Weekending 07 Mar 2010

Monday: Work, last day only three off as I’m in Friday.
Tuesday: Morning spin class at West Kirby. Turned up for the first class and got a bike.  The bikes wern’t in the squash court so there was a bit of a delay.  It turns out I’m the only bloke in a class of twenty odd women. Barbara runs two classes on a Tuesday and both are popular, the creche helps. Not staying for the second class so have a session in the gym.  Saw Margaret in the gym more of which in a minute.

Aldi on the way home had me picking up some bits to clean the Mini with, along witha 49p mango. I still feel I’m getting ripped off by Tesco’s soft fruit prices although at least the is a sell by date on the packet.
Spent a couple of hours cleaning the Mini including the inside with a Dyson portable cleaner that has a battery life of about 10 minutes.

Evening spin class at The  Oval, only eight of us in the class when one of the women piped up about there being  a lot of men in the class for once.  One each quips Margaret. The chap next to me has his Assos kit on so is quite handy. Don’t stay for the second class as tomorrow is ride day.

Wednesday: The plan was to ride out to the Eureka and do a loop into Wales if there were no rides going that way. I’d grabed a wheel from the Hinderton Arms to Hadlow Road, felt guilty so did a turn on the front. Got into the Eureka before the rush and had a breakfast. Saw Nole from the Wednesday Section who said they were going to Kinnerton for what turned out to be the Presidents Memorial ride. Destination was The Swan which we’ve been to before.

Assembling outside the Eureka I see Mike who now has a nice new Hewitt which gets a once over later in the ride. We haven’t seen each other for a while and I was on Mikes first CTC ride a few years ago. He turned up on a £5 bike that from memory his brother had given him.  I don’t remember what broke on the first ride but I think the tubes were perished from it standing so long. By his own words someone took pity on him and gave him a £5.50 bike.

It’s a steady pace down to Woodbank where we have our first incident of the morning with a girl in a Mini trying to overtake all of us who are strung out, it is narrow after all. Get’s an uncharacteristic CTC finger after tooting the horn.
We cross the Dee at the rail bridge taking the cycle route through Queensferry and up Welllington Street, the top of which is a church which if you didn’t see the path at the last minute you’d be riding into.

The ride then turns into Shotton Lane which is about 8/9 % and starts to sort everybody out. He we have the village idiot (P559PUY) trying to force his clapped out uninsured Ford past us all. You wouldn’t drive on this lane if you were legit.

I’m the new guy on this ride for at least 3 of the ride. It doesn’t matter what group your in your going to get tested at some stage. Allan, Dave and another Mike are all new to me and I to them.  I’d arrived at the Hollywell Road first and waited for the group to regroup. Allan said he was going to have to watch out for me as I gather he’s not used to this.
Hewitt Mike introduced me at this stage.

Next stop was Connahs Quay Road where it crosses the A55, here I had a look at Mikes Hewitt which has an amazing detail on the headstock. I really liked the brazed on cable guides that keep the cables from rubbing the headset. I’ve got bits of plastic stuck on mine and it’s still worn the paint.

Northop lights were next with a loop around New Brighton and Buckley, not a route I’d have considered but it worked out OK.

An extra loop was put in as we were a tad early, as it turned out we could have done another 20 miles and still been early. 

more to follow including a 2 hour wait for a bagette. Route back was my interpretation as I had missed the guys going back. As it turned out I took a road that was closed and diverted but still made it through.

I’ll fill in the gaps but it was a 52 mile ride at the end of the day, pity about the wait but the Eureka was still open and the  Garmin seemed to log it all.

Thursday: Spinning class at West Kirby. Got to tick this one down as hard.
Friday: Had planned a class at West Kirby and had left early. It wasn’t to be as I was nursing a groin injury, first time for me.
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Work

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