Weekending 27 JUN 2010

A really short post this week as I’m doing a course in Manchester.
Monday was a day to forget as it was an early start with a hectic schedule with 4 hours of travelling.
I’d have been quite happy to call it a day after Tuesday having completed the part of the course that is most relevant.
Wednesday meant missing the England game to try and catch up on the fault-finding exercises we were falling behind on. Cheers and groans echoing through the building when England scored and missed.
Wednesday evening was spent revising to make sure I don’t blow up in the practical exam.
Work at the weekend so that’s 12 shifts on the bounce.
Missed the Tour Series at Chester and missed the TV prog on ITV4, damn.
Thursday was a bad day, I’ve always prided myself on being able to work things out on my own, but like life things are better as a team.  There was a practical Profibus network faultfinding exam that I litterly blew up on. Things did not bode well for Friday so at the end of it I asked what my options were. Spent that evening working through the exercise, the trouble being if you make a mistake there is no one there to correct you.
Friday: Haven’t got to pick anybody up so save about 40-50 mins of travelling to the course. It’s  not an excuse but it has been a factor.
Had a good go as the other option was not siting the exam or worse. At least I had avoided a complete meltdown. As it happened I turned up at 10 to 8 for 8:30 start.
It was to no avail as despite Andrews efforts the tutorial was just too much a gap to bridge.
The thing was Andrews lad and Paul are part of the same network on the internet, it’s a small world.

Saturday: Work.Logged on to find out I’d  failed both sections of the Course. It’s not the end of the world as this is not my primary field of work. But for some it is.
Then get told this is a tough course by those that do it for a living.
Watched the US go out of the World Cup but prepped the bike as I have got Sunday off thanks to Ian at work.
Sunday: Ride day, If I don’t stop writing this blog I’ll miss it so more later.
Went out with the CTC’s A ride but suffered a blowout on the cyclepath  at Upton. This was on the new wheels so I ended up using my only tube. Called in at the Bikefactory for a replacement. Headed off to the Ice Cream Farm at a great rate of knot’s only to realise I am front of the group. Got there about 15 minutes early. After splitting with the group 3 of us rode on to The Pheasant at Higher Burwardley.
This proved to be an excellent location with superb views over the Cheshire plain.
Had a nice pint of Spitting Feathers and then it was back to the Eureka via the Roodee and the River Dee cyclepath.

The Pheasant

Lots of summer cyclists out today, typically on mountain bikes they have taken out of the shed or garage.
Eureka and then home for the match, missed 30 mins and 2 goals for Germany.
Wished I hadn’t bothered only good thing was Keith Boardman told me the National Champs were on Eurosport 2 and it was going to be hard.
True to his word it was hard with Team Sky getting the first 3 places.
Only about 12 finished on the same lap. Millar blew up too boot.
The ride was great, had the front tyre explode when it popped off the rim while out on Brian’s ride, had to stop at the Bike Facory for  tube and then headed off the Ice Cream farm at a greatrate of knots. Thinking Iwas behind proved not to be the case and I ended up 15 minutes early. It proved to be very quiet out with everybody staying in for the match. 60 miles but it didn’t seem like it.
One other thing, it was a day for replica kit races, I passed team Astana ( two guys on Treks and Astana kit) on the way out to the Eureka. Saw more replica kit out there and passed a chap in 2010 Garmin Kit on the way back to the Eureka. Broke a couple of “Rules” mainly not having the right replica socks.
Nice weather a great day and another grandchild due.

3 thoughts on “Weekending 27 JUN 2010”

  1. Can’t see it happening, today was course again. Home to see what the builders had done during the day. Revise for tommorow. My life doesn’t depend on the exam but it would be good to make the grade.
    One other thing a grandchild due Sunday.

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