Crane Sports Cycling Gloves

I ended up buying two pairs of these fingerless gloves in the latest Aldi offers the other week. Now for £2.99 these are excellent value. They feature gel inserts on the palm with an extended section on the lower wrist. This just covers the wrist joint so should offer some protection in a spill.
The thumb has a soft outer suitable for wiping your nose when the need arises.
Nothing much more to say about them other that I paid £10-15 for an Altura pair with a very simillar construction.
Looking around, every other cyclist seems to be using these gloves now the weather is looking up.
I’ve also ended up with a shirt and a jacket too. One thing I didn’t know is that you have 30 days to take it back if it doesn’t fit, which is a great help. Not that there will be anything left that does fit you if you don’t act pretty quickly.

One thing I didn’t realise is the reflective striping built in to the cloves. Thanks to Graham and Margaret for pointing it out. Thats if the motorist that knocks you down has his lights on. It’s supposed to be really effective when you give hand signals.

32 thoughts on “Crane Sports Cycling Gloves”

  1. Aldi cycle gear. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the spring (april/may) stuff never seems as good as the winter gear. I’ve bought and used the winter bibs each year for the last 2 years and apart from being a little short in the leg, they’ve been great. As was the long sleeved jersey from winter 06. But the summer stuff doesn’t seem as good quality as the winter. I had a look at the short sleeved shirts but didn’t buy any. Although i have got the bikemate computer on 2 of my bikes, and they’ve both got over 2000 miles on them, last years has the backlight/calorie counter and current/max/min temp which is a novelty. Another plug for aldi, should get you some more hits if nothing else.

  2. Anon I tend to agree with you, the winter stuff is far superior. The shirt and jacket I bought are very good for the price, I wouldn’t buy the shorts as they were too thin and the padding was poor. I’ve also got the Bikemate computer on the MTB which is relegated to the loft these days. It’s a great piece of kit if your starting out. When I was starting out (read BIG)I’d chug around in the fat burning zone for a couple of hours.
    For what you pay there should be no complaints, no one has to buy it. I’ve got a wardrobe full of Discovery Channel kit now and it’s cost me a tidy penny. Last years Crane Sports kit is going to go on Ebay, a lot of it is unworn still with the labels on. It’s a small price to pay for loosing so much weight.

  3. Bough some cycling shoes from aldi for under 20 quid. they are SPD comapatable and i have been using them for three months now. they are very comfortable and seem to be quite hard wearing. you can’t knock them at that price.

    does anyone know who Crane Sports are and where they are made. i can’t find a website.

  4. I have a fair few Crane sports items, they are excellent value! I couldn’t believe the price of the winter trousers, jerseys and jackets. I prefer the men’s designs for the most part, but also bought a ladies’ jacket, jersey and trousers, plus a waterproof visi jacket. This stuff is so good for the money, especially when you compare it with bike shop prices- although I do support my local bike shop as much as possible, I could not afford to deck myself out in cycling gear for the winter out of there. They are all made from specialist materials like branded gear, the backs breathable and wicking on the jerseys and jackets, the fronts of the trousers windproof, coolmax chamois on the trews, reflective piping and details etc. I haven’t as yet cycled in any very bad weather in this stuff as it’s not got really cold yet, but I’ve otherwise been amazed by the value so far! I’m not a pro or anything, but there’s rarely a day’s dust on my bike.

  5. Thanks for the comment Zoe, this years gear seems the best yet. A Hi-Viz waterproof breathable jacket for under a tenner can’t be beaten. Last weekend was the first time I had to ride with a windshell over a winter jersey so I’m figuring it is shortly going to get some use. Last years trousers were really good with the double layered front not letting a shower through. This years ones seem to have a design and stiching improvement that makes them look even better.
    The only gripe I have with any of it is the bottom of the overtrousers doesn’t close up tight enough and is still a bit baggy. The same can be said of the Altura ones that I paid a lot more for that I currently carry on the bike. The velcro should be a bit longer or repositioned and then they would be fine.
    The number of people I see out with the Aldi gloves on is amazing, everyones got a pair. They may have some expensive other kit on but you’ll see the Crane logo on the mitts. I’m a perfect example, £100 lid £40 jersey £56 bibshorts £100 shoes even Discovery Channel socks £7: Gloves, £2.99 @ Aldi.

