Garmin Edge 800

A bit of a belated heads up on the latest Garmin device.  I’m not going to go into a detailed review at this moment as there are a lot better than me at doing this sort of thing and they get paid for it.
If you are a first time Edge user you need to buy a map,  preferably with with your 800 as there are some good bundles available on the microSD card maps. You’ll be up and running a lot quicker this way.
First up, it is an improvement on a 705, the screen is better, it is touchscreen and it works with a heavily gloved hand.
The downside, out of the box the level of information about it is possibly the worst I have seen from Garmin. The woeful instructions about operating the device are now a PDF on the Edge 800. No CD in the box.
Links to software you need for the device to function as it should are next to none existent.
It’s a complicated device with a steep learning curve at a premium price and as a consumer a first time buyer deserves a lot better.

Buy a bundle with a map, in the UK you can get ALL of the UK on OS map 1:50,000 for about £50 which is a good deal.
The OS mapping is an overlay on top of the Garmin vector maps, so you get the best of both worlds, an OS map that is now routable.

If you have previous experience with Garmin Edge devices it is not such a big deal but if you are coming in to it as you’re first device it is a big step.

The carbon fibre finnish looks great but buy the rubber cover for it, you need to protect your investment.

The route planning software from Garmin is still non existant for a company  of it’s size, I don’t  consider Mapsource as route planning software.
See the link at the bottom of the page, an excellent write up of 800 routing methods.

One last thing, there is a rate of climbing indicator. You can now climb like a God for a 100 mtres  or so, pity it doesn’t record in training centre.

A worthy upgrade to the 705 but with the same lack of support for a first time GPS/Training device user. The manual is still a list of features, not how to to use the device in the real world.  The screen is better with more information, just make sure your eyesight is up to it. If you wear spectacles but don’t ride with them your  going to have problems with any Garmin device if you can’t focus on the screen.

Had a problem on a ride with the screen not unlocking after being locked but that is the only bug so far.

One problem that has come up since a software upgrade is a cadence sensor problem. The GSC10 not getting recognised despite a new battery, a rescan would find it again but it could lose it again later in the ride after a stop.

Another is the data screen altering while in the back pocket, one of the disadvantages of a touchscreen. How this happens is beyond me as the screen is nested 3 or 4 deep and then you have to come back out, strange how it wanted to display fat calories burnt.  Other than that it’s been fine, powers down after 15 minutes of inactivity so shouldn’t ever go flat.

Did a Workout under the Training section for the first time.  Rather than buy a watch I just took it to a spinning class in the gym after setting the screen to Heartrate, Calories and Time. Worked really well. I do have a problem removing false starts that have been uploaded into GarminConnect.

I’ve had no problems with sweat spashs turning to screen on so guess rain is not going to be a problem.

Hey Frank, so I took some more time to further document things – here is what I have so far. It’s rough with no screen shots, but it has all the info on GPX Routes, GPX Tracks, GPXX files as well as TCX. TCX files, with Virtual Partner off, Turn Guidance on and Off Course Warnings set to on is the clear winner for the Edge 800.
Edge 800 instructions

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  1. Hi Frank, my 800 arrived today and looking forward to getting out and testing it properly. Your 305&705 dummies guides really helped me get to know those devices better. thanks.

    1. Thanks Darren, It’s good to see the site above Wiggle in a Google search after all this time. I will be adding to the Edge 800 page in due course. First thing is to sort the site out as the menus are not to my liking. I really like the 800 up to now the screen is a lot better and even the maps look a lot better on it. I’ll be trying the free OSM maps on it soon as they incorporate the cycle tracks.

  2. nice write up frank, as a now seasoned 705 user your comments about garmin’s support or lack of it is what we have now come to expect from them, will they ever listen and learn from what all us punters have to say or just continue the trend of sticking their corporate heads in the sand?. as long as we keep buying their products i guess the latter. i have been tempted to upgrade from the 705 but i still have nightmares about all the angst suffered trying to suss it it out in the early days that i’m in no hurry to have a repeat performance with the 800 so i’ll just stick with my 705 for the time being now i’ve finally got to grips with it. regards ian.

