High Blood Pressure

I’d spent years tricking the nurses at work that I didn’t have high blood pressure. It was normally a case of sitting in a chair for five minutes and re doing the test. That would bring it down to a level that wouldn’t have them packing me off to the doctors.

I guess I was in denial of my situation, my weight gain over the years was starting to cause me problems but rather than do something about it I was trying to cover it up. I can now see this in a lot of blokes, women to a lesser extent. A couple of flights of stairs would leave me breathless where I used to have no problem with eight to ten flights. 

As I piled the weight on at the same time I slowed my life down to a crawl. This was the perfect recipe for a heart attack or a stroke. I’m pretty sure I was heading down the road to Diabetes and all that entails. But still I wasn’t doing anything about it.

I was sent to works nurse for my annual medical. The thing was it was the first one in five years so things had not been picked up when it could have been. My blood pressure was sky high and sitting down for five minutes didn’t work this time. It was then trended over the next couple of weeks and I was packed off to see my GP at the earliest opportunity.

The trip to the GP was a bit of a shock but not enough for me to really turn my life around. I was prescribed beta blockers to lower my blood pressure which they did but I was on 100mg of Attenolol and it’s powerfull stuff. It needed to be as I was 21 stone. I wasn’t happy to be told I was probably going to be on it for the rest of my life.

Now that the system has captured me the blokish fear of the doctors proves to be unfounded and I’m left wondering what it was all about. The blood pressure is under control as long as I keep taking the tablets but still the root cause has not been addressed. Mainly my weight and lifestyle.

So I took up cycling as my form of exercise and started what I thought was healthy eating. I lost 10kg in about 15 months and then plateaued. Tried Bennecol and other plant sterols to lower the cholesterol but was at a loss what to do next.

I’d turned down the Lifestyle and Weight Management Course twice. Once was foolish but twice leaves me feeling that that 15 months was wasted. Febuary 17th was the day I looked in the mirror one morning and thought I can’t go on like this. What I saw was an absolute mess. I was 122 Kg and although the beta blockers were probably stopping me having a heart attack I was doing nothing to help my situation.

I hated my time on beta blockers when I realised what the side effects were and the action in which they control your blood pressure. The main side effect was cold hands and feet but once I started to exercise another one started to disturb me. Attenolol limits your maximum heartrate and I had this strange sensation last year when cycling up the climb out of NantMill that I had hit the buffers. I was on the limit, struggling but felt I could do more but my body wouldn’t let me. I stopped at the top out of breath for a good 30 seconds.

Trying to get off them was the next priority as they were starting to limit what I could do. They are said to take 20-30 BPM off your heartrate by limiting the addrenalinyou produce. Since I’d embraced this new exercise routine it was starting to come into conflict with what I wanted to do, which was find out what my maximum potential was.

Since coming off Atenolol the difference is marked. I’m now on Ramipril 5mg which is an Ace Inhibitor and has a totally different mechanism than Atenollol. Getting off Atenolol wasn’t easy as it meant proving to the medical profession that I had things under control but I was nearly 8 stone lighter than when they prescribed it to me. Once I was off it things improved within a month. It was a noticable difference. 

I wish I’d been given the following booklet a long time ago now. Your GP hasn’t the time to educate you about blood pressure and being on prescription but still overweight isn’t tackling the root cause IMHO. 

Below is a link to a PDF of a useful British Heart foundation booklet. 


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  1. Very Interesting Booklet, As i am overweight and also Diabetic insulin and diet controlled am looking at a hand built road bike that i need to use more so maybe the penny has dropped thanks for posting the link.

  2. No problem GW thanks for being the first to post. These aren’t conditions we should be hiding. I’ll admit I was hiding mine. I can’t speak for those that are diabetic but I was within a whisker of it. If anyone wants a comparison with what it takes to do this sort of thing browse at your leisure.
    Take it easy at the start GW, do the handbuilt justice and enjoy your rides.

