Aldi Winter Cycling Gear

Aldi are selling winter cyling clothing this Thursday 28th Sep. If your thinking of kitting yourself out with some kit you’d better be early as I need a complete new set of kit.
As I’ve said in a previous post I now buy in multiples if it fits, one can go in the wash while I wear the other one.

It’s all been good stuff in the past, I’ll be looking at the winter overshoes too as your feet can get really cold if you venture out in winter.
I don’t need any lights as I run a pair of Sigma Lights on the now winter trainer, these are really bright (15 watts) and you can actually see where you are going with these.

28 Sep 06

Just got back from Aldi after being first in the queue, I’ve literally got a bootful of stuff and doubled up on most of it, this kit is going to see me through the winter no problem.
I might even wear one of the yellow tops. It’s an extensive list maybe for another post and  product reveiws.

This blog post came up on the first page if you Google   Aldi and Cycling.
which I thought was pretty amazing, I’m just about coming to terms with how many hits the site gets and whats brings you to the site.

17 Oct 2006
Been out a few times in various items. The bib tights are proving to be excellent with good padding and a thicker layer on the front of the tight. If your going to go out in these with the temperature creeping in to double figures (10 deg C) you may find them a bit too warm. The winter gloves at £2.99 are really good for the price and its easy enough to put a fingerless pair in the back pocket if you think the weather is going to buck up.

09 Nov 2006
Just thought I’d add a comment about the bib tights. They have a zip built into them around the fly so you can have a call of nature without having to strip off completly.  The double layer on the front offers excellent wind protection. Unbeleivable value but like I have mentioned maybe too warm if the temperature is in double figures.

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