  3. hi Frank.
    i’m a first time buyer of garmin and have no idea how it works. I’m not daft when it comes to techy stuff so was suprised it seemed so anti-intuitive. I live in London England and assumed I could just turn it on type a destination and it would guide me. But it keeps telling me the roads in my area aren’t routable and the roads aren’t even shown. Just main A roads…no back roads. I therefore reluctantly bought a new map of UK and europe with detailed city info. Downloaded it to my SD card on the edge and assumed it would work. All it did was make the existing map black and again showed the unroutable road message. The support on the site is rubbish and I’ve used all the mygarmin features which are again….pointless. They tell me I have the map installed but when I go on to my device and use information…it reads the same map as before. No new one. What am I doing wrong?


    1. Hi Sarah,
      It sounds like the PCbasemap is still enabled. The best option is a pre-loaded SD cards as you just plug it in and it works. Get on the phone to Garmin Tech support. Have everything to hand and they should be able to talk you through it. If you bought a DVD version you need to know it is not the same as a SD card version as it pairs with the Edge 800.
      Depending on your settings, routing is not going to be much use to you in London other than direct as any other setting is going to send you miles out your way.
      There is nothing in the box that can help you in a situation like this which is a pity as it’s not the first time Garmin have gone down this route. A pdf on the device which tells you little more than the features of the device is really poor in my opinion.
      You haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just a lack of information.


  4. Hi Frank

    A quick question on the 800.

    With the 605/705 you can upload GPXX files to give you turn by turn routing. Can you do the same with the 800? I know the ride logging file format has changed but haven’t spotted anything definitive about other aspects of file reading.



  5. “Steep Learning Curve” is the understatement of the year!! Never ever have I found a less intuitive bit of technology.
    It has taken me 2 months of surfing etc to become confident of installing a route on my 800 and I have found the best software so far as I like to switch from ‘follow the road’ to off road (cycle path) routing as I plan my rides.
    Its a clever bit of kit but I would NOT recommend it on the basis it should be intuitive and have out of the box support (demo videos etc).

    Your review is 100% spot on

    1. Hi Charles, I’ve just re-read the quick start manual to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Page 9 mentions about installing GarminConnect or TrainingCentre from the Garmin and that about it. The PDF manual on the device is no better than previous ones, being little more than a glossary of functions. Zilch about Routes, Courses or Waypoints. I’ll be looking into riding a Waypointed Route again as it doesn’t look like it is supported at first glance. Coursepoints worked when I tried an old Route.

    2. Hi Charles, I’ve just re-read the quick start manual to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Page 9 mentions about installing GarminConnect or TrainingCentre from the Garmin and that about it. The PDF manual on the device is no better than previous ones, being little more than a glossary of functions. Zilch about Routes, Courses or Waypoints. I’ll be looking into riding a Waypointed Route again as it doesn’t look like it is supported at first glance. Coursepoints worked when I tried an old Route.

  6. I have also had the Edge 800 for a week – and done two rides already:

    My issue is with the Garmin GSC10 Cadence Sensor. I didn’t know what to do to solve the problem with paring the sensor with the Edge 705 and it didn’t bother me.

    Now, this morning, with the Edge 800, I specifically paired it off – and checked using on On/Off button and the white button on the sensor – before my ride. But no cadence was recorded.

    What is a mystery to me is the fact that the Heart Rate Monitor doesn’t need to be specially paired each time whereas the Cadence Sensor seemingly does.

    I need to check it tomorrow en route by pressing the On/Off button.

    Frank, what has your Cadence Sensor experience been?

    PS: Thanks for the blog and your story. I started cycling in May 2010 after an absence of thirty years (since high school) and I lost 17kgs last year and I am aiming for 23 kgs this year.