  3. Hi Frank, found your blog whilst looking for info on the 205. Just so happens I have similar problems to you with regards weight and blood pressure – although age is 52. Blood pressure became borderline 7-8 years ago for no reason. Weight was good, fitness not a problem, had a medical and found it to be high. Monitored for quite a while with some success and then it went up again. At first the doctor put me a diuretic which had some success and then it went up. Then he put me on an ACE inhibitor plus a diuretic, blood pressure now in the ‘normal’ range. However I have been struggling to loose the weight. Currently about 89 Kg and need to get down to 78 kg. This year I have done hardly any cycling due to work, but as my offshore project finishes soon I will be able to start cycling and gym work. Last year I was fit and a bit lighter but in general still struggling to lose the 5-10 kg I wanted to. I was reading a cycling medical book I found recently which had a section on age related problems. One point of interest was how the male testosterone/estrogen balance affects you in your 50’s. Something to do with an increase in the level of estrogen in the body due to all the chemicals in our food etc. Using a suppliment called ‘DIM’is supposed to help convert some of the bad estrogen into good, which then lets your testosterone work better. Symptoms of the estrogen excess in men are: irritability, poor sleep, man boobs, spare tyre, high blood pressure, plus a few more I can’t remember. The wife says I have them all !!! Not sure if it works but the author of the book is a well known authority in cycling. My plan is to ride a lot more in 2008 starting when I get off this boat I’ am on and do the Etape next year and also the Trondheim to Oslo bike ride.


  4. Martin, thanks for the comment. Funny you should mention testosterone levels as I had mine checked as part trying to come off the beta blockers. Another thing that screws up your levels is excessive drinking and this was picked up with a liver function test. My LFT was high and is now back in the normal range but it took a long time. I’ve not mention stress as a reason for high blood pressure but it was part of it. I lived for my work and now I work to live. The work/life balance has tipped the other way and now I have something that resembles a life.

    I’ll just mention that the diet that I’m still on is based on a 500 calorie deficit a day. So you could start to notice a difference by not snacking on a Mars bar (284 calories) or making another small change in what you eat. I thought I was eating healthy at the start but was eating too much of it as well as all the crap.

    Sounds like your going to have a good 2008. I’m starting to look for the next challenge, I’ve had two fantastic years there is no reason why they all can’t be fantastic once I’ve put my mind to it.

  5. Frank, a good ride is the Pyrenees Coast to Coast with Pyractif. Good web site. I did the ride last year when I was riding regularily and had a great holiday and met some great cyclists. Using the heart monitor I think I would have to put my hand up and say I could of done with a rest day in the middle as the max heart rate was in steady decline as the week went on. Give it a go, there are some pictures on my web site which is mainly to do with off road cycling. A group of us participate in the Starthpufffer 24 hour race each year in January. I managed to come 11th in the solo category last year, and for once there were more than 11 in that category!!

    Only 7 days left offshore and then I can start cycling again. Cheers, Martin

  6. hi i got a problem with my blood pressure i am 34 years old i do gym work and some running and walking staff any way i dont think i have blood presure because as soon as i go to the doctor and ask him to take test of my blood pressure i start shacke and i get nervous i cant help my self mu gp say i have blood pressure only me i kown i dont have because when i go home and rest my blood pressure reads 130/80 wich quite normal help me please get over all this cause i want to kown 100percent if i have blood pressure or not AND IF I DO GYM WORK AND RUNNING AND WALKING IS THAT FOR IT THANK YOU ADAM

  7. Adam, sounds like you have white coat syndrome. Start logging your readings and take them with you when you go to the doctors.
    It could be stress that is causing the high readings but if you can take some data to the doctor it will stop you having to go to the nurse all the time for a reading.
    Your GP needs some data to go on for his/her diagnosis.

  8. Adam
    There have been a couple of studies recently that have concluded that regular BP readings at home are a better indicator of High BP than a reading at the GPs.
    I don’t treat my home readings as totally acurate but I look at the consistency of the readings. If they change, thats when I go to the doctors.

