MotorHome Mods

In no particular order at the moment as I just wanted to get the images into the post. Nothing turned out to be simple and there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals

Replacing the manual thermostat for the heating proved to be a bit of a pain despite having the bits lying around for a year.

It’s a simple to read and set digital readout but with diagnostics built in if things go wrong.

Cost £70 from the NEC fiddly to fit as the wire colours don’t match 100%.


One of the first things to be fitted was this access hatch to the garage. The thinking being the bikes could be stored inside.

Garage conversion
Garage Conversion (rear)

A neat job done by Horizon Motorhomes near Chirk, who also fitted the sattellite dish (Oyster Caro)


For some reason Dometic winter fridge covers cost as much as a complete new vent.

Winter Covers

Where they get to I don’t know but they are not easy to source for the right price.


Pollen Filter change
Pollen filter location

Pollen filter change was cheap but a bit of a struggle for a hour or so as you are quite deep into the center console to get to the above.


This gas locker vent is fitted to a wide variety of motorhomes and looks terrible in a short space of time.

Gas Locker vent, less than 3 years old
New Vent

It was under £12 to replace if you can find one. I will put links up soon.

Lots of other stuff to post, you do need some carpentry and electrical skills to try a lot of this. The cost of most things these days being a lot less than the labour costs involved.

Chassis has now been Schutzed in side and out and also MOT’d with flying colours.

Also fitted a set of Tour de France air horns on a separate circuit


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