    1. Hi Antonius,
      I’ve had the same problem on the last couple rides with no cadence being logged. I’ve also come to the Cadence Sensor to see the white button flashing red.
      I’ve also re-scanned mid ride which did seem to work.
      I thought it was a magnet problem, wheel sensor not crank.

      As far as I know there is no obvious method of knowing if the wheel sensor or GPS is calculating speed. Cadence does seem to be related to the crank sensor. If I’ve suffered from the same bug as yourself it must be more widespread, I thought it was a battery problem at first until I spent 4 Euro on a battery but it has carried over on the last few rides.

      Other problems are Data fields changing in your back pocket even if you press Stop/Start. Seems to change one of the fields to Fat Calories burnt on two occasions for some reason.

      Re weightloss: Had a couple of setbacks since the peaks but aim to get back into something close to it.
      Thanks for the comment,

  7. Help! This is my first GPS device and it has turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. I downloaded some routes from MBR but was disappointed to find that I was simply following a thin white line with no turn advice etc. Having read your information from the website, I have tried BikeHike and thought maybe I could add some detail to a local course I have recorded on the Edge. However, when I try to imoport it says “Unsorted data type exception. Your device does not support reading of the data type GPSData. Any ideas? (shall I just buy a map?!) Also, if I look at the files in the courses folder on the device there appears to be nothing there, but there are courses on the device.

  8. Frank,
    I imagine that you have already located the Garmin 800 forum but here is the link anyway. I have found some good, helpful stuff on there. First thing I did (day one on a £350 purchase!) was to drill a hole in the bar attachment and rubber that has made a huge difference to the volume while riding. I can actually hear it now. Just used a 4mm drill and took some care. As a newbie to Garmin I am totally sold on the 800. Only had it a week but the difference it makes when cycling in to the unknown is great.

  9. According to my Garmin Edge 800 I cycled 22,906 km yesterday across rural France in 2:14:59. It was such a fast journey that the Edge didn’t have the time to calculate my average speed. (10 km into the journey it suddenly changed to 21,218 and continues in that vein.) Fortunately I was able to take screen shots to show my friends how ready I am for le Tour de France.

    At the halfway mark (Cordes-sur-Ciel) I saved the journey and then restarted the Garmin. It was, I think, a good move. The return along the same route, strangely, was only 35 km … which happened in 2:24 due to headwinds.

    At home, I plugged the 800 into Garmin Connect and told it to Upload – which it did. I clicked on the 22,906 km sector and it deleted both legs and the previous nine entries on Garmin Connect.

    I have only done two rides with the 800 and I had saved all the 705’s history .tcx files and so I was able to reconstruct my rides bar the last two. I then downloaded the 35 km return journey and was therefore able to create a manual entry for the entire trip. (I could have kept both sectors separate and made the outbound one a Manual Entry on Garmin Connect. But I wanted to keep the statistics correct in my quest to conquer that battle of the bulge. (If you had told me a year ago that I would be effortlessly cycling 75 km I would have laughed you off.) The entire journey, with detours, was 74.64 km and my total time was 4:38:51 with an elevation gain of 390 metres. Rural France is hilly – which probably explains why Hitler didn’t make it this far down.

    I then did a hard reset and then downloaded some waypoints from Garmin Base Camp to both the 705 and the 800. I tested them simultaneously today and we have operations normal.

    What I can share with you is what I am going to continue doing and that is to copy the history files across to my hard drive regularly – probably after each ride and before the download.

  10. Frank
    It was generally accepted that for an accurate calorie count on the 705 we put in approx 60% of our weight. Do you know if this applies to the 800?

    1. Hi Rob,
      It’s supposed to be improved but what that means could be anything. Never mind calories what we want is virtual wattage, shouldn’t be too hard. You read it here first.

