Weekending 07 Feb 2010

Not posted for a while as there was nothing to post so here goes.
Wednesday: 30 mile ride around the Wirral, took to the Wirral Way to see the bench in memory of my dad. Now has the brass plaque on it.
Got caught in the sleet and snow at New Brighton so took refuge in the Cafe at Vale Park.
The Sugoi gloves proved utterly hopeless taking in water like a sponge. As it’s freezing it leads to my fingers going numb.
Garmin Edge 705 is starting to play up with the grade showing daft readings for the flattest of rides. Started with another puncture so a new tyre went on as I’m having too much trouble with Conti Ultrasports.
Saturday: Trip to Southport with Jack
Sunday: News that the Spring 50 entries are nearly full had me joining Peters Wirral ride. Thinking I’d missed the start I headed to the first Cafe stop.  I’d got there early to be joined by Sue and George ordered a tea with the other riders ariving shortly. 20 riders turning up can overwhelm a Cafe and this proved to be the case at the Lady Lever art gallery which was the first stop.
Worse was to come with a short ride to the Priory and then along the front to Woodside. The Cafe has recently been refurbished the food was good but the service was hopeless. An hour and a half for a salmon sandwich despite getting there first. Charles had it right saying the later orders had been placed on top of ours. The delays led to comments about needing lights.
Next stop was the One O’clock Gun with Seacombe and the Prom to New Brighton on the route.
Following Route 56 to Bidston where I split from the group thinking it was going to cross the dual carriage way only to find it took you back under it.
Nothing to it but follow the signs as the Edge map was on basemap with the memory card playing up due to water ingress.
Carried on on Landican Lane and came back through Barnston avoiding the muddy track to Brimstage.
The Edge 705 has finally called it a day not wanting to switch on and not recognising the files and folders.

5 thoughts on “Weekending 07 Feb 2010”

  1. Hi John, I spent most of yesterday doing soft and hard resets and at least it fires up now but doesn’t have the pcbasemap.
    Vista wants to format the drives and it looks like I have lost all the data. I’ll be giving it one more shot before getting in touch with Garmin

  2. Frank,

    If you want a program that will recover the files from your garmin/memory card/disks mail me, worked on my clapped out ipod.


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