CTC Ride to The Swan Kinnerton (2)

This weeks ride was to The Swan in Kinnerton via Chester, a lot of it was for the first time and apart from a headwind most of it would be classed as an easy ride.

It was a fairly quick ride out to the Eureka with “Sandstorm” putting me in a time trial mood, joined up with two others near Thornton Hough but they split off to go to Raby Mere. Once past the “Thatch” it was decision time A540 and ride past the site of Mels accident or turn right for the “Missing Link”. Straight on it was and through Willaston and nervously along the A540.

Breakfast as usual and it was time to select which group I was going to ride with. Merseyside hadn’t made up there mind as where they were going, Chester were going to The Swan at Kinnerton. I’ve had a superb bagguette at The Swan last time so The Swan it was. John, Julian, Ruth,Andy,Roy and moi  set off towards Woodbank. It was straight down to the lights as the A5117 newt bypass is blocked. Onto the cycle path at Sealand heading towards the River Dee cyclepath.

Cyclepath along the Dee.jpg 

I thought we would be turning right at the river but John had other ideas and it was left. This is a great stretch of path especially on a sunny day and runs virtually into the centre of Chester finishing by the race course. this was the first time I had been past the bridge at Saltney and I nearly  followed the North End over it.

A sprint off the front for a picture was wasted as my fingers were too cold to operate the button in time, this happened twice on the ride. Could do with a camera with big buttons.
Andy had left us by now as work phoned him. Once off the path and just after the Viaduct it was sharp right and on to a unique path around Chester racecourse.


It was under the roadbridge past the courts and then across the road at bridge Street and a quick stop by the bandstand. Walked across the bridge and the back on the bikes to go around the perimeter of Handbridge. I commented to John “This is definetley band D council tax”. It was on to Eccleston and it was around here we started to hit a headwind.
Pulford and Lavister came up, then across the A483 and right turn at Burton Green heading towards Kinnerton Green where it was a left turn towards Higher Kinnerton and The Swan.

Because of the headwind we were slightly later than the others which was probably a good thing as most places can’t cope with mass influxes of cyclists. Now this is where thing get a bit surreal. The Swans had a glowing write up by me for the baguette they served me last time. I was looking forward to more of the same but it was not to be.

The menu has changed. The baguettes now come with chips, I don’t do chips now, what’s worse is that they are those spiral ones that Jamie Oliver has succeeded in having taken off school kids menus. “Can I have a jacket potato instead of chips”, “No they come with chips” I gave up at the third time of asking and was offered a jacket potato with the same filling, Coronation Chicken. This was an absolute farce.
It gets better, Ruth had ordered what I orginally wanted, she had never had twisted fries before and she didn’t like them one bit. I’d explained the above before her meal came. Ruth left a comment in the book, good for you Ruth.

About 20 had made it there this time so we are by no means a small party.

More later

31 Jan I’ve got to finnish this post off before I do anything else, I’ve had a busy week.

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