New Dee Crossing.

The new cycle path between Burton and Deeside is open and word is spreading about it.


Coming out at Zone3 it is best to stick to the signed route.



There is no easy route out of the the Zones other than the signed route. I ended up at Tata Steelworks. I will post a gps link up when I download it.

Dee Cycle Path by frankkinlan at Garmin Connect – Details

Best viewed with the OSM overlay set. Cant post an embedded map as the blog can’t accept <iframe> commands.

There going to be some great routes out to Chester and Wales from now on.
One way or another you need to get over the River Dee if you are venturing into Wales.  Follow the signs for Chester to use the Dee Cycle Path.
If you have a  routable  OSM map in your Garmin you should be able to follow the cycle paths by Route number.

Thanks to DodgyD for the OSM mapping update.

Weekending 21 November 2010

I’ll cut to the chase, I’ve spent most of the week in work with an extra shift to pay for the toys.  I’ve also spent some time playing with the Edge 800 and reading some of the first reviews of the device.
Sunday proved to be my first outing with the new Edge with it being recognised as soon as I took it in the Eureka. I’ll be doing a page and a dummies guide in due course but first impressions are favourable with a few differences compared to a 705.
iframe> Rode out to the Eureka to pick up a ride. No time for a breakfast just a cup of tea. Ended up going out with the CTC to the Lock Gates Cafe. It was quite a large group with the headcount coming to 28.

Anyway a fair bit happens on a 5 hour ride, I’ll update the post in due course. One thing that did come out of it is the Edge 800 is going to sell like hotcakes now it has OS mapping.  You can download Isle of Man OS map for free from the Garmin site.  Had some sync problems with the cadence sensor which may be a bug as it didn’t detect it until I rescaned for it after a stop.

Weekending 27 JUN 2010

A really short post this week as I’m doing a course in Manchester.
Monday was a day to forget as it was an early start with a hectic schedule with 4 hours of travelling.
I’d have been quite happy to call it a day after Tuesday having completed the part of the course that is most relevant.
Wednesday meant missing the England game to try and catch up on the fault-finding exercises we were falling behind on. Cheers and groans echoing through the building when England scored and missed.
Wednesday evening was spent revising to make sure I don’t blow up in the practical exam.
Work at the weekend so that’s 12 shifts on the bounce.
Missed the Tour Series at Chester and missed the TV prog on ITV4, damn.
Thursday was a bad day, I’ve always prided myself on being able to work things out on my own, but like life things are better as a team.  There was a practical Profibus network faultfinding exam that I litterly blew up on. Things did not bode well for Friday so at the end of it I asked what my options were. Spent that evening working through the exercise, the trouble being if you make a mistake there is no one there to correct you.
Friday: Haven’t got to pick anybody up so save about 40-50 mins of travelling to the course. It’s  not an excuse but it has been a factor.
Had a good go as the other option was not siting the exam or worse. At least I had avoided a complete meltdown. As it happened I turned up at 10 to 8 for 8:30 start.
It was to no avail as despite Andrews efforts the tutorial was just too much a gap to bridge.
The thing was Andrews lad and Paul are part of the same network on the internet, it’s a small world.

Saturday: Work.Logged on to find out I’d  failed both sections of the Course. It’s not the end of the world as this is not my primary field of work. But for some it is.
Then get told this is a tough course by those that do it for a living.
Watched the US go out of the World Cup but prepped the bike as I have got Sunday off thanks to Ian at work.
Sunday: Ride day, If I don’t stop writing this blog I’ll miss it so more later.
Went out with the CTC’s A ride but suffered a blowout on the cyclepath  at Upton. This was on the new wheels so I ended up using my only tube. Called in at the Bikefactory for a replacement. Headed off to the Ice Cream Farm at a great rate of knot’s only to realise I am front of the group. Got there about 15 minutes early. After splitting with the group 3 of us rode on to The Pheasant at Higher Burwardley.
This proved to be an excellent location with superb views over the Cheshire plain.
Had a nice pint of Spitting Feathers and then it was back to the Eureka via the Roodee and the River Dee cyclepath.

