Weekending 20 May 07

Monday: Louise,s spinning class at the Oval. 625 Calories with a peak of 173 BPM. Some weights before the class. I’m not looking to break any records this week as Saturday is The Tour of the Berwyns which promises to be a bit hilly as well as another long event. Spoke to Louise about the new link to the diet. (or should I be PC and say Healthy Eating Plan)
Tuesday: Tina,s spinning class booked probably some more weights before the class. As it was it was weights after the class. The class was 610 calories, but there is still some confusion about when the Oval is closing for refurbishment. Next week could be Tina,s last class for a while. Six weight machines after the class plus the abdominal isolator. Went on the rowing machine while waiting for a machine to be free. 500 metres in 1:45.5 . Got talking to a woman that had been on the Lifestyle and Weight management course who is just getting back into the gym after time out. Keep up the good work.
Wednesday: Barbara,s spinning class at the Oval. No HRM tonight so no calorie counting, trust me this was a hard class. Mentioned to Barbara the the new version of Google Analytics has the site having 2500 visitors in the last month from 58 countries and six continents, remarkable stuff. I’ll be doing a post about the site statistics, the diet is a bit more popular now that there is a link to the pdf document.
Thursday: Guess what another spinning class booked. Weather isn’t too hot so it’s probably just as well. Weather turned out brilliant at the end of the day and after getting stuck in traffic it was straight down to Europa Pools. As it was the class was full with a couple of newcomers and a few returning after a break. The girl next to me was doing her third class which is a good sign. It was hot in the class and I don’t use the fan in these classes. There is no air conditioning so your going to sweat buckets(well I do) even the ladies that perspire were sweating in this class. The Schwinn bikes ALLWAYS give you a harder workout, now Louise did a class on Monday in which I burnt 625 calories on Precor bikes, tonights was 750 calories with a maximum pulse of 181 BPM. There was a 5 minute sprint at the end that had me burning over 100 calories. I’m making sure there is enough resistance in to keep the pulse highand not let the energy in the flywheel do the work.
I gave one of the cards out to a class member, hope you like the site, it’s one of the things that keep me on track. No running tonight and after a shower I feel in top form for Saturdays ride. Bring on them hills. 
Friday: Sheila,s spinning class, took it easy on this one in view of tommorows ride. 500 calories Heartrate max was 157 BPM. I still went through 750ml of water and pink seemed to be the new colour of the class.

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