North End Ride to Denbigh

I might as well start at the begining, it was down Resthill and heading out on Route 56 when I got delayed by the cows going down the lane to another field. Spoke to what I guess to be the farmers wife about what time the cows get moved as they were herded into the field.

Out at the Eureka I’m early as I need to get breakfast. I tend not to have a breakfast before a ride out to the cafe. It’s the only time I forgo the Quaker Oat Granola I normally have.

I have no illusions about riding with the North End, I’m being tested to see which group I’ll be riding with. Dave who has commented on here is riding with us and he is racing tommorrow. Big Phill is also with us at least untill the top of Paper Mill Lane. Before that it was my ride across the new bridge and boy was it windy.

Paper Mill Lane is the first climb of the day. Andrew and moi are first up and this is where I have a little dig by going off the front. This was equivalent to lighting the blue touch paper and wakes everyone up. Everyone is out the saddle racing up to the junction.

I’ll fast forward to towards the end of the ride at Loggerheads. I’ve been dropped of the back on the descent from the top of the Bwlch to Loggerheads but on the climb at Cadole I start reeling the group in (they have reformed). Anyway having reeled them in I ride past them in the big ring to boot. There is a loud shout of “Oi !!!” which I laugh off. This really set the cat among the pidgeons and it’s a sprint to the top of the hill. This is where I am weak, the TLI Oulton Park Series proved that. I am at or near my limit on these rides so there is nothing in reserve when I spark off something like this.

Once over the top it was a 44mph ride down to Mold which is where I lost contact with the group as I got caught by a set of red lights and a pelican crossing.

Now back to the ride. Next up was Northop and the lights where a prat in a car decides to give us some verbal abuse. It must be a North End thing but I’m amazed what confidence a tin box gives some of these idiots.

The next bit is familiar as I rode it with Janet and Ray a few weeks ago. Same route up to the A55 and onto Halkyn. Around Pentre Halkyn the bottle cage on the Toy looses a screw while I am taking a drink so I have to stop.  The thing with riding with these guys is the pace, it’s fast, even for me. On some of the climbs I am maxed out at 178 BPM. This is just trying to stay with these guys, some of them aren’t even breaking into a sweat. It’s dripping off me.

It gets a bit lumpy around Tremeirchion but the scenery in this neck of the woods is fantastic. We have a run in to Denbigh and then it was a climb up and around the castle. It’s been heavy going up to now and the lunch stop is scheduled in for the Cafe by the river at Ruthin. Looks like beans on toast all round. The  problem in this neck of the woods is water or any form of liquid. I’ve emptied my bottle and it needs a refill.

After the Cafe stop at Ruthin there is only one way back today, straight up the Bwlch. I get shelled off the back on the run up to it and it is quite steep at around 10% on the hairpin bits. Then it is on to the main climb which I didn’t feel too bad on, this was because I’d reeled in Dave and passed him before the bend that leads up to the summit. It’s then a fast run down to Loggerheads where it gets strung out a bit.

Which is where we started, me passing the club captain on the climb before a 44mph run into Mold where I got stuck at the lights. I called in to see Keith at Eureka sports before meeting up with them back at the Eureka.

The ride home was through Puddington, Burton, Denhall Lane, Neston and Parkgate and back up RestHill for another great day out.

83 miles. 4700 ft of climbing 5200 calories burnt Avg speed 16mph with a max of 44mph.

Link to Google Map of Ride

2 thoughts on “North End Ride to Denbigh”

  1. Frank I love your blog and read it daily. I am also at a loss to understand people who hurl abuse at cyclists. My husband and I ride a tandem which seems to be a source of great amusement to many people which I don’t really mind but it’s the nutters who actually run out of pubs to shout quite offensive remarks who really annoy me. I would love to carry a loud hailer and give them a taste of their own medicine. A friend of ours thinks its a pecularly British trait in that people just can’t bear to see some one else enjoying themselves.

    My husband’s been coming over to eureka on wednesdays recently. He thought he might see you and realised this morning that he had but only after you’d left.

  2. Thanks, for the comment Vicky. I can only surmise they see something that they are not. I choose to ride a bike to nice places, eat healthy and generally have a good time. I’d generally try to avoid riding through the estates that these idiots frequent. The worrying thing is these are the very ones that are driving around in uninsured cars. The insurance would cost more than the car.
    Your chap wants to make himself known, I’ve met a wide circle by going the Eureka. It’s coming up to two years since I first ventured past the doors. Before that I was afraid to go in as I was that large. It is only this time last year that I started riding with the CTC.

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