CTC Ride Eureka to Nags Head, Haughton

After last Sunday this turned out to be a relaxed ride to a good pub.
On the ride out to the Eureka I met up with some CTC riders that I hadn’t seen before, we made it just in time before the 275 cows are crossing the road at Storeton. They were off to Raby and we parted company at Thornton Hough.

A dozen of the usual suspects turned up for this ride with Ray and Janet standing in for George who is in Hospital. Nothing much to report about the first section, I was at the back talking to Roy about getting his Edge 205 sorted. He is still on Windows 98 and the training centre doesn’t work but that should not stop him using MotionBased to log and Marengo to plan his rides. Larger groups need someone on the back to warn the front that there are cars behind and when they are coming through.

It’s a system that works well and I would say John is the best I’ve seem at it. We had a couple of friendly waves from motorists on this ride after we waved them through along with a prat towing a horse box that didn’t give us much room around Beeston.

More later including the usual dodgy pictures.
If anyone can reccomend a decent compact camera that can power up, focus and take a half decent shot in a second or two please drop me a comment.

We pass a group of the Sunlight stopped repairing a puncture and have a toilet stop at the campsite further up the road. Then it’s on to Waverton and past the Crocky Park that was filling up with kids. It’s a shame to waste a good hill so Chris and I blast down it and momentum and a bit of effort see,s us up the other side.


I thought the quality of the meals and the service here was excellent as you can see the carpark was packed. Just as well the weather held off as we were outside on the benches on the grass.


Some of the group were distracted by the Hot Rod that had appeared by the time we were leaving.



I missed the front of the group with this picture due to the slowness of the camera auto focus system . If I ride off the front to get a picture I only get one chance and it’s really hit and miss at the moment.

The ride made its way back through Beeston and The Ice Cream Farm to the River Dee at Chester. Here Ray managed to lead us all through the funfair on the Court,s carpark only to find the whole place fenced off. We were forced to go around the fence using the bikes as nettle beaters. The next bit is a hidden gem of a cycletrack, ridding around the Roodee racecourse.


After this section it was along the Dee cyclepath to Queensferry which was a long drag into a headwind. It’s very exposed here so you have to take it on the chin. It’s then up throught Sealand Industrial Estate to take the track to Shotwick. I absolutley hate this track, I’d rather take my chances with 40 tonners than ride this lane. Part of it is to do with tyre width, 23c tyres no like it. The rest of the group on 35/38 tyres sail through. Once across the main road it’s a ride up the lane to The Yacht and a sprint for some to the Eureka.

Another good day 85 miles by the time I got home, thing was due to the relaxed pace it didn’t feel like it.


Link to Google Map of Ride

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