The Second 100 mile Ride

It was an early start for the CTC run to Whitchurch which started at 9.30 instead of the usual 10.00. I’d covered about 9 miles before the obligatory breakfast at the Eureka Cafe. Anyway  Noel led us off on a crisp September morning with the first stop being that old favourite The Ice Cream Farm.
Had a pot of tea and a hot scone (jam, but no butter or cream for that matter).
Then it was off to Whitchurch on what was turning out to be a glorius day. A bit like the 3 bears porridge it, it was not too hot, not too cold but just right. (for me).

The Route was totally new to me but appeared to follow NCR route 70. I’d had disscusions with Ray about weight loss, frame materials and GPS navigation on the ride to the Ice Cream Farm. (thanks for the comment Ray). It looks like a Garmin will be on it,s way shortly. An hour and a half,s riding had us at the lunch stop in Whichchurch which for those that didn’t take a packed lunch (me) was the Town Hall Vaults pub. Lunch for me was a small chicken dinner and a diet Coke.

Town Hall Vaults.jpgChicken Dinner(small).jpg

I,m thinking what your probably thinking “whats this nut doing with a picture of his dinner on the website”. Well the whole point of  the site, the lifestyle changes I’ve made are probably summarised in that one meal.
If your on the British Heart Foundation portion based plan the above should look pretty familiar to you. Chicken was about the size of a pack of playing cards.
£3.95 by the way and it was the small portion. I’m told the cask ale was very good too.

It was very pleasant out the back with the bikes off the road. Company was good with the coversation drifting into the relms of “Why do all signs around here say Wem 5 miles “. Lunch over Noel led us to the afternoon stop at Waterways (which was the destination of my first CTC ride). This might be classed as a rolling route as rolling down one of the hills was met by a fair climb up the other side.

I’m continually amazed by the scenery on these rides, on a good day there is no better place to be. The roads were quiet apart from crossing the busy ones, I’m at a loss to explain why more don’t take it up. 

Waterways was left around 4pm after a diet coke. You get some stunning views over the Cheshire plain here. It was back to Two Mills via the lanes and the pedestrian bridge at Saltney. Home via the Missing link finally splitting off from the other two remaining riders by Brimastage. 100miles came up by the slow sign at the bottom of Rest Hill.

Sep 10 Ride Total.jpg

A memorable day for me, my thanks go out to all those I met on the ride and to Noel for leading it. I mustn’t forget to mention Quinns again as weekend it didin’t look like this ride would be taking place on the bling bike. 

Denhall Lane

To help me manage the routes which are quite long these days I’ve decided to start listing interesting points as a seperate list. This is because I can only have one Lat/Lon reference per post at the moment.

Anyway old Terry showed me this point and its worth doing when your up to it.(Terry is 77 by the way)


If your heading out of Burton take the fork to the left before the climb to Ness Gardens.
It emerges at the buss turn around next to Ness Gardens. Good toilet stop 100 yards from the gate (hot water from the taps)
The picture quality is poor as it was taken on a mobile phone (1.3mp) Pinarello Terry does this climb 3 times.


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