Brimstage Time Trial (my first)

I only rolled up about 20 minutes early this week and didn’t know what to expect for my first timed trial. Last weeks ride didn’t count as it was me doing the timing.
Five including moi had turned up so numbers were not neccessary.
Now these Tuesday evening Time Trials  are supposed to be interclub events between New Brighton CC and the Sunlight but none of the Sunlight have turned up. The thing is we see some of the Sunlight pass before the start out on an early evening ride.

Anyway it looks like we have have enough for a trial. Frank the first one off gets sent on his way. As this is my first event I have no idea about pace, it all looks fast right from the off. I’m third off and it’s clear I have to stay in the big ring all the way.
The drag up to the first turn at the Clegg Arms is just that, a drag. The numbers look good, I know if i see 17 mph I’m starting to fall behind last weeks pace.

Once past the Clegg your on the flatest part of the course with the best tarmac, I know I should be putting a decent effort into this part of the course. To see 23-25 mph on the flat is a mind blowing experience. It is here I realise my gearing is not perfect. 12-27 is just too wide, the spacing betweeen the gears is too wide too. 12 -27 on a triple is Wild Wales gearing.Sticking in the comfort zone means there is a gear left that I haven’t used. Now the filter lane at the traffic lights means a change in surface. A slower surface.

Now around The Grange (Westwood Grange if your after a blast from the past) I see what I think is two riders up front in the distance. This really does spur me on, to be in sight of two riders in front of me means thing are going well.

My Activities - brimstage 05-06-2007.jpg

 My Activities - Brimstage 05-06-2007, Power - Distance.jpg

The above data is my ride, now looking at it in hindsight I can now see on the map where I need to push in the future.

The times. 

1. Dave Zeloaskwi 21.47
2. George Aldridge 21.51
3. Frank Kinlan 22.39
4. Dave Cotgrave 23.45
5. Fat Frankie Allen 25.25

The finish.jpg

Thanks to all that took part and the timekeeper whose name I don’t know yet.

It’s out the saddle on the rise up to the Seven Stars then it is downhill to the roundabout on the Clatterbridge Willaston road. Hoping you don’t get baulked on the roundabout you then heat off to the next roundabout at Drayton Motors. I can just see the two guys in front of me rounding the garage they don’t come back down the other side of the road as I enter the roundabout.
I’ve right of way and take it tight with cars not choosing to cut me up, they must see that I’m on a mission.

There is then a big push down the slope and up to the roundabout. I can see Frank in front of me and this is driving me on. I catch and pass Frank who is two minutes ahead of me on the road and he cheers me on!. Thanks Frank it made my ride. This where I am maxing out but I’ve got my minute man in my sights now and I’m gaining on him but it is not to be. I’m six seconds behind him but realise that this was some ride for me.

22 minutes 39 seconds means I averaged 23 mph for the 8.75 miles. I can’t get over this, it means I’ve made it, next stop the TLI events. I ride home with Frank as far as the Thatch explain about the site and we part company. I’ve had a great time and found what I’ve got in me. A set of carbon fibre aero wheels all make sense now.

I’ve got a feeling this won’t be my last Time Trial, again many thanks to those that took part and New Brighton C.C.

Google route to follow.

3 thoughts on “Brimstage Time Trial (my first)”

  1. Whoooaa Frank,time to inject a little humour in to this Weblog Frank! Your starting to take yourself wayyy to SERIOUSLY!!!

  2. Anon the funny part to me is the look on peoples faces as they try to stay on my wheel. There arn’t many out there that want to be dropped by an ex 21 stone fat bastard. Now a year ago I wasn’t even riding with the pensioners(CTC)as I didn’t think I was fast enough to stay with the group.
    Once you know about the weight loss story no one wants to get beaten to the top of a climb. I can see it worrying some people. They’ve been riding for years with friends at a decent level and along I come on a bling bike and give them a hard time.
    You can see them questioning whether there is something wrong with them,there isn’t it’s just that I’ve gotten fast.

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