Weekending 15 Apr 07

Monday: Work, restday, did a few chinups on a handy bar(not in a pub).
Tuesday: Work, but an hour in the Oval after work. Half the weight routine, 30 mins on the crosstrainer with the HRM only registering about half what the Preccor machine thinks I burn.Worked a sweat up whatever reading was in the ballpark.
Rowing next, set the machine up for 2 km and set a new personal best of 7:44.7  with a max heartrate of 177. This wasn’t a ballsout effort but more controlled with a final effort at the last 100 metres. It seems to have worked  and is about 5 seconds under what I consider a good time for me. There were no breaks to confuse things, just a straight one off effort.
Ran a mile(could be a km as I’m not certain) on the treadmill @ 10.1mph, heartrate was about 155 bpm.
Now you see a few strange sights in the gym, one of them is women exercising with no weight or resistance on the machines. I can accept that as they are under the misguided delusion that they will bulk up but when you see men doing the same thing you have to wonder what is going on.
Wednesday: Weights, abs and a 4 mile run at 11.1 mph followed  up by a bit of rowing had me burning over 500 calories, max heartrate peaked at 180 bpm as I had a maximum effort at the end. Running at that speed has the pulse at 155-160 bpm. It does seem to be a quick way of burning calories but I’m going to have to watch myself as the muscles used are totally different to cycling and I know I’ve done it the next day.
Thursday: Work, maybe the Gym.It was the gym, and the funny thing was I wondered about the units on the Precor treadmill, nowhere does it say what unit the distance is in.
Following Anons comment about the speed I’ll mark myself down to Km/h untill I’m sure. 2km rowing, 1 km run @ 5:40 , 10 mins on the crosstrainer, it felt like it was broke after doing the rowing and the running and a set of weights. Still managed to get back in time for House.
Friday:I plan to ride Steve Cummings training ride to Delamere for the first time. 63 mile Its programmed in the Edge, It just want a tweak to make sure I can get to the Eureka. Looking forward to this.

Done the ride had a great day out, weather was superb. Cake stop at Delamere Station Cafe and Ness Gardens as Eureka was closed!!!!!! 71.5 miles at 16.8mph. A ride worthy of a write up on its own. There were sections where I felt on top form like the section going through Delamere Forest. More later.

Sheila,s spinning class at Europa pools after the above ride this was going to finnish me off. Three new girls in the class, Sheila takes it easy on them but two of them look a bit out of their depth. It has to be said these classes are hard work and the rest of the class are seasoned spinners. You have to be keen to do a class on a Friday night when the soft option is to go out and hit the clubs and pubs. If any of these girls take to two wheels they would put a lot of the chaps to shame.
Sandstorm is an eight minute track so sprinting in two sets of eight is hard work. At the end of what I would say was a hard class the HRM was ticking up to 750 calories on the cool down.
Went the gym and asked about the treadmill units, Kilometres, so ran 0.5 Km @11Km/Hr just to see if it was the same as the Oval. 1 set of lat pulldowns and it’s time to hit the shower.

Thanks Anon for picking up on my error, I should have twigged when entering my weight in kilos.

There were no fans in the class tonight, now it has to be said I sweat a lot at this level of effort. So much for Nike dryfit fabric technology it was like I’d been wearing it in the shower. Another great day.

Saturday: Work
Sunday: Janets ride out to Loggerheads 70 miles this was a hilly one. Brilliant day out good weather


2 thoughts on “Weekending 15 Apr 07”

  1. Intrigued by your treadmill run. Your 4 miles at over 11mph is a sub 6 minute mile, nearer to 5.4, which is 6 mile/10K(ish) in under 33 minutes. I regularly run with a club and this seems a very good time for somebody that’s only been on a treadmill half a dozen times. Are you certain it’s mph not kph?

  2. Good point Anon, I was pondering it last night when it said 1.00 in 5:40 I’ve just assumed it was miles as they are Preccor machines made in America and seeing as they haven’t accepted the metric system I may have jumped to the wrong unit. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad to know the rides and exercise diary gets read.

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