Weekending 14 Mar 2010

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work. Been their 11 years today.
Wednesday: Ride day, rode out to the Eureka just as the CTC were off out on a ride. Couldn’t risk starving myself again with a 2 hour wait. Spoke to Barry and Keith in the Eureka, Barry had been on a hilly ride on Sunday that included Worlds End and the Old Shoe with someone managing to snap a chain.  Keith and Barry mentioning they have stopped buying the Comic, Keith because he wants to see racers on the front cover and not staffers, Barry because it’s full of Sportive rides. Readership is stuck at about 29,000 up 2,000 in 2 years. 6900 follow them on Twitter which is free. Meanwhile 2,454,903 are following Lance Armstrong on Twitter so he must be doing something right.
The ride ended up being 32 miles with 2 stops a bike shops to check a few things out.
More Garmin altitude problems and not just me Lionel’s 705 is showing -345ft at the cafe. Yes you did read it right minus 345 ft below sea level.

Watched Paris Nice on Eurosport.

Thursday: Really busy at West Kirby, having trouble getting a parking space for the morning Spinning class. Half an hour in the gym then home to clean the bike.  Fitted Fibrax brake pads to the Iceni as the braking isn’t too hot. What has struck me is the steep rise in Shimmano components. Brake shoes were £7,then £8 now £10. Ultegra cassette was £35 now £65. Ultegra chain now £40. The Iceni chain goes in the ultrasonic bath for a clean and gets its last lube before I go over to wax .  The Mini had mudflaps on the front put on too. Should have had a ride today as the weather was good.  
Watched Paris Nice on Eurosport with Contador dropping everybody on the final climb.
Friday: 27 mile ride.
Margarets spinning class at West Kirby where the bikes have been oversold.
More later.

4 thoughts on “Weekending 14 Mar 2010”

  1. Everyone seems to have their own reasons to stop buying the “Comic”. I have stopped as there just isn’t enough coverage of UK bikes and bike builders. OK I know there arent that many but in this world of the Trekalised I think we should be showing some support. I was talking to a frame builder last year and his opinion was that Cycling Weekly has single-handed destroyed the hand built business in the UK. Cycling Plus has just done it’s bike of the year edition. The usual suspects won, fair enough but where were the Hewitts, Jacksons etc of previous years. Kids picking up the magazine will think that carbon is the only thing on offer.
    My other gripe is that the magazine is skewed to athletic cyclists and constantly reminding us how to lose weight and be super fit. I don’t need constantly reminding what I should and shouldnt eat. I just want interesting articles about bikes and cyclists.
    Rant over, cheers Tony

  2. Thanks Tony, I was impressed with Mikes, Hewitt the other week having been looking at bikes for a while. Titanium is high on the list along with muguard eyes as it’s going to be the winter allrounder. Looking back over a few years of magazines and comics there is only so much you can write about training and diet and cycling.
    This weeks comic editorial was a rant about not getting waved back at out on a ride. I’m going to have to throw them out as I’m running out of space. Same with the Cycling Plus pile, it’s got to go.

  3. my altimeter is still tits up too when i leave my home it says -9 when i get bk it says +76 which is correct ,,,modern technology my arse !(some were along a ride it correct it self)

  4. Andy something has gone on, on the last update. The altitude got updated 20 minutes into a ride. It then went haywire after each cafe stop or stop where the Edge was turned off. Riding along the Prom it showed an altitude of 24ft with the tide in.
    It’s the gradient spikes in TrainingCentre that bug me as it scales the gradient to +/- 100%.
    Chart on latest version of TrainingCentre is much finer resolution.

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