Weekending 13 May 07

Monday: Gyms closed due to BankHoliday so it was my first evening ride of the year. Resthill, Thornton Hough, Benty Heath Lane and ending up at Raby Mere. Then through to The Three Stags  and home, 12 miles, not a bad little route, I’ll be trying a few variations of it in the future.
Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class at the Oval. Only two more classes left until it closes for refurbishment. No HRM  on as I lost the watch so no cals burnt. Weights before and after but I wasn’t pushing it. Out of interest I tried lifting my bodyweight on a Lateral Pulldown and I couldn’t do it. Could just about do 70 Kg once. I normally stick to around 50 kg and would be looking to do a minimum of 10 reps.
Wednesday: An hour in the gym before Barbara,s spinning class, with the HRM on tonight. Rowed 2km in 7:59.9 minutes, did 30 minutes on the crosstrainer hillclimb programme.The machines consistently over read the amount of calories burnt but if thats all you’ve got to on just use it as a guide, at this level it is not an exact science. I’m using a £13 Crane Sports HRM but it does seem consistent. I’m not saying splashing out on a top end Polar HRM  is a waste of money but it can be done at bargain basement prices.Weights when I could get on a machine.
Lateral pulldowns after the class, 10 reps @ 56Kg plus 2 reps @ 70Kg. All that and the evening was still young.
Thursday: Louise,s class at Europa pools tonight. Probably an hour in the gym before the class. I haven’t been putting 100% into the weights recently as I haven’t been taking the logbook in to see what I’ve been up to in the past.
As it was I ended up doing 2.4 Km in 10 minutes on the rowing machine, 10 minutes on the cross trainer cardio programme @ 138 BPM and I couldn’t get on much else. Then it was time for the class. I’d just about cooled off before it started and although I was sweating profusely the numbers on the HRM didn’t hit any highs, 833 calories for all of it. It got to the stage where I was playing around with the level one setting on a two minute sprint to see if I could raise it to a normal level (150 BPM plus). Looks like I had backed off the resistance too much. Trouble is with the Schwinn bikes is due to the very heavy flywheel you can get into a coasting mode were the flywheel is doing the work for you. Your spinning like a banshee but not not getting the heartrate up. It was happening to me tonight, a quarter turn had the heartrate creeping up along with a lactic acid build up.
On any given day I’ll look at Google Analytics to see which parts of the site are generating traffic. Yesterday two people from California looked at the spinning section.
Calories burnt spinning seems to generate a steady stream of visitors from all over the place. The locations fascinate me, had my first visitor from Kuwait on the same day and I’ll have to have a lookat what the Australlian vistors are searching for.
It’s not Aldi Offers for sure.
Friday: Sheila,s spinning class at Europa pools, no mistakes tonight fast spinning at level one was the usual 150 BPM seated, any thing else might get it up to 160 BPM. A hillclimb had it peak at 175 BPM. 650 calories burnt spinning. Followed up by a trip to the gym. Ran a proverbial mile 1.6km @ 11.1 Km/Hr and went on three weight machines.
Don’t even think about parking here without a parking ticket, the wardens patrol the carpark like hawks. Tonight they where sheltering inside from the rain. It’s so close to home for them that they are allways going to check this carpark before they call it a day. Had a hit from Honolulu, Bogata and Jakarta today, the worlds growing smaller everyday.
Saturday: Restday up to now. Went shopping in Chester but before that I kitted myself out with some more Discovery Channel kit from the Bike Factory. I found out it was 20% off so I got another thermal Jersey while I was at it. Before that I’d found out that Steve Cummings was riding in Ivan Basso,s place in the Giro d’Italia. I’m really pleased to have done his training route now and I’m looking to follow the full race now I’ve got a Harddrive/Dvd recorder.
Discovery Channel had hard luck in the team time trial. They lost two riders and then had a faller close to the finish they needed five to get a time so had to wait for the faller. Steve got a good mention on Eurosport. Been another good day.
Sunday: No CTC ride this Sunday but I still had a great ride out to the Eureka and back to RestHill. The weather first thing was fantastic and I rode up to Heswall to see my mum and dad. It was a bit of a shock to see me turn up so early but I had a picture of the new me taken with the bike. After a cup of tea and a chat it was time to resume the ride.

