Weekending 03 July 2010

Monday: New arrival Benjamin Stuart Kinlan entered the world at 02:18. 8 lb 14 ounces. Work was pretty hectic with tank overflowing and a high level switch getting submersed in water which didn’t do the electronics any good.
Tuesday: Work but got off early to go and see the little fella with Val.
Tour De France is uppon us and at the moment I’ve no plans to see any of it. Promises to be a good race, rooting for Team Sky hence the replica kit I’ve bought.
Followed a few of the links that come in to the site and resolved to tidy the site up.
Wednesday: First day off, paid off some bills, played about with the site and I’m just about to head out to the Eureka for breakfast.
Thursday: More work on the house.
Friday: Out to the Eureka for Breakfast , explained FourSquare to Anne and how it worked. Dave (The Mayor of the Eureka) logged in later.
Anne gave me details of the 81st Eureka Anniverary ride  as I promised I’d put it up on the site. Chester for Mini bits, Eureka Cycle Sports on the way back and then back to the Eureka for another chat. 30 miles, was going to do more. Washed and cleaned the car.
Saturday: Rode to Chester via Missing Link, Capenhurst and the gated path to come out at Mollington. Picked up the paint for the car and rode back via the Dee cycle path and Saugall.
It was nice to sit outside in the sun chatting about bikes, rides and the Tour.
Another cyclist killed on the A5117 near where I had just ridden with another injured going to work. The police told Anne he wasn’t wearing a helmet, as if that would have made any difference. Keith Boardman turned up in sandals as he’d left his shoes in the car so no waving to him. Rule 43  a roadie shall not be permitted to wave or acknowledge another cyclist who wears shorts and sandals.

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