Google Analytics (the last month)

I look at Google Analytics now and again to see what brings people to the site. There were 3578 over the last month for a whole list of searches (over 216).  I concentrate on the top 100 as the top 10 is fairly stable.
It is always good to see the diet in the top ten as I don’t see it as dieting anymore. The site was set up to keep in touch with others on the course but it hasn’t turned out that way.

Several hundred of you come to read the Garmin posts with a lot of international readers doing searches with Garmin, Route etc.

This month I’ve also had 226 visitors looking at the “Crane sports cycling gloves” post along with the Aldi skiing gloves that I used last winter making the top ten. You just can’t beat these gloves for value fullstop. It’s a shame that they are only available one or two weeks a year. Maybe I should get in touch with Aldi and explain the interest, After all I have the data and they haven’t.

Once outside the top 10 you get to see the diversity of what people are doing google searches for.

The one that tickles me this month is the picture I took last weekend titled “Lionel running over Tempo’s Oakley,s”. People have linked into this from 5 different platforms not just from reading the original article and clicked on the picture.

I’ve just done the search for “Lionel Oakleys” and it is on the second page of a Google search at 20 out of 210,000. Your in a minority if you go past the second page.

It’s a fairly diverse site now and the comments keep me blogging (that and Google Analytics). All comments get answered even the critical ones. Inspriration keeps cropping up in the comments and from people I meet that have read the blog but not commented. 

All I can say is take a look at the picture in the work section and take things one step at a time. The only goal I  had set myself was to start drawing a company pension at 55 and it looked as if I was going to have trouble doing that. Life after 50 was no great shakes the state I was in.

Now I’m having the time of my life, I know what my limits are, keep trying to improve  but it is getting harder now.

Thank,s to all that have left comments I value them all, the driving force is still to motivate others to take that first step to a better lifestyle.


I am 1

I’ve been doing the blog for a year this month and it’s evolved into something that is now a major part of my life. When I started it was to try and keep in touch with those on the Lifestyle and Weight management course. Apart from Andy this hasn’t been a success. Mind you the NHS has been less than helpful and a lowpoint was finding out the business cards I was leaving in St Caths (with the link to this site) could have been removed by the centre Management. If your in the position to qualify for this course your really do need to be doing something about changeing your lifestyle.

Looking back at the first posts and articles I’m amazed at how thing have changed over the year and the number of people visiting the site through Google keyword searches. Thanks to Google Analytics I get to see what people are visiting the site for, where they are and a host of other data.

For instance I had 387 hits from the United States last month and 11 from New York.
This got broken down in to a few looking for spinning calories burnt (no3 in Google) some Garmin 305 route searches and 1 doing a search for Quaker Oat Granola. It’s such a small world these day. Now I have Quaker Oat Granola Every day with 3 fruits on top. A search should bring you to the comparison review I did of it. Now the stuff I’m putting in the blog is getting on to the first page of various Google searches.

This really makes my day, I’m up there against some really big players. To come 3rd in a Google search with only Weight Watchers and Mens Health above you is something special to me. The diet industry is huge and likewise publishing I’m just a guy enjoying what he is doing, getting out there and having a go. Two years ago life wasn’t too hot at 21 stone, this week I was up against Discovery Channel rider Steve Cummings (he won). You couldn’t make this stuff up, no one would believe you.

I’m really pleased that nearly 300 of you are looking at the Diet page now there is a link to the PDF of the diet that I now follow. Hopefully this will inspire a few more to turn their lives around. This site proves it can be done, did I think I could achieve this much, in a word NO. Things are so much much  better these days.

So where do I go from here, weightloss wise there nothing more to do. I’m happy with the new me. That’s all that matters to me at the moment. It has been an unbelievable year, you just can’t explain it to someone that hasn’t been through it.

Now a year on don’t even think about cheating on the diet, in effect who are you cheating, only yourself. There isn’t  much else to do.

It’s been a great 2 years, if the next 2,3,4 are just as  good I’m laughing.

If I can turn any 1 of  all the visitors to this site to improve themselves I will be made up.  I’m still sticking to the plan, it’s a routine that has really paid off for me.


Google Analytics

The intention is to post posts about this site. This will be analysis of data that I get to see about you the users of this site. It may be your server location, or your search criteria “Weight loss” “Cycle SatNav” “Aldi Cycling ” that I look for. I get to see some unique locations highlighted by Google Analytics and realise that this site is one of millions out there. If you can recognise your server location drop me a comment, I welcome them all.

I’ll file this under it’s own category  as I am sure this is of interest to a lot of people.
There is a great interest in weight loss but not so much in the mechanics of how to do it.

As a UK resident I see what most of the other UK residents see on TV and I am not happy. I’ve been through what most of the “stars” of the diet shows have been through and think the format is getting a bit stale. The latest Gillian McKeith programme just goes to prove a point. Yes I was in the same position as they were but give us a break about looking at stool samples; it’s only stating the obvious. These people need help, not to be told their shit stinks. I haven’t finished my course yet but think 2 months to provide us with a bit of entertainment is taking the mickey.

Rant over, the site isn’t just about weight loss. The natural cynic that I am is trying to be positive about things. Cycling is a big part of my life now but the spin offs amaze me. I wrote a post about Aldi Technical Ski gloves which I started to wear as my hands were getting cold. For some reason 55 people read that post over 4 days at the start of the new year. I’m still wearing them, the nylon got scuffed when I had my crash but they saved my hands from damage. Still water resistant too, I wouldn’t class them as waterproof but neither do Aldi and I’m not using them for their intended purpose, skiing.

One of the sources that Google Analytics picked up was the only person I know that was into offroading was Dave at work. It turns out he mentioned me in the forum, thanks for the link Dave. I posted a link to the site on a reply to a question on SatNav on the Cycling plus forum. I’m now seeing visits from people that read that article.

Saturday: Just had another look at Google Analytics this time looking at Spinning. The section has moved up the ranking and the top keywords were “Spinning classes”. Putting this into Google had me 8th out of 1,380,000. All pretty remarkable stuff. All because I wear an Aldi Heartrate monitor in a spinning class.

Friday: Picking up on the Spinning classes searches I noticed I had a hit from Yellowknife in Canada. Refining the search for Spinning classes to Countries had one hit for Canada and further search for Cities had one hit for Yellowknife. All this takes place in the cross segment performance dropdown menu of page titles.



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