  9. Don’t know if this helps. I do a BP reading every day with one of those £10 Lloyds automatic BP monitors. My doctor expressed disbelief that they could be anything like accurate but when he checked it using the old-fashioned way he said it was near enough.

    The important thing he said for me to do (as I’m a bit of stat keeping geek, it must be said) is to keep a 10 reading average of the b.p. readings this exposes trends (use MS Excel to this end). Am on the same tablets as Frank myself and touch wood, blood pressure is fairly flat and steady these days (have a water tablet too though).

  10. Thanks for that Paul,
    I’ve used the Lloyds armband one at work as one of the guys was using it to keep an eye on his BP. The one I use is a Lidl wristband one. It’s only an occasional reading now but like yourself I’m a stats geek. With me it is weight, bodyfat and muscle percentage. I’ve a year of data in the book now and it is the trend I follow.

    Checkout Pauls site


    I’ve a Christmas issue review of Mens Health Mag coming up as it is full of stuff we should be doing.

    1. Hi Frank, be careful with the wrist monitors – my doctor advised me to use an arm monitor for better accuracy – I have both, and the wrist one always gives me a healthier reading – I have a feeling the wrist one is wrong! David

  11. I am a 73 year old and I’m on 25mgs. of Attenolol daily, which I dislike taking intensely, although I have never noticed any side effects during the three that I have been on this medication.Recently, I noticed in a local branch of Lloyds Pharmacy a device called a “RESPERATE” which states that it will lower high blood pressure in 3-4 weeks or you can have a full refund of the purchase price, which is a hefty £199:00!Has anybody used this “breathing technique” piece of kit or know someone who can give an informed opinion of it?

  12. Brian, I was on 100mg and desparate to get off them. 25 mg is the dose they prescribe to stroke or heart attack victims but four times that was starting to give me problems.
    I’ll look into Resperate and ask Keith Boardman about it. He is 70 and just beat me by a minute in a 10 mile time trial. An imense source of knowledge about training and fitness.

  13. Thank you for your response to my query, looking forward to Keith Boardmans observations ?…Cheers,Brian.

  14. Brian, my path hasn’t crossed with Keith Boardman in so much as I can ask him about Resparate. On last Wednesdays club ride Carol did mention about Chris Boardmans oxygen tent for altitude training (might have been hyperbaric).
    They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee but if you were eating sensibly and doing a bit more exercise you would see similar gains for free.
    I think the expense is in the breathing monitor. It does work in the sense that you are controlling your breathing but only in a similar sense that I was controlling my breathing to kid the works nurse.
    Far better to spend £10 on the Lloyds blood pressure armband and take your own daily readings.
    You’ll then know if anything you are doing is having any effect.
    Consistancy seems to be the key.
    For yourself I don’t think I would bother but for someone like I was it maybe something to consider. You can’t beat diet and exercise as I have discovered.

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  16. Hi having just read your blood pres reports you made me feel a whippersnapper.
    This all started for me in the 80t,s so like you I got a moutainbyke, but also started swimming 3 times a week, more in the winter. Long regular aerobic exercise, seems to be the way ahead, cycling for the legs swimming for upper body strength.
    Now I have made 62 years and still ride for 12 hours, pulling 25 kilograms off-road,mainly touring Wales, I don’t go very fast but go pretty far.
    Having had index sis gears all this time, and no thumb breakers switches.
    When my switches finally expired after 45 k miles last year,I resolved to upgrade.
    Got a rockhopper double rim back wheel with stainless spokes for £27:50 from Decathlon, plus old deour gears and shifters.
    But got a problem on the front:on the campag road triple, when down shifting the HG super narrow chain was bisecting the chainrings. The large link on a tooth: the small squeezed down between the chainrings, dangerous as this would slip under pressure!
    If this is common problem I have got an engineering solution, available to all if needed. Giving good crisp noiseless changes up and down.

  17. Frank,

    I appreciate and hope that more people will read it now.
    To have comments easier to read I think you can now delete 17, 18 and my thank you note, since as I see you have updated the link in your original post.