The Pheasant

Lots of summer cyclists out today, typically on mountain bikes they have taken out of the shed or garage.
Eureka and then home for the match, missed 30 mins and 2 goals for Germany.
Wished I hadn’t bothered only good thing was Keith Boardman told me the National Champs were on Eurosport 2 and it was going to be hard.
True to his word it was hard with Team Sky getting the first 3 places.
Only about 12 finished on the same lap. Millar blew up too boot.
The ride was great, had the front tyre explode when it popped off the rim while out on Brian’s ride, had to stop at the Bike Facory for  tube and then headed off the Ice Cream farm at a greatrate of knots. Thinking Iwas behind proved not to be the case and I ended up 15 minutes early. It proved to be very quiet out with everybody staying in for the match. 60 miles but it didn’t seem like it.
One other thing, it was a day for replica kit races, I passed team Astana ( two guys on Treks and Astana kit) on the way out to the Eureka. Saw more replica kit out there and passed a chap in 2010 Garmin Kit on the way back to the Eureka. Broke a couple of “Rules” mainly not having the right replica socks.
Nice weather a great day and another grandchild due.

CTC Presidents ride.

Ride write up to follow, I’ve posted some of the pictures I took on the ride to get things moving. These are compressed thumbnails for the blog the original are about 2.5Mb each if you want an original copy.

The Presidents Ride starts and finishes at the pond in Christleton and there are a fair few turning up maybe 50 or 60 and comprised of two rides a 15 and 18 mile route to the Jessie Hughes Institute at Eaton. Roy ends up leading us off and it turned out to be a good ride. Met a few new faces from other sections including a chap that had ridden the Discovering Shropshire audax the day before.

On the way out, by the Ice Cream Farm a tractor rally passes on the other side of the road. I hould have stopped then as it is a fairly unique sight but as luck would have it our paths crossed later in the day.

DSCF3354.jpgDSCF3356.jpgDSCF3357.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 002.jpg

Once youve dropped down to the rail bridge and crossed the canal you know know there is going to be a grinding of gears on the climb up the hill. It never fails to catch a few out. It’s the short sharp shock climbs that have me doing the spinning classes a couple of times a week.

DSCF3360.jpgDSCF3364.jpgDSCF3365.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 005.jpg

CTC Presidents Ride 006.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 008.jpg

There are tea and cakes laid on at the Jessie Hughes Institute. Institute conjured up something grand when I first heard about it and I’d drove past it before not realising that this was it. It’s a wooden hall that is due to be replaced by a brick building. A bit of a blast from the past.

There is a presentation for the the late Graham Mills whose death has left a big hole in local, Welsh and Audax cycling. He’s going to be a tough act to follow and has been missed by many.

Had to stop to get a couple of pictures of the vintage tractors that were touring the lanes in convoy, missed them the first time near the Ice cream farm but caught them the second time. Makes for an interesting ride coming across stuff like this.

DSCF3367.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 009.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 011.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 013.jpg

CTC Presidents Ride 015.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 016.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 018.jpgCTC Presidents Ride 019.jpg

The pictures that are not square were taken on the move on the bike as the rest of the group were still cruising along and I didn’t want to drop off the back and get lost.

Link to Google Map of ride 

Once we had reached the start a Christleton, four of us headed off back to Chester on the canal towpath. It handily links up with the River Dee cyclepath. Our  paths diverged at the blue bridge with Janet and moi heading back to the Eureka to meet of with Roy and Joan and a few others. Roy told me about the hillclimb last year so I’ll be giving it a go.

Back home via the missing link with the temperature starting to drop. Nice ride, local enough for many not to need a car assist. 68 enjoyable miles.

I’ve forgoten everybodies names so if you didn’t get a mention you know why. 

NorthEnd ride to Ice Cream Farm plus my Wirral Loop

After yesterdays ride I was looking for something easier today. Luckily the weather took a turn for the worse and a trip to the Ice Cream Farm it was. It started to rain on the way out and this probably finalised the ride.

Not much fun riding on a wheel in the rain, even less if they don’t have guards. My problem is the Iceni still has poor brakes in the wet. Old pads off the Trek don’t have the same feel as they do on the Trek. They are better than they were but as the Iceni comes out for wet rides I better get it sorted.

The Discovery Channel Windshell came out as did the Altura overtrousers. Both did OK and I was looking overdressed compared to some. Scone with jam and a cup of tea at the Ice Cream farm. I haven’t done enough for anything more.

On the way back to the Eureka I see Roy and Joan on their way out. On our way out one chap suffered two punctures and another chap noticed his bars had a crack in them. It’s ten past one and we are back in the Eureka, it’s packed and then they all disappear. Our watering hole is their destination.