  11. Hi Frank. Thanks to you I managed to conquer my 705 in late 2008 and have plotted countless rides and audaxes since, using either Bike route toaster or Bikehike. The 705 has done thousands of kilometres but this last two weeks I get an error message when I try to upload ride data to Garmin Connect. So far Garmin haven’t come up with a sensible suggestion but at least they’ve tried. Do you have any thoughts? If not, is it time for me to buy one of these new 800 units? I have heard that battery life isn’t brilliant especially in wet weather when the rain drops keep activating the screen and turning the light display on. I worry that it wouldn’t last out for a 200k audax. What do you think?

    1. Hi Richard, check that all the folders are there. I had to roll back my version number as it wouldn’t connect with anything and my Etape training ride was in the unit. The fix was to save the ride as a Course on the 705.
      My 705 microSD card port got water in it so I had to use the internal memory for the maps.
      It cost me £102 for an exchange/refurbed unit that looks brand new.

      Haven’t heard about the raindrops turning on the screen. You should now be able to charge on the move as there is now an external powerpack for it.
      The rear facing USB port now allows you to charge on the move unlike the 705 port being interferred with an oversize stem. The pack isn’t cheap though.
      If you like OS maps it’s the way to go.

  12. Hi Franck,

    I’m still using my Edge 305 (with HR and Cadence sensors) and still very happy with that device. I must say that the Edge 800 looks very appealing. I’m especially curious about the map features. I’m a mountain biker and I often create tracks by means of a topo map. During the rides I sometimes notice other trails that look interesting. With the Edge 305 I can’t see where that trail is headed to and I could get lost should I decide to leave my track and follow the interesting looking trail. I’m curious how the Edge 800’s map capabilities would do in such circumstances. Is the screen large enough to get an “over look” of the area?


  13. Hi Pascal, there is the facility to generate your own maps but I haven’t got around to doing one yet. You could look at the OSM maps which are free.
    The great thing about the 800 is that the touchscreen is swipeable like an Iphone so you can move around the map.

  14. Ive just bought an edge 800. Ive used the 3 bike profiles that are on the unit, can/how do I add more bikes??? For £400 I want to be able to use it on all of my bikes!!!!!

  15. hi can any body tell me how to add my own tex above the start up garmin tex when switched on as ive seen someone with this thanks

  16. Hi,

    I’m just on the cusp of buying an 800 but want to be sure of a few things before I part with fair amount of cash. This may seem like a daft question, I’m not sure which map sd to buy. Does the discoverer card have all the road details as well as the off road/motorway stuff, and the city navigator just the roads/motorways. I’m keen to use it in the car too. Also whats the best site for planning your own route, and is it easy to do? I read the download on the users manual and it didn’t really mention it! This is main thing that attracts me to the 800, I always like to plan a circular route for my rides, rather than just turning round and coming back. Finally is there any kind of alert for when you need to turn? Not sure I’m keen on having to keep looking down for the directions.


    This is the best site I’ve seen so far on this stuff btw.

    1. Hi Mark, I’m using an old version of City Navigator Europe which is handy if you ever get to ride in Europe.
      The OS map bundles are a good buy as the OS map retails at about £150 and gives you the look and feel of OS mapping for the first time.
      The Discover cards are in effect 1:25000 OS maps of the National Parks.
      Also consider the cycling OSM maps which are free. If your going to use it in the car it has to be a City Navigator bundle.

      You can now plan rides in GarminConnect and turn on alerts on the Course when you ride it. Follow the links to the other Course planning sites there are loads out there with subtle differences in how they work. Make sure you have Garmin Communicator installed before you do anything otherwise the device will not be recognised.

  17. Great. Thanks very much exactly what I need to know. I’ll be sorting the purchase later today. Thanks again.


  18. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the info, I have since bought the edge, did all the necessary stuf. Even managed to get a test route plotted via bike toaster, which was nice and simple btw. Clicked on the appropriate button to down load to the edge, it even told me which format to use. I got the confirmation that the route was now on my device. However, and again this is probably routing 101 and a total numpty’s question, but I cant find the route on my edge. Where do I pick up the route which I’ve pushed accross to the edge? Thanks Mark.

