NorthEnd ride to Ice Cream Farm plus my Wirral Loop

After yesterdays ride I was looking for something easier today. Luckily the weather took a turn for the worse and a trip to the Ice Cream Farm it was. It started to rain on the way out and this probably finalised the ride.

Not much fun riding on a wheel in the rain, even less if they don’t have guards. My problem is the Iceni still has poor brakes in the wet. Old pads off the Trek don’t have the same feel as they do on the Trek. They are better than they were but as the Iceni comes out for wet rides I better get it sorted.

The Discovery Channel Windshell came out as did the Altura overtrousers. Both did OK and I was looking overdressed compared to some. Scone with jam and a cup of tea at the Ice Cream farm. I haven’t done enough for anything more.

On the way back to the Eureka I see Roy and Joan on their way out. On our way out one chap suffered two punctures and another chap noticed his bars had a crack in them. It’s ten past one and we are back in the Eureka, it’s packed and then they all disappear. Our watering hole is their destination.

It’s time to do another ride, a solo one this time. The route is Puddington, Burton, Burton Marsh, Ness, Parkgate and up to Heswall. Once out of Heswall it is the cyclepath to Thurstaton. I take it as I just don’t want the hassle with motorists today. I have a stop at West Kirby and resist an Ice cream. The queue was too long.

Next up is Hoylake and the wind is behind me. It’s nice and quiet here and I take a picture on the move.


Further on I take a picture on the sea defences as it is totally deserted. I should have took another panoramic shot as it looks really good out here. The rain of the morning is forgoten, I’m in leisure mode now. I don’t need to hold a wheel or maintain an average. This feels good.

New Brighton is busy and it is a fairly straight forward run to Seacombe Ferry. Lane disipline on the cycle path is an alien concept to most. There is a closure speed of 30mph and still they don’t realise they are on the wrong side of the path. One lad with his parents is in a world of his own and it takes two warnings and I still don’t think he knew I was approaching.

The other day I saw a cycle hire opperation at Seacombe and wonder where it is today as this would have been another good day for them. Further on at Woodside the tram is being put away. One of the most underused attractions on the Wirral.
Tea and an apple at Woodside with views over the Mersey to Liverpools new skyline.

Back to the top of Resthill and the rides over. 82 miles. It’s been a good week with four decent rides. Work looms but there is the Wild Wales to look forward to. I’ve got the route and my number and it’s going to get programmed into the Garmin Edge 305.

Link to Google map of Ride

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