Weekending 11 July 2010

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work but got off early to marshall at the Northend 10 mile Time Trial.
Bloody scary watching lorries an cars thundering through the roundabout with a rider trying to get onto the dual carriage way. Lots of fast times set as it was windy on the way back. Talk was of Steve Cummings being in the break today on a hard stage.
Wednesday:Work, Following the Tour on Twitter. Split the Edge only to find I’m not going to be able to do anything about the cardreader fault.
Thursday: Worked on the house.
Friday: Cycled out to the Eureka for breakfast, a shower forcing us inside for what was a quiet day. Home to watch the tour and Cav get a second win. Picked up the comic from the Local store as Tesco did not have it this week.
Saturday: Should have had a decent ride but opted to change the oil on the Mini . 
Sunday: Took Jack to Southport to the minature railway that had other clubs running engines this weekend. The first train we went on had only been around the track once before and was quick.

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