  18. Its quite interesting reading the comments about blood pressure.

    As a nurse, I appreciate the issues surrounding blood pressure probably more than many visiting this site.

    Never underestimate poor control of blood pressure on your health and ultimately longetivity.

    I still cant understand why this subject and the other, poor cholestrol, aren’t more instilled into us at school and in the workplace. Education is a wonderful liberator!

    By all means check your BP with a Lloyds £10 quid doofer, because frankly the machines you get tested with in hospital are probably less accurate!!

    I would advice a quick trip to Boots too, as they will check your blood cholesterol for free.

    If you come out with poor results, please dont ignore them by putting your head in the sand, as the alternative isnt worth thinking about!

    Tablets, if you have to take them, are a necessity with some people, fat or thin. However, they are used for a reason and that is to maintain your health as consequence of life long neglect of it, or through some unfortunate genetic disposition of it.

    Whatever, get tested and get on with it. Prolonged hospital stays, loss of independence and life long disabilities are far too a high cost to bear which otherwise could be so easily avoided by swallowing your pride along with one or two dedicated tablets a day.

    Exercise. Cut down on your fats. Cut down on the salt. Cut down on stress. Just use your common sense, a value that seems sadly lacking more and more in todays underactive society.


  19. Hi Frank,im like you were at the beginining im finding it hard to find the motivation to get started.i am over weight badly i used to weigh 13 stones,but know am around 20 and have high blood pressure because of it.how would you motivate someone in my position to get started,sorry for asking but i as i said feel like it is too much trouble and too hard.i dont want to be like this but cannot find the motivation to change.thanks for any advice.

  20. Thanks for the comment Mark, it was fear with me and I was eventually caught by the system. Men don’t want to go the doctors until it is too late, I count myelf lucky to still be around.

  21. Russell the motivation for me was at 21 stone I had a crap life and when your in the morbidly obese class you are literally killing yourself. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror that morning. The blood pressure tablets were keeping me on the planet but I was doing nothing to help myself.
    I was looking (clinging to the possibility)forward to drawing a pension at 55 but with no much chance of making it.
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years, still at 20 stone? But with a few medical conditions shortening your life. I didn’t want to be on a motability allowance looking for a disabled parking space.

    I don’t consider it hard and certainly not too much trouble.
    It’s a Life or Death decision, I think I chose Life.

  22. Hi frank thanks for getting back to me,I will be honest i dont like the way i look and my 5yr old little boy says to me daddy lose weight.that should be the motivation i need. i have tried but my diets only last a couple of weeks then i give up,i need to do this i want to see my little boy grow up.i have taken tablets for my blood pressure but the side effects just make me feel worse.i will let you know how i get on if thats ok.thanks and best wishes.

  23. Russell, I didn’t realise how desparate your situation was but I did have a problem replying to it. Look at the diet I still follow as it is not based on starvation dieting but healthy eating. You need to be doing 30 mins of exercise a day for 5 days a week. If you can involve your boy all the better but just do it regardless you don’t want’t leave him fatherless. Diets = healthy eating in my case. At NO stage should you feel hungry, at the start I was doing a 12 hour shift at work and then doing my 1/2 hour often in the dark.
    To change your treatment your going to have to show an improvement, mine was dramatic but I still had to jump through the hoops.
    I hate the walking but it did exercise a different set of muscle groups.
    Build the exercise time into your life as it is your life after all. You’ve got to be a bit selfish at the start and just do it otherwise you’ll just do nothing.
    Then it becomes normal, you should be loosing weight and it should be part of your life. You owe it to your boy, I owe it to my grandson.
    That goes for anyone, if you’ve a problem let me know. I’ve been to some pretty dark places in all of this. I tend to tell it like it is but at the start I didn’t know whee to go.
    Keep in touch Russell and make that decision as without it you can’t get on with the rest of your life. I’ve asked after various people who have come on the site but have lapsed. I’m the last one to cast judgement. It’s a complete lifestyle change you are looking at not a few tweeks as it needs to be sustainable to the end of your days.

