One of the many trials and tribulations of owning a Fiat based motorhome is when you get the dreaded Check Engine light.

They come and sometimes they go but in the end the fault will need clearing. I was unfortunate enough to have the light come on following last years Tour de France. The van went into limp mode and it cost me 570 Euro to have it put right.

Having decided to do some thing about it this is the package I finally went for :

Fiat Multiecuscan

Its not for the faint hearted but even if you can manage an oil change you will still need it to reset the service indicators. Now on to the dreaded DPF warning lights, you can see the state of the filter, last regen and just about every parameter under the sun about ANY of the modules on your Motorhome.

I had an Airbag failure light come on over Christmas and after seeing a double airbag deployment at a Two Mills traffic light accident it went into an Auto electrician, cost me £348 which was cheap compared to the next guy. Airbag module was £190.

Ok, so this is a page and it doesn’t disappear off this blog.

OBDLink SX USB Diagnostic Interface is what we are talking about here.

There is so much missinformation out there it’s untrue, I’ve searched for hours just to get red herrings and not result.

For your information my van is a 2012 Euro5 Fiat Ducato , I’ll answer comments on here, the software works it’s just that when you have a error on the system it tends to get swamped by errors on your side.(com port etc).

My post to the MultiECUscan forum.

OBDLink SX not connecting to DucatoX250

Postby FrankK » 28 Jan 2017, 18:15

Had a lot of problems trying to connect to my Ducato X250 with a Gendan OBDLink SX. Lots of ELM327 red herring errors coming up.

It turns out the Ducato X250 and Ducato X250(facelift) use different ECU systems, one Bosch and the other Marelli.
A DTC scan will show you what system you have and you need to connect that system.
IE your scan reveals a Marrelli system but the control module shows Bosch, connecting to it will give you ELM327 connection errors until the cows come home.

On the OBDLink SX if the connection LED is green you have connection. If an ELM327 connection error comes up it is Not the interface at fault, you are trying to communicate with a different module.

One last tip buy the bundle with all the cables or the switchable SX unit.

Great software Guys , in 15 minutes I’ve reset the Oil service indicator, reset the Check engine light and turned off the seatbelt warning light.



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