    1. Hi Mark, it should be under the Courses Icon. Save it to the Edge memory not the card. Make sure there is a Course folder on the drive, use the file viewer to see that the folders are there.

  19. Hi Frank,

    thanks again for the info and help so far. However I’m starting to go nuts, I’m seeing the courses under new files, I think the edge is F drive and G is the card. But still no joy with the courses appearing on the GPS itself. I’ve even tried copying the file from the new files to the courses file on the PC and still no joy. All I get under courses on the edge is the create new course option, then it says no history saved?? Its v. frustrating. I’m probably doing something daft.

    Thanks Mark

  20. Frank, I’m sorted used the Garmin connect tool. Worked as I expected, courses on the unit under the right heading ready to go. Not sure why the BRT isnt working,…Anyway all set now. The only thing the unit doesn’t do is push the pedals! Have to get out there and do that bit myself! cheers.

  21. Hi. I am looking to buy my first GPS and have been reading this site. I am getting missed messages about the 800. I want it to down load gpx files for Audax routes.. so I dont get lost 🙂 and to record training rides/route data.


  22. I have just taken delivery of a new 800. the sofeware is 2,2 is it safe to just connect to webupdater and download 2.4

    many thanks


  23. Hi Frank,
    Have had my 800 for 2.5 months now with no problems. Hooked it up to the Mac today and the computer could not find the device. Then tried my wifes 800 with the same USB cable and no problem. On mine it charges the battery but the computer can’t find it. Any Ideas on how to fix this?

    1. Sounds like an faulty 800 or the USB port playing up, my PC laptop is doing it from time to time. The only Mac related post for the 800 is this from Rick, I don’t know if it’s any help.

      I just found your very helpful guide. Nice job. Thanks.
      Here’s a tidbit that I’ve discovered during the two months I’ve had the unit.
      The unit (Software Version 2.2) does not always play well with my iMac (1.25 GHz Power PC – OSX 10.5.8 and 10.4.11) when connected to GTC. The unit will upload activities fine, but, after ejecting the unit and disconnecting, it freezes during restart. This requires a hard reset (hold lap/reset, start/stop and power button until unit shuts off and comes back on – be patient) which resets all data to factory settings including removing all recorded activities and added courses. The work around I use is to upload activities data to Garmin Connect ( click on the “upload” button), once uploaded, click on “export” in the bar above the map and then click on “TCX file.” In GTC import the TCX file(s) you just exported (File>Import). The files will now appear in GTC under MyActivities/History.
      Somewhat of a pain, but less so than reconfiguring all the pages and reloading courses.
      Ride safe.

      1. Looks like I’ll be sending it back to Garmin. I’ll let you know how it plays out. Total bummer as a really like the 800.

  24. I have a new Garmin Edge 800 (my first Garmin) which has been installed to read cadence off the magnetic reader (which works perfectly) and speed and distance from the GPS. Speed displays asperfectly but I have had difficulty with display of Distance. It would not work in Pedestrian mode either and I wondered if it was due to the default setting of Auto Pause at 5km/hr. When I switched Auto Pause to OFF it displayed Distance wils walking. With no changes to the settings it now still records Speed (GPS) but will not record Distance or Odometer.
    I am OK with no Auto Pause, I am not a training geek t all, but I DO want to know the length of my rides.
    What trick am I missing please?
    Aussie Geoff

    1. Hi Geoff, there is a similar comment in the ” Dummies guide”. I had trouble with my cadence sensor so took the battery out. A 40 mile ride would show up as 10 and so on. You can have up to 5 bikes now each with a different profile under spanner/bike settings/Bike1/Ant+Speed/Cadence/Bike Sensors/Sensor Detail/Sensor type Select Cadence and you should get speed off the GPS and not the wheel magnet. There is an option for Spd/Cad and also Speed and Cadence they are not the same thing. Garmin GSC 10 comes up as Spd/Cad.
      Your Odometer gets set to zero when you enter a new Bike.
      You need to press start/stop at the begining of every ride too for the odometer to work too.

