Weekending 01 Oct06

Monday: Spinning session at the Oval (650 cals) crosstrainer for about 15 minutes and a session on the rowing machine. One set of weights.  Total for the 2 hours I was there was 1150 calories. Had a talk to Paul about Google and the site and he gave me some good insight as to where the hits are coming from.
Tuesday: A slow ride around the Wirral (by my new super fast standards LOL) with my new pupil. This was a back to basics outing and involved most of what I’ve published on the site, including the route from Seacombe Ferry (26.5 miles)
Spinning class, spoke to Tina and Chris, decided to add a new category to the site and do some more posts about spinning. Up till about midnight posting, commenting and getting my head around the Google ranking. Things took a significant change today, I’ve even more resolve on Lifestyle and weight management problems I’ve been having after talking to Chris.
Wednesday: CTC midweek run to Tarporley, missed the 10 o’clock early birds as I was still finishing off Frank,s Breakfast so rode out with Roy and Joan (Roy rescued me off Moel Famau when The Toy broke) no photo of the lunch this week, but it was Cajun Chicken  with rice and a diet coke. There was an incident with a squirrel on the ride home that is worthy of a post all of its own. No squirrels were harmed in the writing of this blog. (65 miles)
Thursday: Spining class at the Oval with Steph (I wrote it down) Congratulations on passing your driving test, god knows what we would have been in for if she had failed.
No Heart rate monitor on so no calories burnt value for this class. Made a note of the Machine and weights and reps for future reference. Gave out the site address for the first time too and spoke with reception about a poster. I still can’t reach the ones that the site was formed for.
Friday: Restday, but spoke to Eddie about a routine that could be done without going to the gym. Light weights, inclined press ups, that sort of thing.
Saturday: Rest day.
Sunday: Followed up on Fridays conversation, ended up doing 10 full pressups which is a first. I tried the inclined one on the Saturday and they went OK. It must be all those  spinning classes doing some good. Managed one full pullup on a bar, this was at the second attempt, the first failed. This was another milestone for me, as I was proving to myself that I can lift my own bodyweight.(just)  Coming from a situation where I couldn’t do 1 pullup or pressup  in the past I was well pleased.

The point of this is that you don’t need to be going to a gym  a couple of times a week  to loose weight. It can be done  at home with minimal equipment. You do need  to be shown how to do the routines as there are subtle differences in  what is and is not required.


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