  24. Frank, I came accross your site by chance, I am a 41 year old cyclist also perscribed ACE inhibitors 2.5 mg treatment for threshold bp. I too put my head in the sand for many years using the white coat syndrome excuse etc. I too have had to loose some weight, which crept up on me dramaticly 6 years ago when I joined the police, and my cycling took a back seat. I discovered I was having palputations from the change of lifestyle & stress, which I also take medication for 25 mg betablockers. I am coming of of them slowly now taking half a day. I will probably never be stick thin again like I was before I joined the old bill, as a cycle courier in London doing crazy milage each day. My son has my old road bike and we go cycling at weekends, I commute most days by bike and cutting out the booze too, that was the hardest bit!!!
    Good luck with your cycling etc and what a great site. Steve.

  25. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. I was on 4 times the BetaBlocker dose and couldn’t get off it quick enough. Never saw over 150 BPM on the heartrate monitor with all the gym machines flashing red warning lights as I got up to it.
    It’s hard to maintain rather than loose these days, the only weight limit I have set for myself is 88 kg which is the weight limit of a Colnago Extreme C.
    I need to get out and do the miles.
    Thanks again,

  26. I have been taking 25 mg atenolol for a few years and my blood pressure stays under control but my pulse hardly ever gets out of the fifties, sometimes 48 and 49. I am 66 years old and female. I have lost 13 pounds over the last few weeks and wonder if the prescription is too much now. any suggestions?

  27. Mimi, It may be but they are going to need some evidence to back up any decision they are going to make. Regular BP readings as they need history to make an informed decision.
    I was on beta blockers and they use an entirely different action to lower BP, which came into conflict with the intensity of the exercise I was trying to do.
    Mine was a dramatic weight loss and it still took about a year to get off them because the practice told me to come back in 6 months but to change or alter your medication the frequency of the checks needs to be a lot higher.

  28. Hi Frank,

    I had a similar problem with Atenolol and working as a musician. It would take all the adrenaline out of me that I needed to do gigs. Life turned into a nightmare: I’d do a gig on Friday and then was completely unable to find the energy for another gig over the next two days.

    First it was a low dose of Atenolol which worked for a while but I guess my body found ways of squeezing more adrenaline out and my BP would take off again. And I was on the Atenolol escalator. Ramipril helped a little but the only way I’ve managed to get back on the stage and on a bike without blowing up my doctor’s BP meter was with calcium channel antagonists. I’m on Felodipine + ramipril. But, though taking the tablets is still a pain, I’ve managed to get off the beta-blockers.

    Do you have any experience of calcium channel antagonists/blockers?

    1. Hi Chris,
      I’ve had no dealing with calcium channel blockers. Some of the sick note club were on them (they had had heart attacks). The last I heard they were weaning people off Beta Blockers as there is a risk of you developing diabetes.

  29. I found this through searching the impact of Ramipril at the gym.

    I had a heart attack 5 months ago. For the first 3 months I was walking & cycling. I lost a stone in that time. In the last 2 months I have been doing around 40 minutes cardio at the gyn, but noticed that some days I had to ease off to avoid my heart rate going over 130 (I’m 46 and I don’t want to risk higher than that) and other days just couldn’t work hard enough to sustain 110 bpm. It finally clicked yesterday that the cause was taking Ramipril before going. I’m going to delay my 10mg tablet until after the gym from now on. Incidentally, I’m doing well having lost a stone & 10lb in the two months since joining the gym, but obviously I’d lose it quicker and feel less knackered if getting my heart rate up required less effort.

  30. Steve, I’ve not had any problems with Ramipril but I’m taking half your dose. Betablockers had a limiting effect on me as I couldn’t get my heartrate above 150 BPM. That was for a 100% effort up a 1 in 3 hill.
    I play the machines in the gym as the max for my age is about 150 bpm and they start going into the red.
    I’d ask for some professional advice about what you are doing as I started out with a group who called themselves The Sicknote Club. They had suffered heart attacks and rode to about 120 bpm. Generally avoiding hills.
    Just take it steady and keep on doing what you are doing now as by the end of your year you’ll be in a lot better position to tell them about your progress. Log what you’re doing and take this into the appointment as nothing is going to change without any data.
    You need to know your weight, BP, and BMI.
    I got to the stage where I could do more next time and wasn’t knackered for long.