  25. Good set of articles – nice one!
    The 800 is a great device – it’s everything I’ve been waiting years for – a HRM, a GPS with fully customizable maps, and a bike computer with logging – though the Garmin Connect and Training Centre products, whilst free, are a bit lacking.
    Issues so far (no response necessary for these points):
    why do I need gStart as it doesn’t seem to do anything and won’t detect my 800?
    why do I have to transfer my activities from the SD to the corresponding folder on the device for Garmin Connect or Training Centre to recognise their existence?
    The POI software doesn’t seem to have uploaded my POI’s as yet and there’s some fiddling required to get opensource maps on it successfully.

    Otherwise it’s a helluva gadget. I got my GM4800 package (HRM, Speed/Cadence sensors, and 1:50,000 full UK OS maps) for £360 delivered (Winstanleys) – a bargain.

  26. Hello everybody,

    is it possible to do the conversion to the FIT-file format not with the Edge 800? I would like to convert *.gpx or *.tcx files with a program or online and put these fit-files to the course-folder. I know that the Edge 800 is doing this conversion by putting the files into the NewFiles folder, but the conversion isn`t reliable. I`ve tried many FIT-files from Garmin Connect and, but the Edge800 doesn`t show these courses if I put them into the course folder. Many thanks in advance.


  27. Hello everybody,

    is it possible to do the Course-conversion to the FIT-file format not with the Edge 800? I would like to convert *.gpx or *.tcx files with a program or online and put these fit-files directly to the course-folder. I know that the Edge 800 is doing this conversion by putting the files into the NewFiles folder, but the conversion isn`t reliable. I`ve tried many FIT-files from Garmin Connect and, but the Edge800 doesn`t show these courses if I put them into the course folder. What are the differences in the XML structure between FIT-activities and FIT-courses? Many thanks in advance.


  28. Hi Frank, nice helpful site that I’ve looked at from time to time. Just upgraded to 800 from 705 – what a mistake. I’ve been struggling ever since I bought the 800 to use routes created on BRT, RWGPS or whatever. Fine the routes are there on the 800 and the turns are shown on the Map Page but no Turn Guides show up on the Data pages. Just seen on Bike Radar that the 800 only does turn by turn guidance when a destination is chosen. Bit odd that Garmin have removed one of the important 705 features. Anyone want to buy an 800?

  29. Hi Frank,

    You were my inspiration for my weightloos. More or less same story, although not as large a weight loss, but enough! A wonderful 3,5 year journey.

    I had problems with my 705, and Garmin replaced it with an 800.
    Quite happy with the 800, but must say the reset and start/stop buttons do not like too much of sweat/rain/mud, as they tend to get stuck. Only work around I found is opening the unit, and massage the buttons; or dont ride when wet (last one is not really an option).

    Thanks for being such an insiration to other ex-fat cyclists.

  30. Hi Frank
    I have a garmin 800 with OS map and am going to be in London with my bike for 2 weeks (Olympic volunteer) and would like to know whether it is possible to overlay London street map on OS map or even just add a London street (cycle) map along side OS map on the 800?

    By the way I think I met you once on one of the CTC rides from Eureka.

    Kind regards and thanks

    1. Hi Joanne,
      it’s a small world, I’ve met people on the Etape that have used the site.
      I should have used my head and done what you have done, volunteer.

      Your map should be OK as it is only a bitmap overlay of the UK Garmin maps.

      An OSM cycle map is going to be next to useless to you as it is really any good out in the sticks.
      Having said that I look forward to the “Joanne Alley Cats” video appearing on Youtube. Usual CTC stuff, hanging on to Taxi,s Jumping red lights and riding on pavements.

