Weekending 28 Feb 2010

Missed last weeks blog despite getting a 44 mile ride in on the Wednesday
A later start due to waiting in for someone who didn’t turn up had me missing the early fog/mist.
Took a trip to Kay Cycles for a new mudguard bridge as the rear one had fractured. I got about 96/97 miles for the week  and a spinning class in as well.
This week had me down for a spinning class after work on Tuesday which I missed as stayed on for fifteen minutes too long. Spent 30 minutes on the static in the gym instead at around 165 watts.
Wednesday: Early morning fog had me cleaning the Mini for a couple of hours.  Most of the tar from the deteriorating Brimstage Road seems to have ended up on the bodywork.  A trip out to the Eureka for a late breakfast and then on to Eureka Cycle Sports for a look at the bike.
One caught the eye, a stunning Colnago Master Fixie.
This is after I turned down the offer of a Look steel frame at work thinking it was a wind up.
Picked up the Tar remover from Halliwell Jones and went home to apply it.
ride was 28 miles and the car was looking very tidy.
Thursday: Can’t get the rides into the 705 as it doesn’t recognise the USB drive.  I took a drive into Wales with Val looking for a pub lunch.
This was a bit of an eyeopener as if they haven’t closed down then they were closed during the day. Washed the car again.
Friday: Work.

Weekending 14 Feb 2010

Monday: Spinning class. Sorted out the 705 which is totally screwed. Managed to get water in the SD card holder and now it won’t recognise the card properly.
Tuesday: Measure up for some new windows

Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Work
Friday: Work
Saturday: Work
Sunday:Ice Cream farm ride on the cards. Coming out of Gayton roundabout I was cruising at 24 mph. I never seem to get the benefit of a tailwind on timetrial. I was just about to catch my minute man when he turned off at the turning for Thornton Hough.
Rode down the A540 talking to one of The Sunlight on a Sunday loop, like a lot of people this has been one of the few times I’ve been able to get out since December and it shows.
The plan is to meet up with Roy’s CTC ride to the Ice Cream Farm that and inject some pace into my riding. I’d taken off the Montane cape as I’d arrived at the Eureka perspiring profusely.
No breakfast today just a toasted teacake.

The route out was Eureka, Capenhurst Dunkirk, Backford, Croughton, Picton Gorse, Mickle Trafford, Guilden Sutton, Waverton, Hargrave.
Stopped to talk to Vicky and Lance as the Northend had stopped for Tempo to fix a puncture.

The high cost of  Sportife entries came up as the comic has published all the events for this year. Dave Lloyd Mega Challenge an eye watering £40. With Tempo’s puncture fixed the Northend departed for the Eureka and I headed for The Ice Cream Farm.

A tuna melt turned up in next to no time after last weeks debacle and the place was packed. I ended arriving an hour late and still leaving before I’d been served last week.

The return was via Bruera with a sprint at Saighton.
The Jungle at Huntington has had a makeover and we made our way to the cyclepath to Queensferry. We got passed by a chap on a flat barred bike  who tried his best to make it look effortless but looked like he was starting to struggle before he turned off. The riders on the front wanting to pass him back.
The pace picked up towards the end up Woodbank with Roy slipping off the front and falling back a bit.  I won the last sprint for the Eureka with Woodbank taking it’s toll. It’s a good way to end a ride as it gives you something to talk about in the cafe.
Puddington and Neston on the way home for a 54 mile ride.

I did see big Phil on the ride out around by the Crocky Trail, he had his Edge HRM on as I picked it up on the other side of the road. The 705 bleeping that a HRM was detected. logged it at 98 BPM.

Weekending 07 Feb 2010

Not posted for a while as there was nothing to post so here goes.
Wednesday: 30 mile ride around the Wirral, took to the Wirral Way to see the bench in memory of my dad. Now has the brass plaque on it.
Got caught in the sleet and snow at New Brighton so took refuge in the Cafe at Vale Park.
The Sugoi gloves proved utterly hopeless taking in water like a sponge. As it’s freezing it leads to my fingers going numb.
Garmin Edge 705 is starting to play up with the grade showing daft readings for the flattest of rides. Started with another puncture so a new tyre went on as I’m having too much trouble with Conti Ultrasports.
Saturday: Trip to Southport with Jack
Sunday: News that the Spring 50 entries are nearly full had me joining Peters Wirral ride. Thinking I’d missed the start I headed to the first Cafe stop.  I’d got there early to be joined by Sue and George ordered a tea with the other riders ariving shortly. 20 riders turning up can overwhelm a Cafe and this proved to be the case at the Lady Lever art gallery which was the first stop.
Worse was to come with a short ride to the Priory and then along the front to Woodside. The Cafe has recently been refurbished the food was good but the service was hopeless. An hour and a half for a salmon sandwich despite getting there first. Charles had it right saying the later orders had been placed on top of ours. The delays led to comments about needing lights.
Next stop was the One O’clock Gun with Seacombe and the Prom to New Brighton on the route.
Following Route 56 to Bidston where I split from the group thinking it was going to cross the dual carriage way only to find it took you back under it.
Nothing to it but follow the signs as the Edge map was on basemap with the memory card playing up due to water ingress.
Carried on on Landican Lane and came back through Barnston avoiding the muddy track to Brimstage.
The Edge 705 has finally called it a day not wanting to switch on and not recognising the files and folders.


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