Weekending 08 Apr 07

Monday: Restday
Tuesday: Work, followed by an hour in the gym.Weights, crosstrainer and ran a mile on the treadmill at 10.4 mph.
Wednesday: Work, followed by another hour in the gym. Rowing, 2km in about 10 minutes. Now my feet started to come out of the straps so its not what it seems at first glance. Put a lot of effort into this after the stop, maximum heartrate 182 BPM so I’ll have this one as a maximum effort for the week. Ran another mile at 10.6 mph, weights too.
Thursday: Louise,s spinning class with another couple of first timers. The chap next to me wants to start winding some resistance in next time. Forgot my towel in the rush but it was a good glass. Sprinting for six sets of eight is hard work but when it’s followed up with pressups (four of each) your burning calories like crazy. I always have a good go when Sandstorm by Darude is played. 775 calories, which is near my maximum, your looking at 1000 calories an hour at that rate. Thanks for spreading the word Louise.
Friday: Ride Eureka cafe for breakfast, Ice cream farm for lunch, Beeston Castle back to Chester via the canal towpath. Eureka Cafe then Ness Gardens, Parkgate, Fred,s, Heswall, WestKirby, Hoylake coastal route to the lighthouse at Moreton. Snack at Lidl, then coastal route at Harrison Drive, New Brighton, Seacombe, Woodside and back through Dacre Hill  to the start at Resthill. 89.6 miles.

Now when I weighed myself this morning it was 82.9 Kg. This is the first time I’ve been under 83 and if it goes down to 82.0 Kg I’d be looking at a 50 Kg weightloss. That is two bags of cement or plaster. I have trouble carrying one never mind two of the things, is it any wonder a flight of stairs would leave me breathless. The ride today was for fun, just me against my biggest competitor, myself.

Saturday: Restday.
Sunday: Rode to the Eureka for an impromptu ride. Ended up going to The Plough at Christleton with Annabel Peter Barry and newcomer Caroline. I’ll write the two rides up. I ended up doing 50 miles

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