It’s time to do another ride, a solo one this time. The route is Puddington, Burton, Burton Marsh, Ness, Parkgate and up to Heswall. Once out of Heswall it is the cyclepath to Thurstaton. I take it as I just don’t want the hassle with motorists today. I have a stop at West Kirby and resist an Ice cream. The queue was too long.

Next up is Hoylake and the wind is behind me. It’s nice and quiet here and I take a picture on the move.


Further on I take a picture on the sea defences as it is totally deserted. I should have took another panoramic shot as it looks really good out here. The rain of the morning is forgoten, I’m in leisure mode now. I don’t need to hold a wheel or maintain an average. This feels good.

New Brighton is busy and it is a fairly straight forward run to Seacombe Ferry. Lane disipline on the cycle path is an alien concept to most. There is a closure speed of 30mph and still they don’t realise they are on the wrong side of the path. One lad with his parents is in a world of his own and it takes two warnings and I still don’t think he knew I was approaching.

The other day I saw a cycle hire opperation at Seacombe and wonder where it is today as this would have been another good day for them. Further on at Woodside the tram is being put away. One of the most underused attractions on the Wirral.
Tea and an apple at Woodside with views over the Mersey to Liverpools new skyline.

Back to the top of Resthill and the rides over. 82 miles. It’s been a good week with four decent rides. Work looms but there is the Wild Wales to look forward to. I’ve got the route and my number and it’s going to get programmed into the Garmin Edge 305.

Link to Google map of Ride

NorthEnd ride to The IceCream Farm (with a RoadRace thrown in)

Not what I had in mind today as I had planned to do Cliffs CTC ride to Panorama which I was looking forward to. It was scheduled for a 9.30 start so I knew something was amiss when I was the only one there.

As it was the North End were going to watch the finish of the roadrace at Saighton so I tagged along with them.


As you can see it’s a fine day, this was one of the few times on a North End ride that it was possibble to take a picture. If I was with the CTC I could be off the front and still have time to get a decent frontal shot. Not a chance with these guys, it’s seen as a personal attack.  There is a big difference in riding style and pace. Club riding is the next step for me and it is a totally different level to the CTC rides I have been doing for the last year.

I’ll recap for those that don’t know me or what’s happened over the last year. A year ago I joined the CTC to ride with a group, before that I rode on my own as every Tom Dick and Harry used to pass me. This isn’t as bad as it seems I was out there learning the craft. If your as overweight as I was you need to do the basics first which is getting your basic level of fitness up. I’ll stop now as this needs a separate post of its own rather than a ride post. Riding on your own will give you the chance to get to know yourself possibly for the first time, a chance to explore a few limits and make a couple of mistakes out of everybodies eye.

Back to the ride, Tempo leads off and it is up to the rest to catch up. It’s a more disiplined approach and if you dawdle your not going to be on the ride.


Dave, I’ve got some pictures of the race finish if you want them.




With the race over with a mix up over the bell for the final lap it off to the Ice Cream Farm. There were a lot of what are now familiar faces at the Ice Cream Farm. I thought it would have been packed now the kids are on their summer holidays but it wasn’t so.
Seafood bagguette for me and a cold drink.
Really great weather for the ride back to the Eureka.
Not what I expected when I set off for the Eureka but another great day.

Link to MotionBased Player

Link to Google Map of ride

CTC Ride to Utkinton Garden Centre

It was a bit of a quiet ride this on with only 3 of us doing it. It got even quieter when the rear light with nine lives bounced off the back of the saddle bag and I stopped to retrieve it. Cliff was leading the run that was marked down as going into Wales but the forecast was bad so a run to Utkinton was decided on instead.

Nothing much to report on the way out, Cliff is setting a higher pace than normal as he’s trying to give me a bit of a challenging ride. There is a stop for rain gear when a shower blows over. The Discovery Channel windshell comes out the back pocket, it can cope with a shower as the raindrops bead off. It can’t cope with torrential rain, more of which later.

At Tarporley we bump into some of the guys I’ve met on the Steve Cummings Training ride at Delamere Cafe. We rode with them as far as the garden centre where we stopped for lunch. They are gearing up for Sunday Lunches and I settle for a barm with pork on it, tea and a piece of cake to round it off. I wasn’t feeling fast today as I had rode out to Eureka for my breakfast.

Cliff has a route sorted for the return to the Eureka, it’s just as well he told me it as it all went a bit pear shaped later on. I’ve got to mention Wilington Hall again, today it looks like they’ve got the Ferrari Owners club in the grounds. Cliff had pedaled off ahead and missed it. Next up is Clotton and Corkscrew Lane and just past the cottage with the pond on the bend things go wrong.

