Weekending 21 Mar 2010

Monday:  Cleaned the car and then got it dirty again with a trip around Wales with lunch at Betws-y-Coed.  I’d filled up with 99 octane unleaded at £1.25 a litre
A nice chap in a Porshe flashed me about the mobile speed camera on Gods road the A4212 from Trawsfynydd to Bala. Washed car again.
Tuesday: Washed car again as it was streaked. Came to the conclusion that wash and wax in the same bottle are two incompatible products. Shopping trip to Chester, came back empty handed. Ended up polishing the car to remove the streaking. Found the Edge 305 which is going to get an outing tomorrow. Needed a charge but it does remind me how good a 705 is despite wanting to throw it as far as I can on a few occasions.
Wednesday: Ride day, coupled with the fact that Chester City Council are meeting with various people at the Eureka. It’s a turn up and pick a ride day for me but first I’ve got to sort out some Garmin altitude inconsistencies.  It starts at the end of the close,Edge 305 160 ft altitude, Edge 705 200 ft altitude.
Dave Newby passed me on the way out to the Eureka showing better form having lost a stone in the last 2 months.
The Garmin altitude saga continued with the 305 and 705 showing a difference of 1ft at the cafe, 129 and 130 ft.  I don’t know what’s going on with the 705 as it spikes up 300 ft during the ride but settles out at 22ft when riding along the River Dee which brings me around to the ride.
The cafe was packed with plenty of riders milling around outside come ride time.  I’d missed the CTC A group going to Tattenhall so set out on my own trying to catch Dave Newby heading towards Woodbank but it was not to be.

I’d put on the Garmin HRM strap but as it’s been sat in a drawer for a nearly a year it wasn’t working so a diversion to Maplin for a battery was put in place. The empty Borders store looks like it is going to be hard to fill with that section of the car park empty.
Then it was back on the ride heading out past Stanlow and turning off through Thornton le Moors. Climbing up Dunham Hill revealed that the closed Dunham Arms is reopening at the endof the month. Took a picture of it which I’ll post in due time.
I’d been on a wet ride here a couple of years ago and the food wasn’t bad.

Next stop was the Crazy Chamellion at  Manley Mere but it looked closed so I headed back out through Moulsworth and Ashton  passing Elvis,s and heading through Tarvin. Glad to get off the A54.
Passed to 50p shop which looked quite busy and headed towards Huxley the idea was to avoid the turn off for the Ice Cream Farm and head off to the bottom of Beeston Castle.

Pub stop was the Sportsman Arms in Tattenhall arriving in time to enter with Maurice who is still going but not as strong as he was at 77.  He likes his audio old style, speakers the size of a piece of furniture, been there seen it done it.  Quality seems to have suffered as the formats have changed over the years. Headed back via Chester and the Bike Factory where Dave asks if I’m interested in a Project One Trek. For the best part of £6K I’d want some flash wheels on it.
The Shack kit is due in next week if your into replica kit. The Astana kit now has Specialised logo’s on it as Contador is still with them but on Specialised bikes.
Dave did ask me if I was thinking of jumping ship.

Back via the bandstand on the Dee with a short trip onto the Wall as they are relaying the cobblestones.  Did a circuit of the racecourse and took to the Dee cycle path getting to the Eureka just after 4. Been riding around all day with the tune from last weeks Mastercrafts in my head but can’t seem to find out what it was. Home via the link, 66 miles.

Thursday: Rest day.  Sorted a few things out but basically had it down as a recovery day with another ride planned for Friday. Had a trip out to Cholmondley with the idea of riding out there and following NCR 45. The roads are bad by Cholmondley Castle gates but at least it is quiet.
Well that was the plan but a late call from my mum meant a trip to the DVLA  in Chester for Friday to tax the car not having had a logbook from Swansea.

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