CTC Ride Eureka Cafe to Borras (Waterfalls Garden Centre)

This turned out to be a right photo fest. Everybody on the ride has at least one good photograph taken with the new toy.


The images are big so I intend to shrink them for the page.
Good numbers turned out and it was an interesting liesurely ride. There was a lot going on at the Eureka today and we saw a number of groups out there on the ride.


The Sunlight on the way out

Now after we had set off we had an incident at Capenhurst Lane. We are strung because it is single carrriageway and fast as the dual carriageway has merged. A stupid woman motorist passes 10 of us and then tries to turn through us. She comes to a halt  and then tries to force her way through the pack. Words are exchanged and the chap sitting in the passenger seat gives John the “V”. I’m up the road trying to slow the three that didn’t see it.

It comes back together at Woodbank and it’s down to the lights on the A5117. At Sealand we have our first puncture. The group splits as we are told to go on but comes back together at the Airbus jetty on the River Dee. This wing is a massive structure and the bit in the picture is only one half of it.

A380 Wing.jpg

 The group reforms after Barry,s puncture is repaired.

Bob on the front.jpg

But not for long a Vicky on the back of the tandem has to swap bikes as the seat height is way too tall, and the seatpost is stuck. This also involves a pedal swap. We have ellevenses across the footbridge at Saltney while the parts are swapped.

Not much to report until the hill at Marford, this is just the sort of hill I like attack, so I do. This was a full on effort and it paid off, I felt good for testing myself an I’d enough time to take some pictures of the group spread out coming up the hill.





Another shot of the girls beating the boys.




Another club run.jpg

Link to Google Map of Ride

This post is starting to get large, and we haven’t reached the cafe yet. I may have to split the post. There is a lot more to come including a bit of humor. I’ll have to edit the article at a later date. Tuesday is TLI racing at Oulton Park and I’ve got an entry by the  looks of things.

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