstorm by Darude

A search on Google will show lots of kids dancing to it in their bedrooms, the original video features a chase scene. Anyway you can really bury yourself in/to it.

Thought I would update this post so I’ve added:

Gamemaster by Paul Oakenfold

Ready Steady Go also by Paul Oakenfold

Faster Kill Pussycat again by Paul Oakenfold.

Weekending 17 Sep 06

Monday: Bought a new jersey to match the bike from Quinns. Spinning class(600 cals), one set of weights on the new plan, bit of rowing(10 mins) and a short session on the crosstrainer. Saw Andy in the gym so there at least two of us maintaining the plan.
Tuesday: The call I was waiting for didn’t happen, not to worry. Spinning class (515 cals, was that all!!) preceded by a set of weights.
Wednesday: Restday.
Thursday: One hour in the Oval, 30 mins on the crosstrainer(400 cals), Rowing machine 10 mins (75 cals) and one set of weights. Managed to forget my towel which will be the first and last time. Still trying to sort a routine out, 5 Kgs added on some of the machines is proving 5kg too far at the moment. I may be expecting too much too fast now but the difference on the last six months has been literally unbeleivable.
Saturday: Managed to swap shifts at work, going to recce the route for Sunday.

I think Ive dropped myself in it this time, I’ve just Driven the route in something over 3 hours. Its taken me to a lot of places Ive been to with the CTC and a few more that I haven’t. The trouble is it looks like I’m going to do them all in one day. This is by far the biggest challenge I’ve had to date. Had the GPS working fine and then lost all the data but thats the least of my worries. some of those hills were first gear stuff in the car.

Sunday:Eureka Cafe Anniversary Ride this Sunday. Did the short version last year, this year its the long version and I’ve an early start number. GPS is probably not going to be an option as it look like I won’t have time to sort it out. I’ll try and tag on with a group but getting dropped again looks more likely. (this was wishful thinking when I wrote it, finishing in daylight will be a triumph)

Update: My fears were groundless, I’ve had a brilliant day thanks to Ray (leading)and the CTC. The climb to Nant Mill was fine but the climb out of the river crossing was something else, I was maxed out on this one the beta blockers I’m on had really kicked in. Wish I’d had the heartrate monitor on as this is the hardest thing I have done to date. Haven’t felt like that since I rode up Rest Hill on the mountain bike for the first time.

I’ll post more later, but I want to soak in the bath for an hour. ( maybe too much info there)  I’ll do a new post on monday about the day , see if the pictures are ok and put a new point of interest on the map.

The Second 100 mile Ride

It was an early start for the CTC run to Whitchurch which started at 9.30 instead of the usual 10.00. I’d covered about 9 miles before the obligatory breakfast at the Eureka Cafe. Anyway  Noel led us off on a crisp September morning with the first stop being that old favourite The Ice Cream Farm.
Had a pot of tea and a hot scone (jam, but no butter or cream for that matter).
Then it was off to Whitchurch on what was turning out to be a glorius day. A bit like the 3 bears porridge it, it was not too hot, not too cold but just right. (for me).

The Route was totally new to me but appeared to follow NCR route 70. I’d had disscusions with Ray about weight loss, frame materials and GPS navigation on the ride to the Ice Cream Farm. (thanks for the comment Ray). It looks like a Garmin will be on it,s way shortly. An hour and a half,s riding had us at the lunch stop in Whichchurch which for those that didn’t take a packed lunch (me) was the Town Hall Vaults pub. Lunch for me was a small chicken dinner and a diet Coke.

Town Hall Vaults.jpgChicken Dinner(small).jpg

I,m thinking what your probably thinking “whats this nut doing with a picture of his dinner on the website”. Well the whole point of  the site, the lifestyle changes I’ve made are probably summarised in that one meal.
If your on the British Heart Foundation portion based plan the above should look pretty familiar to you. Chicken was about the size of a pack of playing cards.
£3.95 by the way and it was the small portion. I’m told the cask ale was very good too.

It was very pleasant out the back with the bikes off the road. Company was good with the coversation drifting into the relms of “Why do all signs around here say Wem 5 miles “. Lunch over Noel led us to the afternoon stop at Waterways (which was the destination of my first CTC ride). This might be classed as a rolling route as rolling down one of the hills was met by a fair climb up the other side.

I’m continually amazed by the scenery on these rides, on a good day there is no better place to be. The roads were quiet apart from crossing the busy ones, I’m at a loss to explain why more don’t take it up. 

Waterways was left around 4pm after a diet coke. You get some stunning views over the Cheshire plain here. It was back to Two Mills via the lanes and the pedestrian bridge at Saltney. Home via the Missing link finally splitting off from the other two remaining riders by Brimastage. 100miles came up by the slow sign at the bottom of Rest Hill.

Sep 10 Ride Total.jpg

A memorable day for me, my thanks go out to all those I met on the ride and to Noel for leading it. I mustn’t forget to mention Quinns again as weekend it didin’t look like this ride would be taking place on the bling bike. 

Weekending 10 Sep 06

Monday: The toy went to Quinns for inspection.
Saw Andy from the lifestyle course down the Oval. Had a bit of a warm up on the rowing machine before the spinning class, 160 cals. Spinning class 675 cals. One set of weights before the class one set after.
Tuesday: One hour down the Oval after work. 30 mins crosstrainer (400 cals) 10 mins rowing (125 cals) 10 mins cycling (125 cals) one set and a bit on the weights.
Wednesday: Work, then a followup class on the Lifestyle and Weight management course.
Thursday: One hour down the Oval after work 15 mins crosstrainer (200 cals) 15 mins cycling (150 cals) 10mins rowing (125 cals) 1 set of weights with Ron,s advice fresh in my mind.
Friday: Restday.
Saturday: Eureka Cafe for Franks Breakfast back home via Ness, Neston, Thornton Hough and Rest Hill (22 Miles)
Sunday: CTC ride to Whitchurch, promises to be a long day, 80 miles plus the trip to the Eureka and back should top 100 miles again easy.

Stunning day, my second 100 miles. Good company, thanks to everyone on the ride and Noel for leading the ride. Most of the route is in this weeks Cycling Weekly. coincedence or a small world. A post on its own coming up, another map reference and more points of interest to shake a stick at.

I took a picture of my Dinner with the phone which is in the process of getting reduced for the page. The purpose is to show that I’m still following the plan which as we know is portion based. £3.95 well spent.


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