Weekending 19 Aug 07

Monday: Gym followed by Louise,s spinning class at Europa pools. I’d turned up an hour too early so had a go of most thing in the gym. 650 calories and a max of 175 BPM. I was double dared to do two classes on Tuesday by Hanni.
Tuesday:Back down to 82 Kg for those that follow my weight. It drifts a kilo or maybe two but never three. I took Hanni up on the offer but it was not to be I had to give the bike up in the first class. I’d already been in the gym so it was back up there. Half an hour on the crosstrainer (400 cals but the machine calorie counters overcount), weights and 5 minutes rowing @2.05minutes  for 500 metres (1250 metres worth) and finally Louise,s spinning class. 635 Calories worth. Another first timer next to me. I told her twice about the level one setting and about the importance of it when you come out of the saddle.
It doesn’t sink in as she comes out the peddle twice. 50/50 on this girl doing a second class.
I think it would be easier if first timers were set on level 1 and told not to touch the resistance setting for the entire class. Even if it means the likes of Louise setting Level 1 for them at least they would know what the basic resistance setting is.
Week in week out I see first timers backing off  the resistance level and not getting it back.  Over a year on  the drop out rate is still concerning me.
Wednesday: Work. Booked into Europa Pools for another spinning class.
Saraha,s class 500 calories burnt.  Finished with 8 sets of 8 TWICE to Darude.
Different music had us all guessing. Bikes put away in record time by everyone too.
Thursday: Work and a long day at that. No spinning, no gym and it rained. New laptop to write the blog on but I still feel I’ve missed something.
Friday: Work followed by Barbara,s class at West Kirby. Awkward place to get to from Speke. Can’t make Europa Pools for 5.30. Tough class if you want it so. 660 calories in an hour including the stretching. High was 179 BPM which was on a sprint. I was getting bored with the sprint (seated) so cranked in some resistance and came out the saddle like you were going for the line. With the added resistance  it felt like sprinting rather than spinning like a banshee. You may have gathered I’m in Wild Wales mode these. Got to batter the climbs in the class before the real climbs in Wales batter me. Thanked Catharine for her comment, shower. Fish and chips from Marigold fisheries, not as good as it’s been in the past.  This was a treat but felt a little flat. Discovered Tesco Value Malt Loaf @ 20p might be the thing for me. I really like Soreen Malt Loaf  but I might be transfering my loyalty to this product once it passes the taste test.
Saturday: Work, nothing planned. Ten chinups on a convienient bar, another younger (well younger)work colleague could only manage five. Still got problems with the new laptop late into the night. I’m writing this update on it but not wirelessly. Can’t beleive how many hours  I’ve put into this already. PAUL I’m stuck !!!!!.
Sunday: No mega rides as it is a jack  day. Might get an early morning Wirral loop in.  Nothing today, a visit  to the grandson and some pretty foul weather  means I don’t ride. An MOT on the motor means I need  two new tyres. Costco beckons but on the way home I see  Roy and Joan and I think I see Cliff. It  means I have missed a ride that a year ago might have been beyond me. It was to have been Ruthin but it would have been a hard slog on a day like today.

3 thoughts on “Weekending 19 Aug 07”

  1. Hi Frank,

    When I did my first class I remember Shelagh telling me I would probably hate it but that I had to commit to doing 5 weeks before I wrote it off completely.

    For the first four weeks I hated every minute but finally in the fifth week I started to enjoy it so it was good advice!

  2. Anonymous, some of the other gyms do beginers classes of about 20 minutes. It’s a massive jump from pedaling air on a recumbent in the gym to one of these classes. I’d rather see people coming back than take on too much on the first class and giving it up as a bad job. Maybe devote one class a week for beginers? And keep the fanatics out. I’m talking myself out of a class here.

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