GarminConnect Courses

One of the latest features of is the ability to plot a basic Course for your device.
Access is under the Course tab on the startup page. If you’ve a GarminConnect  login you will see the green CreateCourse button on the top right hand corner of your local map.
The Course plotting functions are very basic compared to other route/course planning sites. There is no facility to add Waypoints or Coursepoints  so in use you will not get any warnings at junctions.
If your a Garmin Edge 800 user you also need to turn on  the OffCourse warning other wise there is no warning if you go off Course.

In use your pretty much stuck on the map page as the only alert you are going to receive is when you go off Course. That is despite enabling CoursePoints on the Edge 800 Course settings page (the wrench or spanner icon).

I’m a bit disappointed  at the end of the day as Garmin have had a long time to get it right, this is what they do as a business. It’s a work in progress and at the moment the other web based Course planning sites have nothing to fear.

10 thoughts on “GarminConnect Courses”

  1. Hi
    I just read your posting with interest, because I use a 705 EDGE.
    My first one was exchanged with absolutely no question by Garmin which was great because I was getting very frustrated with it without realising that it was malfunctioning, I thought it was me being thick.
    So today was my first ride with the replacement and your comments are helpful because I couldn’t understand why I was getting no warnings before a turning but getting loads of warnings (double beeps) every time the road changes direction slightly which is a bit annoying.
    I used Garmin Connect to plan my route today which after reading your posting I realise was working correctly but isn’t really helpful especially on a fast downhill with a left turning at the bottom.
    I used Bike Toaster before on my original Garmin 705 Edge which you can set to give warnings a couple of hundred feet in advance so I will try that for my next ride.
    I would prefer to use Connect but it does need some development in terms of turn warnings, and it didn’t warn me when I deliberately went off course to see what would happen.
    Also there needs to be a different map graphic where your course covers the same parts of the route. A dotted line would work because it is confusing when you come to a junction you ‘ve been top before and you can’t tell which is the route you should follow because the graphic is the same for both legs of the same route. This is pretty basic stuff?
    I think the 705 is overall great but if you are using Connect for your mapping it would be so much better if the device just indicated in large caps GO NE or GO SW instead of the complete phrase which you can’t always read. Also the N arrow could do with a NSWE element so you don’t have to think twice when the Garmin says go NE, for example. Plus some of the other text is too tiny to read and I still don’t know if Elevation is in metres of feet because of that.

  2. Hi Mike, don’t forget there is a 100 CoursePoint limit in the 705. I think you still have the option of the Compass screen while doing a Course. This is not an option on the Edge 800 which has also lost waypoints too.

  3. Thanks for the comment Frank.
    Is a Course Point every click on the map?
    BikeToaster say that there’s no Course Point limit on the 705 with their mapping system. Do you have any experience of that?
    Assuming that a Course Point is a click then I am getting more and more disappointed with Garmin because most rides will always be more that 100 clicks.
    I do have the Compass screen whist doing a Course, but it is less valuable than knowing which road to take.
    Lastly and you may be able to help, if you click on the joy stick the map mode changes to a sequential text display of the route. However the sequence displayed does not correspond with the part of the map you’re actually on. Am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks again

  4. Hi Mike, a CoursePoint is one of the Icons built into Garmin Products it can be Left, Right, Straight, Summit, Food etc. There is a 100 limit on them, you can have more but they will run out on the ride.
    The actual Course can have over 17,000 points on it.
    You can add CoursePoints to a Course in TrainingCentre but it is hard work and you need a Garmin map on your PC not a microsd card.
    If the site uses google maps to generate the list it can be VERY VERY Wrong.
    I had to sign a 88 mile Sportive using a Garmin Course, The list it generated wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, wrong in virtually every aspect.

    1. Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly Frank.
      It sounds a bit depressing!
      I bought the Garmin so I could pre plan rides to more interesting places and it sounds like the mapping and software aren’t really up to the job yet.
      I am going to do a 70 miler on Thursday and will give BikeToaster a go in my 705 and will report back!

  5. i`ve contacted garmin about this. the virtual partner. i know how the virtual partner works (the screen with 2 little cyclists pedalling like fury). however when i was out some time back on the map screen, i noticed a shadow of the directional arrow suddenly appear. over time and distance and with a bit more pedalling effort i was catching the shadow arrow and eventually overtook it. i thought this was a great training aid, and would love to know how totally unprompted this arrow appeared, so that i can use it again.any ideas?

    1. What Garmin Edge are you using, It’s appears when you are riding a Course which could be a previous ride saved as a Course. There is an option to turn it on and off.

      1. its a 705 edge. the arrow appeared when i downloaded my own route i`d made from a website. tried all sorts never seen the arrow since

  6. Hello Frank, Re my 800. Why do I have more courses on my device than on Garmin Connect? I thought they synced everything? If my device crashes I would like to retrieve the data from Garmin connect ideally.

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