A Mere 150 (Audax) a tour of the Cheshire Mere,s

I’ve just got my entry back for the Audax event  I’ve entered on the 28th Jan. I’ve wasted a good few hours trying to put the route into Anquet. Ray,s wise words are ringing in my ears “Ordanance Survey maps don’t name the roads.” When the route is presented in an updated ball and chain diagram with road names fancy software is next to useless. Maps aren’t far behind either.

The route looks good but I’m using up waypoints like they are going out of fashion and I’ve only done 50km so far and have used up half the waypoints. A track maybe better method but at the moment that would mean riding or driving the route, not something I want to do.

Looking at what I have entered up to now it looks like a really good route, plenty of quiet lanes, maybe an event for the “Toy” with raceblades on. The weather is the big question mark with me. I’ve not got too much experience if it turns nasty and I travel in what I am wearing.

More to follow.

I’ve bought a pair of Altura overtrousers that pack down to a small enough size that I can carry on the bike without resorting to a rack. Well thats the idea anyway. The rear tyre is getting swapped on “The Toy” for something with a bit more puncture resistance. Hopefully I won’t end up breaking Rays pump again. A new bottle cage has been fitted to the toy after £30,s worth of carbon fibre exotica broke with just a large bottle to contend with. This was a bling accessory for for the toy didn’t hold the bottle properly and weighed 23 gramms which is about £1.30 a gramm, not one of my wisest purchases. With a bit of luck they will swap it out, otherwise it’s going to get one hell of a bad reveiw.

One thought on “A Mere 150 (Audax) a tour of the Cheshire Mere,s”

  1. Updated the map page to use Google maps. You can now link right to Google maps and enter your address for directions, zoom in and out, use the terrain setting or satellite setting.

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