NorthEnd ride to The IceCream Farm (with a RoadRace thrown in)

Not what I had in mind today as I had planned to do Cliffs CTC ride to Panorama which I was looking forward to. It was scheduled for a 9.30 start so I knew something was amiss when I was the only one there.

As it was the North End were going to watch the finish of the roadrace at Saighton so I tagged along with them.


As you can see it’s a fine day, this was one of the few times on a North End ride that it was possibble to take a picture. If I was with the CTC I could be off the front and still have time to get a decent frontal shot. Not a chance with these guys, it’s seen as a personal attack.  There is a big difference in riding style and pace. Club riding is the next step for me and it is a totally different level to the CTC rides I have been doing for the last year.

I’ll recap for those that don’t know me or what’s happened over the last year. A year ago I joined the CTC to ride with a group, before that I rode on my own as every Tom Dick and Harry used to pass me. This isn’t as bad as it seems I was out there learning the craft. If your as overweight as I was you need to do the basics first which is getting your basic level of fitness up. I’ll stop now as this needs a separate post of its own rather than a ride post. Riding on your own will give you the chance to get to know yourself possibly for the first time, a chance to explore a few limits and make a couple of mistakes out of everybodies eye.

Back to the ride, Tempo leads off and it is up to the rest to catch up. It’s a more disiplined approach and if you dawdle your not going to be on the ride.


Dave, I’ve got some pictures of the race finish if you want them.




With the race over with a mix up over the bell for the final lap it off to the Ice Cream Farm. There were a lot of what are now familiar faces at the Ice Cream Farm. I thought it would have been packed now the kids are on their summer holidays but it wasn’t so.
Seafood bagguette for me and a cold drink.
Really great weather for the ride back to the Eureka.
Not what I expected when I set off for the Eureka but another great day.

Link to MotionBased Player

Link to Google Map of ride

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