Easter Rides

Good Friday: Had no fixed plans on the ride out to the Eureka went out via the Missing Link so it was 11 miles before breakfast. Four of Merseyside CTC were off for a 4 day cycling holiday. I ended heading out to the Ice Cream Farm on my own. For a bank holiday the roads were really quiet, now I try to avoid busy roads but this was eerie.

That was untill I got to Backford and Church Lane the traffic was allready backed up all the way from the Zoo. I filtered down the inside of a few of them and that was pretty much the last traffic that I saw for most of the day. The weather was brilliant and I was cruising at my own pace. Going to the lanes at Picton I managed to ride over that pothole that catches you unaware and lost the rear light again. I\’ve got my new Giro Atmos helmet on and I\’ve got to admit it\’s the business you hardly know you are wearing it. Waverton came and went and the Crocky Trail was busy but after that I maybe got passed by two cars on the way to the Ice Cream Farm.

There\’s a varied cross section of soceiety going to the Ice Cream farm and I\’d say about half of them need to be doing something about their lifestyle. Walking from the carpark to the ice cream parlour doesn\’t constitute exercise in my new book. Enough of the people watching, it was a pot of tea and a tuna and mayo bagguette. I spoke to the Cafe manageress about this being my first solo ride out there. With Beeston Castle in the background I decided that was where I wanted to ride to.

It was eerie how little traffic there was but I headed off to Beeston the plan was to go to the Lock Gates Cafe but I got the turning wrong and ended up going by the pub with the hump backed bridge over the canal, it was getting busy with people driving out to it.

\Beeston Castle

Whartons Lock instead of Tiverton as I was heading back to Waverton it didn\’t really matter. Looking at the map I’ll know next time. It was busy by the Castle gates but it was only cars looking to get in the car park. Now heading back to Waverton I started to follow the Chester signs. This was a mistake, I should have jumped on the canal towpath at Waverton and just rode along it to Chester. As it was I joined further up the path after trying to get off the main road as quickly as possible.

I ended up following the path to the canal basin and then further on to around the Blacon area then jumping off and taking the road back to the Eureka. At the cafe I met up with Pinarello Kev and he told me about his lost deposit for his Colnago that Deeside took the day before they folded. It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth when you hear the circumstances. I try to spread my cash around but it\’s off the list now. Heading out from the Eureka it was down through Puddington and left down to Denhall lane. Up the hill and then the next stop at Ness Gardens for a Fairtrade Orange juice. Sat outside on the benches in the sun as it was a fine day.

One call of nature later it’s back on the bike to Neston and then onto Parkgate. Stopped to take a picture as it was chaotic, looks like the Post Office sold a lot of Ice Cream.

\Parkgate, Good Friday.JPG

apart from the traffic jam going to Chester Zoo this was the busiest place I saw all day.Back on with the ride just after I joined the Chester High Road I got passed by a lad on a time trial bike I was doing about 16mph into a headwind, nothing for it but to keep up with him. Now he’s in the tuck but is all over the place lacking a bit of machine control into the wind. Now I’ve just done 65 miles and I feel stable compared to this lad and not too far off his wheel. I shouldn’t be too critical as I do stretch,s in the tuck when I’m spinning. It’s a good position to play around with as it allows you to concentrate on your pedalling action in a tuck.

Tea at Fred,s and then it’s through Heswall and on to Thurstaton down the cutting and on to Caldy village. I’m going well at the moment and stop at the front at West Kirby. Not too busy here so I head on to the front at Hoylake, from here on it is really quiet. the Coastal cycle path is all but deserted. Now I come off the coastal path just past Leasowe lightouse. This is the opposite end of the fitness scale there is an Ice Cream Van and a fair few partaking.

A bit further one on I call in at Lidl for some flapjacks, this week the gods shine on me or at least the woman in front of me took a shine to me and let me through with a packet of  flapjacks. Pleasantaries  are exchanged, this was a far cry from the previous visit where I was 20 minutes behind this chap who proceeded to pay in slummy from his fares. 

Heading out to Harrison Drive it was business as usual the cycle route largely deserted, this was a sunny easter bank holiday and everywhere is largely deserted. Anyway it’s  back throught New Brighton, Seacombe and Woodside and then home. 90 Miles.

Sunday: Rode out to The Eureka at a fast pace, going through Willaston I clock Caroline waiting for Annabell to turn up for the Sunday Impromptu ride. On the A540 and wanting my breakfast It’s time to see what I’m made of. 24 Mph to be exact and seeing as it’s a glorious day I opt to take Frank,s Beakfast outside in the sunshine.

Five of us head out to Chester Rugby club for ellevenses Annabel Peter Barry Caroline (on her first ride out with us) and moi. It was through the gates past Capenhurst towards the traffic jam at Backford trying to get in the Zoo. Here we went on the towpath exiting at the bridleway that goes through Chester Zoo. The turn off the canal catches everybody out at times. I end up unclipping and Caroline ends up toppling over after coming to a dead stop. Luckily no damage. At the Rugby club they were all training, and the bar wasn’t open so we had to think again. We headed off to the Plough at Christleton and we were too early there too. It was a 15 minute wait on the benches outside, in that time we could have made it to the Ice Cream Farm.

It’s a strange place The Plough. If you dont want a Sunday Dinner the menu is a bit short of choice. If your looking for something lighter it doesn’t seem value for money, It’s all very well presented and the service is good but there are times when you just want something middle of the road. In this case I haven’t had a hard enough ride to justify a meal.

There is going to be a picture here of the cakestop we had that is well worth waiting for.So it should be for what it cost me…… more later.

The diet.jpg

Now I’d ordered a slice of cake and a diet coke without enquiring about the price. It came to over £6 but I thought I’d treat myself. I wasn’t quite expecting the above to turn up.
I just had to take the picture after Caroline said “He’s on a diet”. Now it did taste nice but I felt I had to do another 20 miles after the ride back to burn it off.


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