GarminConnect Courses

One of the latest features of is the ability to plot a basic Course for your device.
Access is under the Course tab on the startup page. If you’ve a GarminConnect  login you will see the green CreateCourse button on the top right hand corner of your local map.
The Course plotting functions are very basic compared to other route/course planning sites. There is no facility to add Waypoints or Coursepoints  so in use you will not get any warnings at junctions.
If your a Garmin Edge 800 user you also need to turn on  the OffCourse warning other wise there is no warning if you go off Course.

In use your pretty much stuck on the map page as the only alert you are going to receive is when you go off Course. That is despite enabling CoursePoints on the Edge 800 Course settings page (the wrench or spanner icon).

I’m a bit disappointed  at the end of the day as Garmin have had a long time to get it right, this is what they do as a business. It’s a work in progress and at the moment the other web based Course planning sites have nothing to fear.

Weekending 02 Oct 2011

Wednesday: Work, last day glorious weather to boot.
Thursday: Spin class at the Oval, laid another section of tiles in the kitchen, another glorious day. Called in at Aldi to see the Winter Cycling Offers.
Friday: Weather too good to miss so went out on a 40 mile Wirral ride.
Ended up at the Eureka where the Doc needed the use of the Lezyme tool to tighten a Mavic spoke.
Headed out to Liverpool where a gang from work were celebrating 30 of them getting finished up.
It was a really good turn out with 50 plus turning up, 3 blokes with 0ver 120 years service with the company. Not likely to be repeated by anyone I know these days.
The website was called “shit”, thanks Ian. Things move on, the original site is still all there in the pages across the top of the screen.(Jobs to do, check links still work)
Got the last bus home on what proved to be a really good day.
Saturday: Lie in then more work on the kitchen floor. Strange how you don’t associate Mapei Cycling Team with grout. This was triggered by seeing one of the old guys in the replica kit yesterday and reading the instructions off the bag and seeing the colours.
Sunday: Rain, record breaking temps over, glad I got a ride in.
Went to see Harry Potter in 3D before it finishes at the cinema.  An eyewatering £19.30 for 2. I normally go midweek for an early showing when prices are about half that for an empty cinema.


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