I am 1

I’ve been doing the blog for a year this month and it’s evolved into something that is now a major part of my life. When I started it was to try and keep in touch with those on the Lifestyle and Weight management course. Apart from Andy this hasn’t been a success. Mind you the NHS has been less than helpful and a lowpoint was finding out the business cards I was leaving in St Caths (with the link to this site) could have been removed by the centre Management. If your in the position to qualify for this course your really do need to be doing something about changeing your lifestyle.

Looking back at the first posts and articles I’m amazed at how thing have changed over the year and the number of people visiting the site through Google keyword searches. Thanks to Google Analytics I get to see what people are visiting the site for, where they are and a host of other data.

For instance I had 387 hits from the United States last month and 11 from New York.
This got broken down in to a few looking for spinning calories burnt (no3 in Google) some Garmin 305 route searches and 1 doing a search for Quaker Oat Granola. It’s such a small world these day. Now I have Quaker Oat Granola Every day with 3 fruits on top. A search should bring you to the comparison review I did of it. Now the stuff I’m putting in the blog is getting on to the first page of various Google searches.

This really makes my day, I’m up there against some really big players. To come 3rd in a Google search with only Weight Watchers and Mens Health above you is something special to me. The diet industry is huge and likewise publishing I’m just a guy enjoying what he is doing, getting out there and having a go. Two years ago life wasn’t too hot at 21 stone, this week I was up against Discovery Channel rider Steve Cummings (he won). You couldn’t make this stuff up, no one would believe you.

I’m really pleased that nearly 300 of you are looking at the Diet page now there is a link to the PDF of the diet that I now follow. Hopefully this will inspire a few more to turn their lives around. This site proves it can be done, did I think I could achieve this much, in a word NO. Things are so much much  better these days.

So where do I go from here, weightloss wise there nothing more to do. I’m happy with the new me. That’s all that matters to me at the moment. It has been an unbelievable year, you just can’t explain it to someone that hasn’t been through it.

Now a year on don’t even think about cheating on the diet, in effect who are you cheating, only yourself. There isn’t  much else to do.

It’s been a great 2 years, if the next 2,3,4 are just as  good I’m laughing.

If I can turn any 1 of  all the visitors to this site to improve themselves I will be made up.  I’m still sticking to the plan, it’s a routine that has really paid off for me.


One thought on “I am 1”

  1. Well done, Frank. I hope that cycling becomes a part of your life (as it has mine) for many many years.
    You’ve got an identity now, you’re a cyclist 🙂


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