It was then up Pensby Road to the traffic lights at Heswall. They were on green and seeing as the place was deserted were taken in a satisfying sweep.  The place is deserted and it is then onto Gayton roundabout which is taken at 25 mph. Todays song is Poison by Alice Cooper, the original version is still the best. It stays with me till Parkgate. I sweep past a lad on a mountain bike just before the bend at the Boathouse then a good pace along the Parade. Then it’s up to Neston cross but I turn off to go down Church Lane. Before you know it I’m at Ness Gardens which hasn’t opened yet.

Then it’s on to Burton with the thatched cottages looking particulary good in the morning sunshine. Right turn to Puddington and I’m soon at the junction with the Chester High Road and Craxton Wood Hotel. It’s then a quick ride to Two Mills and the Eureka Cafe.

Now in case you don’t know I have the breakfast every time I walk throught the door of the Eureka Cafe, the only difference is that Anne doesn’t put any butter on the two rounds of toast. I’ve been eating this breakfast at the Eureka for well over a year and I’ve still lost 50 Kg. I’ve had a fair bit of grief over it in the past but its not my problem and never has been. I’d ride the wheels off all that have passed comment.

Pinnarello Kev is there and we catch up on things. He is being renamed to Cannondale Kev as his new bike is a carbon bling bike. He’s changed job as Next cut his hours down so hopefully he can get out more. Another one that is enjoying his cycling around the Wirral.

Ray is there and we discuss next Saturdays Audax ” The Tour of the Berwyns” 200 odd Km of what sounds like a hilly ride. I’ve been give the gypsies warning to take it slow, we’ll have to see how it all pans out. Slow is 13 mph average. With that it’s time to head back to Resthill but this time have a bit of a go.

A green light at Two Mills has me doing 20 mph across the lights and just past the Tudor Rose I wave to Roy and Joan who are on their way out. There are a fair few cyclists on their way out too. Thing go well untill I get to that rough patch of road through Thornton Hough, the bit under the trees, the surface is terrible and the rear light bounces down the road. I’ve got to go back to collect it and it disrupts the flow.

Everybody thats out there these days gets a Hi or a Morning these days be they horse riders, walkers or runners. Its a quality of life thing, I know that they’ve got it too.

Anyway, things soon get back on track and I pass some runners around Home farm.Then it is down the hill to the base of RestHill. Now at the bottom I engage too low a gear and loose a bit of time. I’e done this climb hundreds of times now and at the stop sign the stop button gets pressed ride over.

Now the stats: 9.14 miles in 30:14 minutes @ 18.1mph. Average heartrate was 140 BPM. The light bouncing down the road cost me dear. I was done and dusted by 10.30 ish and had done over 24 miles. Another good day.

I’ve updated the link to the Diet I’m following.
You should be able to download the pdf file and see it for yourself.
It’s on the Diet page.

2 thoughts on “Weekending 13 May 07”

  1. I think australia do have aldi supermarkets, and they have similar offers with the cycling clothing & equipment. I once did a search for aldi cycle gear and i got a thread into a cycling discussion forum. So you never know.

    Super site, but your catergories could do with a little cleaning up.

    How about a total mileage chart.

  2. Thanks for the comment anon, Googling Aldi and Cycling has me coming first out of 141,000 which isn’t bad. The whole site needs a makeover, the wheel has got to go and like you say the categories need tidying up. I still get traffic on posts and pages that I wrote right at the beginning of the site like “Cycling clothing for the XXL”
    The Garmin Edge 305 page is proving really popular recently and judging by the amount of time people spend on the page it actually gets read. On the other hand the people that click on the Diet page spent very little time there as there was no magic diet only a link to a healthy eating plan. Hopefully that may alter as there is now a link for people to download the pdf of the plan I follow.

    I’m not that obsessed with a big weekly mileage total but it must be creaping up, I do feel robbed if I don’t get 50 miles in though.
    It is food for thought anon, I’ll tott it up in the training centre.
    I’ve got data for just about everything else one more stat shouldn’t do any harm. Cue another unhealthy obsession comment :0)

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