  6. I finally found a cycle top and jacket (non hi-viz) today at a local Aldi, I was hoping to find the trousers as well but all the shops I’ve been to so far had sold out. The quality seems good and the fit is good, though seems to be out by a size or so (I’m normally a large but took a medium). I’ll try a couple more stores for the trousers before giving up and spending a lot more on the same thing!
    The gloves sound good, when do they normally have those?

    1. Des I have a used pair of Crane Black biking long finger gloves. Size XL in as new condition. Sure grip finger inners. Gel grip palms. Are you interested? Carol

  7. Thanks for the link Dave. Des look at the concept of Aldi offers. The stuff is priced to move as they need the floorspace for next weeks offers.
    Good luck.

  8. Aldi stuff is great,got a pair of the trousers from 2006 and they get used a lot,windproof front and lycra back,and this years winter gloves are fantastic nice and warm unlike my Sealskinz, so called windproof gloves,cold hands on a 2hour run.

  9. Ryan, the stuff is unbeleivable value. I’ve also commented about Sealskinz being cold, for some reason Google always links to my first post even though I’ve written about this years offers as well.
    I’d classify them as 5 deg C gloves, I don’t think they are thick enough for sub zero temperatures.

  10. I bought a great winter coat at aldi’s, manufactured by Crane Sports. It’s an amazing value at $39! Seriously…it’s a good windblocker, has zippers under the arms to help vent when I’m riding my bicycle and has plenty of zippered pockets and even a special one for my iPod and another for my cellphone. It fits like it was tailored to fit ME. I’m wanting to buy more Crane Sports products but cannot find them online. I checked out the German website, but it only had walking sticks and accessories-no jackets. I’d love to find some more winter wear by Crane Sports. If anyone finds a distributor (I’ll keep checking my local Aldi’s) please post here. I’d really appreciate it.

  11. I bought a couple of Crane Winter bike jackets and one fo teh crane snow compression base layers, superb pieces of kit I can tell you.

    Really wanted a blue jacket but ended up with a plain black and a black/yellow one.

    All my local Aldi stores now seem to have run out of mediums in everything inless your a lady, then you’re laughing

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  13. For all you keen cyclists I have also bought two pair of these gloves, also i have three tops from two years ago, one of which is long sleeved (yellow) the stuff is excellent. Keep an eye opened for LIDL, i recently got a jacket in black and yellow for £8 and it is a wee cracker. does the biz You have got to be first in the queue when opening and no what you want ORRABEST

    I brought the Aldi shoes and some SPd pedals and i can’t get them to fit. Anyone with any ideas how to make this happen please let me know. I’ll love you forever – classicminimad at

  15. i looked on the web page not very good really,its all german ,how do we contact this company for spares ?any ideas!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am from the US and just bought some work out pants, “Crane Sports” at the local Aldi and was hesitant to buy men’s running shoes but after reading these reviews, my mind is made up! For $20, it’s almost half the price men’s running shoes sell for at local department stores, and that’s before sales tax!

  17. Anon I had a pair of the running shoes that had an unecesary decorative strip that caused chaffing. Later models were better. All the designs have improved over the years.

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  22. Dreadful gloves. The inner lining is loose. They take an hour and a half to get on. The materials are actually good, it’s the way they are put together. It is impossible to insert your hands because the linings wrap around your fingers and get twisted into a knot.

    1. We must be confused here, I’ve just paid £29.99 for a pair of Sky blue Sky mitts and your telling me a pair of £2.99 Aldi gloves are rubbish becuase you have trouble putting them on.
      Take them back and get a refund.
      I see these gloves on next to everybody I meet at the Eureka Cafe which is getting on to 100’s of cyclists who don’t complain.
      An hour and a half at minimumum wage is 3 times what they cost.
      Have you ever seen a trade review for Aldi kit, there aren’t any because they would come off second best , value wise.
      The trade won’t mention them because if they complained and the stuff became a stock item rather than seasonal they would be screwed.
      A classic comment, feel free to contact the glove makers that want the business on this thread.


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