Weekending 28 Feb 2010

Missed last weeks blog despite getting a 44 mile ride in on the Wednesday
A later start due to waiting in for someone who didn’t turn up had me missing the early fog/mist.
Took a trip to Kay Cycles for a new mudguard bridge as the rear one had fractured. I got about 96/97 miles for the week  and a spinning class in as well.
This week had me down for a spinning class after work on Tuesday which I missed as stayed on for fifteen minutes too long. Spent 30 minutes on the static in the gym instead at around 165 watts.
Wednesday: Early morning fog had me cleaning the Mini for a couple of hours.  Most of the tar from the deteriorating Brimstage Road seems to have ended up on the bodywork.  A trip out to the Eureka for a late breakfast and then on to Eureka Cycle Sports for a look at the bike.
One caught the eye, a stunning Colnago Master Fixie.
This is after I turned down the offer of a Look steel frame at work thinking it was a wind up.
Picked up the Tar remover from Halliwell Jones and went home to apply it.
ride was 28 miles and the car was looking very tidy.
Thursday: Can’t get the rides into the 705 as it doesn’t recognise the USB drive.  I took a drive into Wales with Val looking for a pub lunch.
This was a bit of an eyeopener as if they haven’t closed down then they were closed during the day. Washed the car again.
Friday: Work.

12 thoughts on “Weekending 28 Feb 2010”

  1. hi frank cracking site. make sure your usb cable is not to blame , not updated software have you and put wrong software on your 705 ?

  2. Pubs in general Stan, Wasn’t too impressed with the Trevor Arms. It must have been all the canal boats frying bacon first thing before your ride that drew me to it.

    Andy I’ve just managed to get a working 705 by using a new USB lead, formatting the drive and putting a map onto the internal memory. It still leaves me with a faulty micro USB cardreader and an altimeter that goes haywire. Next test is tommorow on a wednesday ride. Just updated MapSource but still don’t rate it.


  3. That says it all Clive, I can’t see you going back. The first time I rode the Colnago I just had to have it. Just about to write up todays ride which was 51 miles.

  4. glad yea up and runnin again , i had to get a new usb lead too.
    how accurate do you reckon the calorie burn function is ?

  5. The calorie burn function is optomistic as it counts more calories when you are free wheeling downhill. .The algorythm is patented by Polar I think. I’ve lost the basemap which is no bad thing and it doesn’t like Courses yet. I did have a blip on the Alimeter but I think I can explain it.

  6. The accepted figure is about 500 kCal per hour averaging around 16mph solo on a flat-ish route. Obviously more if you go harder. So, after last year’s Aqueduct Challenge, Frank got to eat free for a day and a half.

  7. Has anyone heard if they are going to lift the ban on Reductil in Europe. I know you can get Meridia which is the
    exact same weight loss drug as Reductil. For some reason they just marked the drug with the name Meridia in the U.S.
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    I hope this helps, I have taken both Reductil and Meridia and cannot tell a difference.


  8. frank is the altimeter ok on yours now. i went out today and my 305 was reading -35 were i know it should be around 75 above sea level

  9. Thanks Stan, I haven’t been riding with a HRM for a while now maybe I should.
    Kathy ???
    Andy, it is and it isn’t. It looked OK at the start and after 20 minutes went daft looking at Wednesdays ride data showing +- 39% as it got a sattelite lock on mid ride.
    The ride data looked OK and when I crossed the River Dee at Saltney it read 24 ft which I thought was excellent. Garmin told me +-75 ft was OK.
    This was after a drive format and putting a new map in it. It still doesn’t recognise the the micro USB card.
    If all else fails the 305 is on hand.

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