      1. Joanne,
        The OSM maps are Ok if you want to see what Cycle Route you are on but try to avoid navigating on them. The Routing is not the same as the Garmin Maps. If the Garmin OS maps are too cluttered for you, I think there is an option to turn down the map detail.

        If I was doing a Course using the OSM maps sometimes the turn warning CoursePoints wouldn’t come on and the only time you’d know if you were off course was if you got the Off Course bleep.

  31. Thanks Frank,

    Will stick to my OS map then. I have mapped lots of routes from where I am staying to allsorts of places and also sent off for and received paper London Transport cycle maps. So if all else fails I will just stop and look at an old fashioned paper map 🙂

    Thanks very much and thanks for the site. It helped me alot when I first bought the 800 and still does now. I have never known such a complicated device!


  32. Hi Frank, I have had my 800 for a while now and pretty much got used to it thanks to all your info. Only one small problem at the moment I seem to have lost the mileage function on the front screen , the bit where it displays what distance you are travelling, its just blank. At the end of my ride it does tell me in the total miles I have covered but not on the main screen along with speed,time,calories etc etc….I think the kids have been messing with it….I have had a look been through all the options and its now got me stumped…Any ideas please…???

  33. Frank: I am having an Auto pause issue on my Edge 800. I always have had it set to activate when stopped. Today on my ride while moving, it activated and would not shut off. Any idea what’s up with it and what I need to do? Unfortunatel;y Garmin is closed on weekends which is my only opportunity to call them, so any advise you can provide would be appreciated

  34. Frank, can you help. I just used my edge 800 whilst training on a set of rollers. I was a bit gutted when the timer, calorie burn and distance covered info was not registering. I guess that distance is down to GPS. After a session on the rollers I went straight out on the road and all worked as expected. Can the edge be set up to record distance, calories and timer when stationary on rollers ? I do get speed and heart rate !

    Regards Tony

  35. Hi Frank
    I have an edge 800 which has been working fine – until last week when I created a route on Garmin Connect – saved and then tried to send to device. Haven’t done this for a while. Nothing happened? a window did come up asking what program I wanted to open with but couldn’t sort things.
    Any ideas – everything else seems to be ok.

  36. Hi Frank
    A question re the 800, on long rides using routing the battery fails after 10-12 hrs, I know I could carry a spare battery to recharge en route, is it possible to completely turn of the backlight as this must use considerable power as it comes on for the minimum setting of 15 seconds every time I switch screens to view different info. Without the backlight battery life should be extended ??.
    This is the only question I have failed to answer from your blogs, great work.
    Regards & many thanks
    Bill Flockton

  37. Im having the same problem with the long rides! planned a 220mile route, got 180 done then battery just died; real annoying ended up in the midddle of nowhere!

    1. Thought I had answered this but here goes. Anything over 12 hours means you are at the limits of the battery life.
      There are charging options out there, I’ve been doing it since the 305 but there are complications.
      Your charging has to be done on the move so you need access to the charging port. It is not instantaneous it will take as long as it normally does. Your battery needs to be secure maybe in one of the triathlon top tube bags.
      It does seem to drain faster once you get down to 25% level.
      I tried various options at Audax control points but there is not enough time to get any charge into the Edge.
      Take a bit of time over the installation and it should be OK.

  38. Hi Frank, ive got the “device not found” on my laptop. In the past changing usb ports has sorted this out, but not this time ? I’m using windows7 . many thanks Glen

  39. Hi Frank great site. I have recently purchased an 800 edge performance model. I did my first ride in Derbyshire and was disappoint I wasn’t told to turn left or right by the device just to follow the pointer on the map for position. However I purchased the Garmin City Navigator Europe Nt on a micro sd card. On switching the Garmin on I was hoping that something would register the new card or be able to locate it on the device can you please tell me or advise on what I should be looking for when device is on. Can anyone help please.