There is a tractor following us and then the light with nine lives bounces off, I pull in and let the tractor and following car past then double back to find the light. It is usually in bits in the road but is nowhere to be seen this time. Just as well as the tractor would have surely flattened it. Anyway it is in the grass undamaged again, so I set off at a great rate of knots to catch Cliff and Janet.

Bits of this ride are on the Steve Cummings training ride so when the next junction comes up I have no hesitation about taking it. About a mile down the road I realise Cliff and Janet have gone straight on and are heading to Eaton again. Nothing for it but to go The Ice Cream farm for a cup of tea and a scone (jam no butter). Weather is still good so it’s time to top up the bottle and head back to Chester.

The routes on the map and I call in at the Bike Factory to see what they have in stock, coming out empty handed it’s time to head down to the River Dee and see if the others turn up. I have another stop at the Bandstand to listen to the group that were playing there. Had it been another time I’d have probably stayed longer.

Bandstand at Chester.jpg

After this it was a ride around the racecourse and onto the River Dee Cyclepath. Here it started to rain. I could see that it was wet up ahead but it turned out to be a right downpour. This wasn’t fun, no mudguards mean’t there was enough water coming off the wheels to give me a good soaking.
The windshell was just that, the rain was no longer beading and bouncing off, it was just going straight through the nylon. This went on for a few miles then it stopped with a sharp transition to a dry path.

Back up past Sealand and then it was time to chance the A5117. Because of heavy traffic and the conditions it wasn’t too bad. Moving up to the lights I’m going faster than the traffic and at worst level with it. Peeled off up Woodbank and to the Eureka.

Ray and others from the Chester Road club are there so i join them and Roy and Joan join us too. This is when I have great difficulty in opening a Munchman Oat Bar. My finger tips are too soft with all that rain and I have to resort to piercing the plastic wrapper with a fork.

Talking about Munchman Oat Bars I’m always buying these from the Eureka. They are locally made and there is always one in the saddlebag in case of emergencies. I allways take one or two on an Audax as they go to some pretty remote places and you do need to be eating regulary on an Audax. Now I’ve had someone do a Google keyword search for them in the US and they have ended up at this site.

It was looking pretty grim looking out from the Eureka and I held off leaving untill I thought I had to do something. A couple of miles down the road and I was in sunshine.  Back up Resthill mucking around with 12-27 gearing just seeing what was what and pressing the stop button at the junction.

69 miles, what seemed like an inch of rain, but largely bright, another good day and a fitting end to a fantastic week.

Link to Google map of ride

If you play around the Google map in hybrid mode you can see where I cycled along The groves and around the Roodee. Also my detour to the Ice Cream Farm.

CTC Ride Eureka Cafe to Borras (Waterfalls Garden Centre)

This turned out to be a right photo fest. Everybody on the ride has at least one good photograph taken with the new toy.


The images are big so I intend to shrink them for the page.
Good numbers turned out and it was an interesting liesurely ride. There was a lot going on at the Eureka today and we saw a number of groups out there on the ride.


The Sunlight on the way out

Now after we had set off we had an incident at Capenhurst Lane. We are strung because it is single carrriageway and fast as the dual carriageway has merged. A stupid woman motorist passes 10 of us and then tries to turn through us. She comes to a halt  and then tries to force her way through the pack. Words are exchanged and the chap sitting in the passenger seat gives John the “V”. I’m up the road trying to slow the three that didn’t see it.

It comes back together at Woodbank and it’s down to the lights on the A5117. At Sealand we have our first puncture. The group splits as we are told to go on but comes back together at the Airbus jetty on the River Dee. This wing is a massive structure and the bit in the picture is only one half of it.

A380 Wing.jpg

 The group reforms after Barry,s puncture is repaired.

Bob on the front.jpg

But not for long a Vicky on the back of the tandem has to swap bikes as the seat height is way too tall, and the seatpost is stuck. This also involves a pedal swap. We have ellevenses across the footbridge at Saltney while the parts are swapped.

Not much to report until the hill at Marford, this is just the sort of hill I like attack, so I do. This was a full on effort and it paid off, I felt good for testing myself an I’d enough time to take some pictures of the group spread out coming up the hill.





Another shot of the girls beating the boys.