  31. Thanks Frank. I started at 18 1/2 stone. Now at 16.3 so I’ve got around 4 stone left to lose. I estimate around May next year being where I want to be.

    I am trying to call the cardiac unit as I type to get some advice.

    This thread is inspirational. Well done for what you have achieved.

  32. Update – Was advised not to get so out of breath that I couldn’t talk. To take my (and it wasn’t apparently the Ramapril that reduces my heart rate, but one of my other cocktail) betablocker BEFORE the gym.

    But, I want to be super fit. Look at this 70 year old http://www.odt.co.nz/sport/mountain-biking/1164/mountain-biking-adrenaline-junkie-grandad-keen-new-challenge He cycles up hills!

    To take the positive from the advice I’ve been given, it will be a hell of a hill that takes me over 120 bpm with betablockers. It’s the working so hard that I can’t hold a conversation that is the problem…. at the moment.

  33. Steve, I’ve been passed by Keith Boardman (Chris Boardmans dad) in a Time Trial and he’s 70.
    Ramipril open the arteries up so wouldn’t affect your max heartrate.
    The Beta blockers do slow your heartrate.
    Read BHF Medicines for the Heart (No 17, it tells you about them all.
    Like I said 1 in 3 is about as steep as it gets, the brain said yes but the body was saying no, first time I’ve experienced anything like it.

  34. I’m 43 and a lifelong cyclist and I will think twice about overtaking Keith, he will punish you, just like a lot of guys his age who frequent the Eureka! You’re never too old, as a mature cyclist you get the advantages of greater stamina, use it!

  35. I have a program that spits out a data sheet in Excel format. The name of the file changes (MW23R.xls, MW9V2511.xls, etc) but there is always a sheet named FLOW in the workbook with the data I need on it. FLOW is the only sheet in the workbook. I need to reorganize the data in a presentable table and to only use certain data (some data it gives out is useless to me). I made an Excel template with the format I need. In the cells where I want the data to be I type the formula (for example) “=FLOW!B34”. I saved the file as a template (FLOWtemplate.xlt). When I open the data sheet and do an “insert-template-FLOWtemplate.xlt” the template inserts as a new sheet in the workbook but all the fields with a formula display “#REF”. The sheet will not auto update (auto update is on and I have tried switching to manual and back). If I double click on a cell (or F2) and hit enter the cell will update with the correct info. I need the cells to auto update as there are way too many files to manually update every cell. How do I do this? Thanks in advance.


  36. My doctor has stressed me more, my blood pressure is high, I will find another doctor. I think the problem isa anger and I must stop this anger and prolong my life and get rid of this high bllod pressure.

    I will develope my life and have a very stong Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist practise that means being accountable for all my thoughts, actions and deeds and by living the Lotus Sutra interpreted by Nichiren Daishonin best English translation by Burton Watson, it shows a better path to take in life that is less angry, greedy and foolish. And never practise anything else

    Youc can find this on the internet or at your local book store, if you want more information please e-mail me.

  37. Cheers for the feedback mate; I appreciate it. Would appreciate the link to; I’ll do the same. Had a read through your site a few years back when I started cycling seriously. I’ve been at the weightloss malarky for 3 and a half years. I was 27 stone; and the doctor said I had diabetes, and high BP – After cutting down on booze, and making sensible eating choices, and cycling, I’m down to 18- Not diabetic, and my BP is normal. As you say, it is a bit of a dead end; I guess the hard part is remaining focused; thankfully, I love cycling, and I love the food I eat, so it’s win win.

  38. Hi Frank, are you still taking up heavy dosages of medicines? How much cycling have helped to reduce your hypertension levels?