  40. Dear Frank,
    I hope you can help, I recently purchased a Garmin 800 from the Bike Factory and they told me you were the go to man who would be able to help if any issues. I am a bit of a technophobe but I also love Garmin products. The issue: I have owned a Garmin 910XT for about a year and love it to bits its main use is for Triathlons. I download the data to Garmin connect and review my efforts thereafter. I have registered my new device (Garmin 800) with no issues, I was informed in the shop that I would be able to use many Garmin devices with the one account. I have my 800 turned on near to the Ant in an effort to pair and add to my existing account it asks a question like make the device ready of connection!!! I have spent some time on the internet in an attempt to work out what to do without success. Please can you help???? if so please can you explain it to me in idiot fashion.

    1. Hi Sean,
      The Garmin 800 can’t use the Ant like the watch. I had a Forerunner 50 and have the Ant stick from that. You need to hook it up to a PC or laptop through the USB port. Download the GarminCommunicator plugin first though. If you are on a device such as a Chromebook you have to upload the files using the file transfer option.
      You can’t even transfer 800 to 800 like you could do on the old 705.
      Hope this helps,

  41. Dear Frank,

    Thank you for your reply. Forgive me! I have a Mac computer, when I have downloaded the plugin how on earth do I download the information from the 800 on to my original Garmin connect account.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Sean, I think you will have to do a file transfer. Hook the Edge up to the Mac USB port. From the GarminConnect programme select Manual Upload.
      The rides will be in the Garmin folder probably under history, I can’t be exact as I am having PC problems that have wasted a day when I should be out riding.

  42. Dear Frank you are a star,

    I’m up and working. I just now have to figure out how to load the maps (discovery package). I was told by the shop that I could buy the Road version for £25 from Garmin does this sound right to you.

    Kind regards


    1. Sean, the road version will be under the Discovery map overlay.
      £25 sounds too cheap, If you look at the free OSM maps they have all the cycle routes on them.
      You get some good deals when you buy a bundle the maps on their own can be expensive and go out of date if you dont have updates included.

  43. Garmin Edge 800 Touch Screen Confusion?

    I performed a hard reset on my 800 because of tracking issues. Hopefully that’s fixed, but that’ll be another comment. As a biproduct of the reset, I needed to re-initialize the unit, meaning having to re-enter all user info. That’s fine and dandy, but the problem became that no matter how you calibrate the touch screen, the green check mark to OK a choice is very hard to touch on. You have to straddle the edge of the screen and the plastic case. Has anyone else had this issue and successfully resolved it?

  44. I am into about my 3rd year with the 800 and love it, I have 2 bike profiles set up for 2 bikes both with a GSC10. My road bike does not have any problems with its GSC10, however when I use my mountain bike the 800 recognises the speed and cadence sensor is there but it records no cadence!!! I’m happy the battery is still functioning on the GSC10. Any ideas as I’m at a loss now?? Cheers in advance.

  45. Hi,
    I have tried spinning the wheels on both bikes and can not see the green light flash on either bike, but both are detected in there different profiles and the road bike is recording cadence.

  46. In the profile of your road bike, are the bike sensor features disabled? From main screen, press “menu”→”wrench symbol”→”bike settings”→”bike profiles”→”bike name”→”ANT+ Speed/Cadence”→”bike sensors” and make sure “yes” is selected.

    You can find further information in this manual:

    Click to access Edge_800_OM_EN.pdf

    In regards to the blinking light on the GSC10, see step #4 in this manual: Your unit may have to be reset.

  47. I have 5 bikes set up on my Garmin 800. How do I find out which rides have been done by which bikes? Garmin Connect doesn’t seem to tell me.

  48. I’m having issues with my Edge 800 losing connection with cadence and hr sensors. When I stop the gps pauses. I go into the café, have a brew but when I return the sensors aren’t recognised. The ride resumes ok recording speed distance route etc.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

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