Another club run.jpg

Link to Google Map of Ride

This post is starting to get large, and we haven’t reached the cafe yet. I may have to split the post. There is a lot more to come including a bit of humor. I’ll have to edit the article at a later date. Tuesday is TLI racing at Oulton Park and I’ve got an entry by the  looks of things.

CTC Ride Eureka to Nags Head, Haughton

After last Sunday this turned out to be a relaxed ride to a good pub.
On the ride out to the Eureka I met up with some CTC riders that I hadn’t seen before, we made it just in time before the 275 cows are crossing the road at Storeton. They were off to Raby and we parted company at Thornton Hough.

A dozen of the usual suspects turned up for this ride with Ray and Janet standing in for George who is in Hospital. Nothing much to report about the first section, I was at the back talking to Roy about getting his Edge 205 sorted. He is still on Windows 98 and the training centre doesn’t work but that should not stop him using MotionBased to log and Marengo to plan his rides. Larger groups need someone on the back to warn the front that there are cars behind and when they are coming through.

It’s a system that works well and I would say John is the best I’ve seem at it. We had a couple of friendly waves from motorists on this ride after we waved them through along with a prat towing a horse box that didn’t give us much room around Beeston.

More later including the usual dodgy pictures.
If anyone can reccomend a decent compact camera that can power up, focus and take a half decent shot in a second or two please drop me a comment.

We pass a group of the Sunlight stopped repairing a puncture and have a toilet stop at the campsite further up the road. Then it’s on to Waverton and past the Crocky Park that was filling up with kids. It’s a shame to waste a good hill so Chris and I blast down it and momentum and a bit of effort see,s us up the other side.


I thought the quality of the meals and the service here was excellent as you can see the carpark was packed. Just as well the weather held off as we were outside on the benches on the grass.


Some of the group were distracted by the Hot Rod that had appeared by the time we were leaving.



I missed the front of the group with this picture due to the slowness of the camera auto focus system . If I ride off the front to get a picture I only get one chance and it’s really hit and miss at the moment.

The ride made its way back through Beeston and The Ice Cream Farm to the River Dee at Chester. Here Ray managed to lead us all through the funfair on the Court,s carpark only to find the whole place fenced off. We were forced to go around the fence using the bikes as nettle beaters. The next bit is a hidden gem of a cycletrack, ridding around the Roodee racecourse.


After this section it was along the Dee cyclepath to Queensferry which was a long drag into a headwind. It’s very exposed here so you have to take it on the chin. It’s then up throught Sealand Industrial Estate to take the track to Shotwick. I absolutley hate this track, I’d rather take my chances with 40 tonners than ride this lane. Part of it is to do with tyre width, 23c tyres no like it. The rest of the group on 35/38 tyres sail through. Once across the main road it’s a ride up the lane to The Yacht and a sprint for some to the Eureka.

Another good day 85 miles by the time I got home, thing was due to the relaxed pace it didn’t feel like it.


Link to Google Map of Ride

Easter Rides

Good Friday: Had no fixed plans on the ride out to the Eureka went out via the Missing Link so it was 11 miles before breakfast. Four of Merseyside CTC were off for a 4 day cycling holiday. I ended heading out to the Ice Cream Farm on my own. For a bank holiday the roads were really quiet, now I try to avoid busy roads but this was eerie.

That was untill I got to Backford and Church Lane the traffic was allready backed up all the way from the Zoo. I filtered down the inside of a few of them and that was pretty much the last traffic that I saw for most of the day. The weather was brilliant and I was cruising at my own pace. Going to the lanes at Picton I managed to ride over that pothole that catches you unaware and lost the rear light again. I\’ve got my new Giro Atmos helmet on and I\’ve got to admit it\’s the business you hardly know you are wearing it. Waverton came and went and the Crocky Trail was busy but after that I maybe got passed by two cars on the way to the Ice Cream Farm.

There\’s a varied cross section of soceiety going to the Ice Cream farm and I\’d say about half of them need to be doing something about their lifestyle. Walking from the carpark to the ice cream parlour doesn\’t constitute exercise in my new book. Enough of the people watching, it was a pot of tea and a tuna and mayo bagguette. I spoke to the Cafe manageress about this being my first solo ride out there. With Beeston Castle in the background I decided that was where I wanted to ride to.

It was eerie how little traffic there was but I headed off to Beeston the plan was to go to the Lock Gates Cafe but I got the turning wrong and ended up going by the pub with the hump backed bridge over the canal, it was getting busy with people driving out to it.