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  41. I am currently on three different Bp medication which I take daily however my Bp is consistently high the lowest it has ever been was 168/107. I am 39 years old. This weekend I attempted to run a few errands. I got up, showered, got dressed put my make up on as usual. My elevator in the building was out so I even walked down 12 flights of stairs. Once I got downstairs my body changed my entire left side became numb. Nevertheless I continued to shop dragging my left leg. I began having trouble seeing, my left side of my face was drooping and speech was slurred throughout all of this. I continued shopping until I could no longer take it. However I never went to the hospital. A day later I’m still weak my speech is a little slurred. My left arm is completely use less. I’m drenched in sweat. Is there anything I can do to fix this without going to the doctor? I recently lost my job and I have a job interview in two days. I’m afraid if I go to the doctor I will be admitted. I am a single mother of four boys and one is in his last year of college, so I need this job. I need some advise. 

  42. Tiffany, you’ve had a Stroke and need to get medical attention as soon as possible, Your life is at risk if you dont get some help. My recently deceased uncle had a stroke while in hospital.
    I cant stress how important it is to get some medical treatment as soon as possible.

  43. This February it is National Heart Month in the UK.

    It is so so so important to go and see a pharmacist or GP if you think you might be at risk from high blood pressure as it really can be a silent killer if left unchecked.

    I came across this cool infographic about high blood pressure earlier which hopefully might give some people the info they need..


  44. When I read this story I realized just how similar it was to my husband’s condition. He had uncontrolled blood pressure for years and the doctors kept doing the same tests over and over, and when they couldn’t figure out what to do next they just gave him more medication.

    He also had two stents put in and his carotid artery on the right cleaned out. Despite the medication he was on, he never felt well and eventually had a TIA, which terrified me. The doctors didn’t seem to have any idea what to do, other than double or even triple his meds.

    After discovering some natural remedies, his BP came down from 200/140 to 130/80 in just 3 weeks. The difference in his health and general wellbeing has been phenomenal.

    All he did was follow the advice in this website:

    Hope it helps anyone reading this!

  45. When I read this story I realized just how similar it was to my husband’s condition. He had uncontrolled blood pressure for years and the doctors kept doing the same tests over and over, and when they couldn’t figure out what to do next they just gave him more medication.
    He also had two stents put in and his carotid artery on the right cleaned out. Despite the medication he was on, he never felt well and eventually had a TIA, which terrified me. The doctors didn’t seem to have any idea what to do, other than double or even triple his meds
    All he did was follow the advice in this website: http:///www.journalofnaturalhealth.com/bloodpressure

  46. Hi Frank, I’ve heard stories similar to yours multiple times. After being a pharmacy owner and after helping insurance companies with adherence, it’s incredible how people don’t want to cope with this disease and after just taking one month of medications and feeling better they think they’re magically cured. One month later they end up at the ER with a hypertensive crisis. We definitely need to create more awareness. We recently designed this infographic: https://matchmyrx.com/blog/high-blood-pressure-infographic/ to help people understand better this common health condition. Feel free to publish it or share it on your blog. Cheers!

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    What I’m wondering is if it had anything to do with smoking, and if it was dangerous. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out here.

  54. Lisinopril is in a class of medications called angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, or ACE inhibitors. It works by widening blood vessels, which allows blood to flow more smoothly and lets the heart function more efficiently. By lowering blood pressure, lisinopril also helps reduce the risk for stroke and heart attack. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved lisinopril in 1987. The drug company Merck developed lisinopril under the brand name Prinivil. In 2002, the FDA approved generic lisinopril. You can also refer to this article which states all the necessary details about lisinopril https://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/lisinopril

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  56. Eating too much sodium over time can increase your risk of high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for heart disease. For a healthy heart, it’s important not to eat too much salt.

    To reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease, the Heart Foundation recommends adults eat less than 5g of salt (2000mg of sodium) a day. That’s less than a teaspoon a day.

    Talk with your doctor or health practitioner about what’s right for you.

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