Weekending 21 Jan 07

Tuesday: Spinning at the Oval. Had the Aldi (Crane Sports) HRM on. I seems to be overcounting on the calorie counter mainly because it is counting Basal Metabolic Rate. It had me burning 1254 calories which is way too much compared to the old HRM, 775 was the most it registered on the old HRM. Max pulse was 184 BPM and the average for the class was 141 BPM. 
Wednesday: Very subdued down the Eureka. Went to Fracture clinic first so missed the rides. Wirral loop, Puddington , Marsh at Ness, up Denhall lane, stop at Ness Gardens, Neston ,Parkgate, Gayton including the scene of the christmas eve crash. Lower Heswall, School Hill, stopped halfway up for a picture and that cocked up the gradient on the Garmin. It’s still fairly steep though. Pensby road  to Gills Lane through Barnston dip and throught to Levers causeway roundabout and back up RestHill. 25 miles and it was blowing a gale.
Thursday: Oval closed due to high winds, managed to get a cancellation at Barbara,s West Kirby class. Crane Sports HRM has sorted itself out it came up with 750 calories burnt which coupled with the warmup is more realistic. Max Heart 184 BPM I’d turn up the resistance on a climb to as much as I could stand. There were stretchs where I was at 90% plus and obviously dialing in a load of resistance took it up to 99%. Did some weights in the Gym as that is where the water fountain is. About half what I used to put on depending on the machine, slowly does it.
Saturday:Light weights, a couple of pressups to see if the shoulder is OK and a few items out of the Mens Health paperback. Nothing serious, just seeing if I’m up to having a good go at things. 
Sunday: Work, no ride. Starting to gear myself up for next Sundays Audax, possibly a ride on Wednesday or at least work on my route to Delamere. A bit of a mixed week, arm/ shoulder not 100% so I can’t get fully into it in the gym. Spinning classes were good but I need to read up on lactate threshold. Went for a short run, 100 or so yards, now that was hard.  More exercises from the Mens Health Paperback, some aren’t as easy as they appear in the book.

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