\Beeston Castle

Whartons Lock instead of Tiverton as I was heading back to Waverton it didn\’t really matter. Looking at the map I’ll know next time. It was busy by the Castle gates but it was only cars looking to get in the car park. Now heading back to Waverton I started to follow the Chester signs. This was a mistake, I should have jumped on the canal towpath at Waverton and just rode along it to Chester. As it was I joined further up the path after trying to get off the main road as quickly as possible.

I ended up following the path to the canal basin and then further on to around the Blacon area then jumping off and taking the road back to the Eureka. At the cafe I met up with Pinarello Kev and he told me about his lost deposit for his Colnago that Deeside took the day before they folded. It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth when you hear the circumstances. I try to spread my cash around but it\’s off the list now. Heading out from the Eureka it was down through Puddington and left down to Denhall lane. Up the hill and then the next stop at Ness Gardens for a Fairtrade Orange juice. Sat outside on the benches in the sun as it was a fine day.

One call of nature later it’s back on the bike to Neston and then onto Parkgate. Stopped to take a picture as it was chaotic, looks like the Post Office sold a lot of Ice Cream.

\Parkgate, Good Friday.JPG

apart from the traffic jam going to Chester Zoo this was the busiest place I saw all day.Back on with the ride just after I joined the Chester High Road I got passed by a lad on a time trial bike I was doing about 16mph into a headwind, nothing for it but to keep up with him. Now he’s in the tuck but is all over the place lacking a bit of machine control into the wind. Now I’ve just done 65 miles and I feel stable compared to this lad and not too far off his wheel. I shouldn’t be too critical as I do stretch,s in the tuck when I’m spinning. It’s a good position to play around with as it allows you to concentrate on your pedalling action in a tuck.

Tea at Fred,s and then it’s through Heswall and on to Thurstaton down the cutting and on to Caldy village. I’m going well at the moment and stop at the front at West Kirby. Not too busy here so I head on to the front at Hoylake, from here on it is really quiet. the Coastal cycle path is all but deserted. Now I come off the coastal path just past Leasowe lightouse. This is the opposite end of the fitness scale there is an Ice Cream Van and a fair few partaking.

A bit further one on I call in at Lidl for some flapjacks, this week the gods shine on me or at least the woman in front of me took a shine to me and let me through with a packet of  flapjacks. Pleasantaries  are exchanged, this was a far cry from the previous visit where I was 20 minutes behind this chap who proceeded to pay in slummy from his fares. 

Heading out to Harrison Drive it was business as usual the cycle route largely deserted, this was a sunny easter bank holiday and everywhere is largely deserted. Anyway it’s  back throught New Brighton, Seacombe and Woodside and then home. 90 Miles.

Sunday: Rode out to The Eureka at a fast pace, going through Willaston I clock Caroline waiting for Annabell to turn up for the Sunday Impromptu ride. On the A540 and wanting my breakfast It’s time to see what I’m made of. 24 Mph to be exact and seeing as it’s a glorious day I opt to take Frank,s Beakfast outside in the sunshine.

Five of us head out to Chester Rugby club for ellevenses Annabel Peter Barry Caroline (on her first ride out with us) and moi. It was through the gates past Capenhurst towards the traffic jam at Backford trying to get in the Zoo. Here we went on the towpath exiting at the bridleway that goes through Chester Zoo. The turn off the canal catches everybody out at times. I end up unclipping and Caroline ends up toppling over after coming to a dead stop. Luckily no damage. At the Rugby club they were all training, and the bar wasn’t open so we had to think again. We headed off to the Plough at Christleton and we were too early there too. It was a 15 minute wait on the benches outside, in that time we could have made it to the Ice Cream Farm.

It’s a strange place The Plough. If you dont want a Sunday Dinner the menu is a bit short of choice. If your looking for something lighter it doesn’t seem value for money, It’s all very well presented and the service is good but there are times when you just want something middle of the road. In this case I haven’t had a hard enough ride to justify a meal.

There is going to be a picture here of the cakestop we had that is well worth waiting for.So it should be for what it cost me…… more later.

The diet.jpg

Now I’d ordered a slice of cake and a diet coke without enquiring about the price. It came to over £6 but I thought I’d treat myself. I wasn’t quite expecting the above to turn up.
I just had to take the picture after Caroline said “He’s on a diet”. Now it did taste nice but I felt I had to do another 20 miles after the ride back to burn it off.



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