Weekending 25 July 2010

A bit of a soft week, been doing spinning classes at the Oval and West Kirby witha a ride out to the Eureka on Wednesday that turned out to be a wet one.

Ness Gardens

Dodged the rain by calling in at Ness Gardens on the way home with the rain hammering down on the plasic roof.  The road at Neston was flooded so it was a trip around the back of the church to avoid it.
There is a new spinning instructor at the Oval, Barbara, who used to be one of the class.
Friday: Another trip out to the Eureka, been chatting to a chap with a Kuota Kharma that he has repaired himself.  Was time to test the shortened Nokon cables, look great but living with the squeaks on every turn of the bars is a nightmare.  Next up is to sort the creak which appears when honking out of the saddle.  Wheels are holding up well, no brake block rub when you load them up on a climb.
Signed up for the Eureka ride at the end of August while I was there. Had a stop at Parkgate where there was a brisk trade in Ice creams. Back in time to see Cav take another stage win.
Nike shoes scratched by the front mech cable that I hadn’t cut back so time to look out for a new pair.
Saturday: Was going to go out but watched the time trial on Eurosport. It was really close at times but Contador held out in the end for another Tour win. All bodes well for next year.

Tour 2010

Moving into to the final week this has got to be the best Tour in a long time. Contador taking yellow when Schleck  had a mechanical doesn’t do justice to to what has gone on in the previous week. This is as good as it gets.
Lifes on hold at the moment, Etape was yesterday, be interesting to see how they faired.
6888 finished out of 10,000 with various comments about it being tougher than last year.

Back to the Tour  Stage 16 another cracking day and it’s not over yet.
Stage 17 Schleck beats Contador up Tourmalet by a wheel in what has been another great stage. Still 8 seconds behind with the time trial to come.
Torn between Eurosport and ITV4 for the coverage, Eurosport on a lot longer bit harder to differentiate between the commentary.

Weekending 11 July 2010

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work but got off early to marshall at the Northend 10 mile Time Trial.
Bloody scary watching lorries an cars thundering through the roundabout with a rider trying to get onto the dual carriage way. Lots of fast times set as it was windy on the way back. Talk was of Steve Cummings being in the break today on a hard stage.
Wednesday:Work, Following the Tour on Twitter. Split the Edge only to find I’m not going to be able to do anything about the cardreader fault.
Thursday: Worked on the house.
Friday: Cycled out to the Eureka for breakfast, a shower forcing us inside for what was a quiet day. Home to watch the tour and Cav get a second win. Picked up the comic from the Local store as Tesco did not have it this week.
Saturday: Should have had a decent ride but opted to change the oil on the Mini . 
Sunday: Took Jack to Southport to the minature railway that had other clubs running engines this weekend. The first train we went on had only been around the track once before and was quick.

81st Eureka Anniversary Ride

Brought forward to Sunday 29 August  due to there being no Wild Wales.

There are 3 rides available, 81 miles, 50 miles and a new 33 mile ride.

81 miles : Start at 9:00 with lunch at Holt

50 miles : Start at 9:30 with lunch at Holt

33 miles : Start at 10:00 lunch at the finish, the Eureka Cafe.

Every year a mile gets added to the route, I started on the 50 mile route on a mountain bike a few years ago when 50 miles seemed a lot even if it was flat.

Entries from the Cafe. I’ll try to do a Garmin Course nearer the event.



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