Weekending 06 May 07

Monday: Spinning class at the Oval. Taking it easy after yesterday, 600 Calories burnt.
Tuesday: Again a spinning class at the Oval. Tina was running late this evening so it was a session on the weight machines before hand. 660 Calories burnt.
Wednesday: Lifestyle and Weight Management Course followup class, so nothing planned. See you there Andy, there’s a new class to motivate.
As it was only one turned up from the last class that finished the classroom sessions last month. None of the blokes on that course made it to the twelth week nevermind the first followup class. I’m getting the distinct impression that I’m wasting my time going to some of these classes. Showed this group the before picture and spoke about my year on the course. I just hope someone in this class can make it the full twelve months. The followup classes have a totally different atmosphere to the course. Your not there to learn anymore, you should know it all by now. Results vary from individual to individual but all those that turn up have gained from the classes.
Thursday: Spinning class at Europa Pools booked, could try the weights also. As it was 11 made it to this hot class. Weather has been been brilliant over the last couple of weeks. I can’t be  bothered to put the HRM on tonight after the “obsessive” comment below. I know when I’m having a go. Full 8 minute sprint at the end at my suggestion, just as well Louise let us stay in the saddle and not do six or eight sets of eight to it. No weights.
Friday: Sheila,s Spinning class booked. Hardcore spinners do a Friday night class. A full class on a Friday with a couple of newbies doing their first class. Others new faces normally do a Wednesday. Like last night I was sweating buckets and made sure I took on plenty of water. Seeing as I now have an “unhealthy obsession” with the gym and cycling I wore the HRM. 675 calories burnt in this class. Still felt good so ran a proverbial mile on the treadmill. 1.6 km @ 11kph. Enough weights to tone up not bulk up and that was me done. 967 calories by the time I had finished. Max was 178 BPM and I feel comfortable up to 160 BPM. Before I forget one of the tracks we span to was a Scissor Sisters mix, it’s one of those tracks you can’t get out of your head. I’ve been at the back on some rides with Don’t Feel Like Dancing bouncing around my skull and it’s a relief to get it out.
Saturday: Restday.
Sunday: Good old CTC ride by the looks of things.
Next Monday could be another Steve Cummings training route ride. CANCELLED due to work. Grrrrr

5 thoughts on “Weekending 06 May 07”

  1. Hi Frank,great website !enjoy your cycling reports very much! however, i appreciate you are a weight loss success story but i do feel you are becoming distinctly obsessed,losing more weight and exercising seems to be your primary focus in life at the moment! and although i admire/envy your achievments, reading some of your recent posts i see a unhealty obsession developing ! how much more weight do you want to lose Frank?is it really necessary to continue at the gym, with the amount of cycling you are doing?please dont be offended by this post, but i feel it had to be said ! Regards ANDY.

  2. Please remember that you too were overweight, fortunately you found a pastime that really helped you lose the weight and get fit (cycling). This will not appeal to everybody, and it may be that with all your enthusiasms you might be a little overbearing to some people. Your observations of people joining the spinning classes could also be misinterpreted as being those of a gym snob, please remember these people may read the views on this website. That said the cycling tales are most enjoyable. Do try a time trial, just you ‘v’ the clock. See what your really made of.

  3. Comments are like busses, you wait for ages for one then two come along at once. The pair of you should click on the “Work” page and look at the before picture of me. There is no way on gods earth that I’m going back to anything like that.
    I was on a downward spiral to an early grave.
    The only other time I’ve heard the word obsession mentioned to me was when I was speaking to a class on the Lifestyle and Weight Management course, one woman asked if logging what I did was an obsession (I log to see if I’m improving). Now out of 25 that I spoke to that evening only one woman turned up for their first followup class and it wasn’t the one that asked the question.
    It’s their loss.

    Anon I don’t need reminding that I was overweight (morbidly obese in my case) and a couple of weeks ago I added the warning to the Spinning at the Oval page. I was concerned at the number of newcomers dropping out after their first class. I’m one of the few that’ll talk to others in the gym, certainly the overweight ones. If I want to see gym snobbery I’d go to West Kirby there’s an abundance of it there.
    If doing a time trial means joining a club I’d say no at the moment after what I witnessed last Sunday.
    It wasn’t the competition between clubs but what was said on The Sunlight website about the North End.
    RestHill to the Eureka for breakfast is my nine every Sunday morning.

  4. Re my gym comments. It was not a criticism, just an observation, sometimes it’s easy to forget how difficult it is for some people to lose weight and for them to find the right way for them to achieve it. I’ve also lost a lot of weight and found it easy when i put my mind to it, not all do, i couldn’t understand why they couldn’t do it and i could, and have in the past been quite condescending towards those that say they can’t do it. I also count calories (roughly) not an exact science, i log all my running and cycling times/miles/heart rates etc, so i wouldn’t call it an obsession. I’m also only a member of the CTC which covers me for the insurance to ride in time trials. So i’m not involved in any cycling politics. I choose not to be a member of a club for that very reason. What was said on the sunlight website about the north end? I googled it but couldn’t find anything.

  5. I think it’s a bit unfair to suggest Frank has an unhealthy obsession. First of all, do we know Frank’s height and how much he’s eating? To me it seems that Frank has a pretty structured approach, though I was surprised to hear he’d done a spinning class after the Cummings ride! 🙂
    Anyway, I’m glad he’s spilling his life on this blog, it’s motivated me to try some of his rides, and boy do those CTC lads know the best roads – especially in North Wales! I’ve just done Frank’s Loggerheads ride today, I was really surprised how traffic free most of the ride was. And that ‘secret’ bridge over the A55 was a nice surprise, too!

    Cheers Frank!

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