Weekending 17 Sep 06

Monday: Bought a new jersey to match the bike from Quinns. Spinning class(600 cals), one set of weights on the new plan, bit of rowing(10 mins) and a short session on the crosstrainer. Saw Andy in the gym so there at least two of us maintaining the plan.
Tuesday: The call I was waiting for didn’t happen, not to worry. Spinning class (515 cals, was that all!!) preceded by a set of weights.
Wednesday: Restday.
Thursday: One hour in the Oval, 30 mins on the crosstrainer(400 cals), Rowing machine 10 mins (75 cals) and one set of weights. Managed to forget my towel which will be the first and last time. Still trying to sort a routine out, 5 Kgs added on some of the machines is proving 5kg too far at the moment. I may be expecting too much too fast now but the difference on the last six months has been literally unbeleivable.
Saturday: Managed to swap shifts at work, going to recce the route for Sunday.

I think Ive dropped myself in it this time, I’ve just Driven the route in something over 3 hours. Its taken me to a lot of places Ive been to with the CTC and a few more that I haven’t. The trouble is it looks like I’m going to do them all in one day. This is by far the biggest challenge I’ve had to date. Had the GPS working fine and then lost all the data but thats the least of my worries. some of those hills were first gear stuff in the car.

Sunday:Eureka Cafe Anniversary Ride this Sunday. Did the short version last year, this year its the long version and I’ve an early start number. GPS is probably not going to be an option as it look like I won’t have time to sort it out. I’ll try and tag on with a group but getting dropped again looks more likely. (this was wishful thinking when I wrote it, finishing in daylight will be a triumph)

Update: My fears were groundless, I’ve had a brilliant day thanks to Ray (leading)and the CTC. The climb to Nant Mill was fine but the climb out of the river crossing was something else, I was maxed out on this one the beta blockers I’m on had really kicked in. Wish I’d had the heartrate monitor on as this is the hardest thing I have done to date. Haven’t felt like that since I rode up Rest Hill on the mountain bike for the first time.

I’ll post more later, but I want to soak in the bath for an hour. ( maybe too much info there)  I’ll do a new post on monday about the day , see if the pictures are ok and put a new point of interest on the map.

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