Weekending 28 Jan 07

Monday: Gym after work, back into the routine, fracture clinic have discharged me so no excuses now. I’ve reduced the weights by about 25 to 33% on some of the upper body routines depending if there is any pain in my shoulder. 30 minutes on the cross trainer hill climb program. 2 km on the rowing machine with a 500m stint at full tilt bearing in mind I had over a km still to do. Weights as above.
Tina came into the gym, saw me and had a big smile on her face, she’s finally managed to find the site on a Google search. The site went down well which was a relief as I’ve been writing about people for a while now. There is worldwide interest in spinning and the related topics that I post on here, some are one off searches but other keep coming back, thanks, I appreciate it.
Tuesday: Rode out to Mels funeral, -2 deg C on the thermometer and ice across the road down Resthill, another patch outside Barnston. Around 70 cyclists met up at the Basset Hound and led the fureral cortege to Landican Cemetery. Returned home on the same route. Will write it up on Mels post.

Tina,s Spinning class at the Oval. Usual position for me, front row under the Air-Con, I need it. No hiding on the back row out of sight with minimal resistance here.
Patrica came over and asked for the site address, I was fortunate enough to have a couple as I’d just got in from Birkenhead after printing another 50 off to hopefully give out at the followup class.
One of the girls behind me asked about the site address and the diet and also mentioned a weight target and a date, another card was given out. If you get around to reading this drop me a comment ( I don’t know your name, it’s a first name only site)
All I can say is look at the weightloss diary but bare in mind the starting weight I was. There is another post I’ve made about having set a double target (weightloss and date)and feeling failure if you don’t make the target one week. Mine was about a kilo a week and I felt fine. I followed the eating plan (diet) to the letter, it is no longer a diet to me, it’s now what I eat. I’ll be doing this for the rest of my natural born, going back to what I became isn’t an option.
I hope you can meet your target, doing a spinning class shows your well up for the exercise.(30 mins 5 times a week)
Back to Tina,s class, always as hard as you make them which in my case means as much as I can take. Sprinting to start with and then a sign that Tina’s read the site, Sandstorm by “Darude”(link to Youtube video that fires me up), I haven’t span to this for months, thanks Tina it made my day. Later on there is a move that I can’t do to save my life. It’s a dip to a flatback position and then a move of the upper body from right to left returning to an upright position. Like dancing I’m hopeless at this, it must be a bloke thing.
A couple of climbs and it’s over, 700+ calories burnt, max heartrate 174 BPM and gone through a large water bottle. Thirsty work spinning, thanks again Tina.
Wednesday: Ride out to the Eureka probably with Sandstorm in my head, if it is it promises to be fast. Ride to Kinnerton. 55 miles.
Friday: Booked a spinning class at West Kirby. Weight routine upstairs before the class.Barbara,s class had me Burn 730 calories by the time I had cooled down. The watch says max heartrate was 187 BPM. Class was full on a Friday night too. Barbara got one of the cards tonight, If you make it this far Barbara there’s been over 100 visitors to the spinning section alone, here the data I see. There are some really unusual places popping up on the map now.   This is the regional data from Google Analytics , the place data is even better
1. no data                20                                              
2. Peterborough         5
3. California               4
4. London, City of      4
5. Connecticut           4
6. Redbridge              4
7. Wigan                   3
8. Buckinghamshire    3
9. Cheshire                3
10. Georgia                3
More when I can get around to it.


Saturday: Work
Sunday: Audax. A Mere 150 from Cheadle. 158 KM promises to be a good day.


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